So One Gets Sidetracked.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

It is Midwayer humor that helps keep me alive, I’m sure. Apart from a good diet, adequate sleep, regular meditation, the occasional good belly laugh is also essential to longevity, I’m convinced. Though not always sure of Midwayer presence, I have nevertheless gotten into the habit of talking to them from time to time. Destiny Guardians will soon get the message across if it is worth repeating.

Some weeks ago, with much in the way of transmissions to be formatted during that day, I watched a large number of email messages stream into my inbox and commented rather cynically but jokingly, “Only my final demise will eventually relieve me from this much grief.”

The immediate reply from a Midwayer friend close by, “Lucky you!” That was good for a laugh. It made my day! And yes, 37,000 years on one planet is a helluva long time.

Well, I get sidetracked. It often happens that my plates and utensils deserve a good soak, and then it may happen that I find something else to do, and the dishes are still soaking by the next morning. The other day, as I decided to wash up in two batches, there was a delightful comment from ABC-22 as I pulled the plug.

He said, “It’s good to see you drain the sink before the tadpoles have grown their legs.” He didn’t have to think about it. His comment was right there, the very moment I pulled the plug. He was letting me know he was aware of those times when the dishes were overlooked.

It’s good to know all our Celestial friends have a sense of humor, the Midwayers not excepted

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