A Commitment Made, and an Important Unanswered Question.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

This is the local universe of Nebadon we reside in. However, we might well see it as a playschool, any kind of learning institution, even a university. This world in particular might rather be compared to a clinic, a hospital, and it’s all hands on deck for the humans once a commitment has been made. Long ago, I made that commitment -- to heal those who needed healing.

Each week without exception, the Midwayers would arrive and I’d be taken to someone in need. Still, from 1987 onwards there was an almost permanent 10-year interruption to the frequent nightly sorties to heal those known or unknown to me. A severe injury put me out of action, seemingly for good.

Or did it?

Her name was Peach Blossom, and she had arrived from Taiwan to further her education at my home university in Australia. We became friends. She was a spiritually enlightened Zen Buddhist with a capacity to engage her Higher Self in conversation, and with a consummate ease such as I had never witnessed before.

“Peachy” as she was soon nicknamed, could not discover any of my regular Midwayer pals. To her, the spirit realm was a void, and Dr. Mendoza, Bzutu, Simone and Andréa were “figments of my imagination”, she felt. She did, however, discover unerringly the many healings I had performed in years past. Moreover, they were ongoing, whilst I was nearly certain my injuries had condemned me to a psychic, even a spiritual death, or a suspension at least!

This was not the case. The healing “sorties” were ongoing, for long ago the commitment had been made. Peach Blossom was adamant about this, since she regularly witnessed my presence in her distant office. Although unaware of nightly departures, I was still actively healing others. Doubtful of my effectiveness in healings, I was still being used.

How this came about is still a mystery to me. There are unanswered questions. What aspect of us is involved in these healings? Do we need to witness the healings for them to be effective? How much of these healings are taken care of by our individual Fragments of the Father Creator of All? More importantly, did my long-ago commitment release my Thought Adjuster from “home duties” to so become involved in these distant healings?

The latter is an important unanswered question, because it would, if correct, be an indication that the Thought Adjuster is not only fully allowing of human free will, but in certain circumstances also an active participant from the moment of human commitment – almost subservient, one might suggest!

Me thinks it would pay to make that long-term commitment to heal others when allowed to do so, and not just at a time when using the Akashic Construct.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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