Was it Meant to Be?


From the Desk of George Barnard.

For almost 40 years, the traumatized, deserted, mistreated and devastated folks that visited my clinic got their answers “out of the blue”, when often I had no idea about how these seemingly detailed answers might possibly have any bearing on their respective problems. Between 1962 and 1972, I was at a loss to explain who was putting “all that stuff” in my mind. Not until 1972 did I catch sight of the helpful “midway culprits”.

Just What I Needed to Hear!

In virtually all of these instances, I would have no recollection of what I had said. I had simply gone too deep to recall anything at a conscious level. Over a period I would begin to trust that some unknown “Spirit Guardians” were at work, and it was fine by me. If they had the answers, they were welcome to assist with what was a trying task, day after day.

Patient responses were reliable to these “goings on”. I would hear them say, “Thank you!” “Brilliant!” “I’ll go and do that” “Just what I needed to hear.”

Sometimes I would hear, “You are psychic, aren’t you?” I mostly agreed. “Show me a pregnant woman,” I would say, “and I’ll tell you if she’s carrying a boy or a girl.” That is where it stopped. I would tell them no more, because I would remember no more. All of this “out of the blue stuff” was done in a vastly altered state of mind—Delta— and there simply was no reference to these happenings at a higher level of awareness.

Impossible to Carry On.

There were good reasons for information to be dispensed at the Delta level. The accuracy was of vital importance, and I might well have distorted it, sabotaged it in some way, or simply refused to open my mouth. It would also have been impossible for me to carry on, I feel. I had to be sensitive enough to so be used by the Midwayers, but the sheer volume of trauma cases alone was quite enough to handle, without remembering all those quaint but spooky answers the “universe” spouted at these troubled souls. Perhaps it was meant to be.

The difficulty came in when I was given the task of documenting it all. Day after day I relied on Bzutu’s memory to prod mine. It took ages to pen it all down, even longer to go over it again and pick out bits and pieces that were slightly off, but an unusual mind-to-mind relationship was established at last. That was then, but what a task to dig up all that had been buried, seemingly for good!

The Akashic Construct and Alpha.

The Akashic Workshop gives us the opportunity to be in only a light trance. Healings or messages can easily be remembered, even tape-recorded as they happen, and records are important. Documentation is essential for the participant to accurately remember, but more so for others who may learn from your experiences. A Celestial Artisan puts it in rather a poetic way:

Evolution’s Aspiration.

After each fall
he stands and moves on,
his resolutions come to naught,
until he ultimately takes decisive action.

Then triumph never tasted so sweet,
as it does following failure since failure.

But his rich rewards remain without value,
until they are shared with all,
and slake the thirst of evolution’s true aspiration.

Each time again there is progress, slow,
in achieving the true resolve of time/space life.
As he charts the wide oceans of knowledge,
he sees his cup of wisdom shrink and shrink.

He is an evolutionary animal,
urged along the burdensome road to perfection,
drinking from but a thimble, still.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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