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From the Desk of George Barnard.

This Australia based communications hub has become a busy place. There are almost 5000 subscribers to the French, Spanish and English lists. An estimated 10,000 regularly visit our 11:11 websites, and there are now 27 immediate members contributing transmissions, translations, involved in IT and message board duties, or answering questions via the Internet.

When we do find time to ‘smell the roses’, we generally prefer to smell the salt in the air at our favorite beach where there are shells aplenty and rock pools galore. On occasions we find the fragile external skeleton of a sea urchin, the delicate pattern of which we both much admire, and there is one such -- rather large perfect specimen -- on one of our bedside tables.

A few nights ago we were awakened, just to note that it was 3:33 AM, and to see the sea urchin specimen on its side, perfectly balanced on three shells. If we took it off, and tried to replace it, we would likely have a tough time repeating that tricky move. The sea urchin is only just sitting there. On April 8, 2007 there was a message.

Mathew: “It was I who placed your nature’s gem on its side. We are teachers one and all, and yet, as you have often found, we are not devoid of humor. Despite our different space-time ‘locations’ we are much like you. We make our task a fun-task whenever we can.

“A change in weather, a strong breeze, may well dislodge the urchin from it cradle. Likewise, a change in circumstances may well ‘up-end’ you for a time. Indeed, you may un-knowingly be walking a fine line between effectiveness and mental chaos. Stay ‘cool’ and whenever the winds of change knock you over, pick yourself up again, and find that perfect balance. This is Midwayer Mathew.”

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