Questions Regarding OBE’s And Astral Flight.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Unless one has a serious innate fear of heights, regular use of the Akashic Construct will, sooner or later, have you move out of your body. There is a universal rule about getting involved with Midwayers and Celestial Teachers: You get what you pay for. Another way of putting it according to Machiventa: “They can do no more for you than you do for them.”

In some fashion, whatever favors you are granted, you will pay for them in some way. You may have talent as a receiver of celestial messages, and they are meant to be shared. If kept private, the messages will stop, or become shorter, less informative. You may have talent as a healer, and in that instance you repay the Midwayers or Teachers by doing that healing in whatever way suits you best. All Celestials understand that “we are each other at our spiritual Root Source,” and thus you repay your Celestial Friends whenever you heal . . . anyone at all.

By far the majority that is 11:11 prompted comprises potential healers, as well as likely receivers of messages, and more, although generally much of our human talent remains ‘untapped’. Then, one day as ‘it gets to be your turn’ to bring a patient into your Akashic workshop, you’ll find that he or she won’t arrive. That person’s Thought Adjuster, for whatever reason, may not be able to leave, and it will be you, who will be spirited away to be with the patient.

A Most Stubborn Streak, And Two Of Me.

At the mere age of five in the summer of 1945 it resembled severe punishment for me to be directed to my upstairs bedroom in the early evenings. I objected to this restriction to my freedom. I would slide back out of my bed, totter down the stairs; slip underneath the closed door, and back into our living room.

There were things to be learned from my dad’s political friends and former war-time-saboteur comrades. No one would notice me. I appeared to be either invisible, or my presence was simply tolerated. They might have given up on sending me back to my crib – a reward for stubbornness?

One late evening I got out of my bed, miss-stepped on the landing, and tumbled over and over down the steep stairs. Strangely unhurt, I was nevertheless shocked about the fall, and I returned to my bed. There I was; standing next to my bed, with another version of me already in my bed. There were two of me! One of me was fast asleep after a busy day, the other ‘on the loose’, unseen, and for many hours each night. Soon after, I learned to take to the skies.

A Personal Message.

Ellen was an 18-year-old university student when I first met her in 1992. The vivacious redhead was keenly interested in psychic experiences, and from time to time we would meet up on our farm in Australia and discuss all manner of phenomenon.

In 2000 I was away in Idaho, US of A, close to the Canadian border, and working with an Akashic Construct student. Suddenly, momentarily, Ellen appeared just long enough to tell me about the baby boy she would give birth to. The next moment she was gone, but it would not be until a few years later when Ellen’s baby boy was born.

An Unusual Answer.

I put the question about bi-location to Teacher Tomas in Coeur d’Alene shortly after Ellen’s brief visit halfway around the globe. This is what he had to say (Gerdean Bowen receiving this (now shortened) message).

George: “There have been a number of bi-locations where people have spotted me to be somewhere other than where I should have been at the time, mostly, in my bed, fast asleep. Can you explain whether it is in fact my soul self that was being perceived?

Tomas: “This is Tomas. I’ll take that one up. I’m going to hold it to the line somewhat and infer that while your Self-acting Adjuster may make nocturnal visitations your soul self is not yet opportune to do so.”

George: “That was interesting, considering people have actually spotted me.”

Tomas: “I can venture to explain, but I am not keen on explanations. I find that explanations tend to lock one into the gray matter, but Thought Adjusters are able to recognize each other.

“And in that, if a Thought Adjuster attached to a specific mortal encounters an Adjuster of yet another mortal, it is in keeping, appropriate, that they may reflect their association with their intended personality, thus reflecting the mortal being in potential to the other.

“It would be very much like two women, who met at a shopping center to discuss their children, and in that way the parents go home having ‘seen’ their friend’s child, you see?”

George: “Yes, I certainly do. Thank you so much.”

Further Thoughts.

It was a total surprise to Ellen that she had made it halfway across the world to tell me about her child not yet conceived. She had no memory of that lengthy trip, whilst she had ‘astral traveled’ many times before. Seemingly, her human awareness had been left behind on this occasion.

I knew I was in a deep Alpha trance at the time I was teaching a student how to arrive in his Akashic Construct. Via my Thought Adjuster I was made aware of Ellen’s presence. I was in perfect visual and audible mind-to-mind communication with my Father Fragment. However, I now also realized that one’s soul is unlikely to make such an ‘instanter’ trip. It appears to be too bulky to be carried along.

According to the Midwayers it is merely our human awareness of all that we are that travels with the Self-Acting Adjuster (although still connected to the far-away brain-mind) and that, on occasions, will ‘come along’ during the Thought Adjuster’s instant travels.

A thought to ponder.

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