The Two Main Functions of Time-Space.


From the Desk of George Barnard – May 18, 2007.

There is an important function of time-space -- achieved by the Thought, Will and Action of the Paradise Trinity -- that provides a home and education for you, for me, and for everyone else alive, ascending and progressing, including Angels, Midwayers and all other Celestial Creatures in the Creator’s far-flung universes.
The second important function of time-space is the opportunity for the Trinity to ‘reproduce Themselves’ outside eternal Paradise, for God is Love, and Love desires company aplenty.

These evolving time-space Deities are the Supreme, the Ultimate, and the Infinite, and, as I understand my Teachers instructions, God the Supreme is to become the time-space ‘reflection’ of the Third Source and Center; God the Ultimate is to be the time-space ‘representation’ of the Eternal Son, whilst God the Infinite will eventually evolve into the time-space ‘equivalent’ of the Creator Father.

On this planet, it appears, we are not yet advanced enough to learn much at all about God the Ultimate and God the Infinite. A relative small number of humans have been provided with information about, even contact with, God the Supreme, rather the Planetary Child (or Planetary Embryo) of God the Supreme. Our Planetary Supreme is one of myriad evolving Children of God the Supreme, and very approachable for contact. I theorize that there may well be countless Offspring of God the Ultimate and God the Infinite, perhaps equal in number to those of God the Supreme, but I also suspect that no one human on this planet really knows this.

Our Planetary Child of God the Supreme is called Urantia, as is our planet. Addressed as ‘She,’ because She is care-giving, Urantia takes in everything that is positive in Her planetary realm. She hears every word spoken in every language, in every home, in every street, in every town, in every country of Her world. And She comprehends it all.

All living creatures have a largely unrealized symbiotic relationship with Urantia in the sense that on our departure from this planet we leave behind not only ‘the dust’ our bodies were made of, but also our experiences. These experiences, in some way wrapped up (packaged) in what is other than flesh and blood, other than spiritual in form, likely even other than morontial in structure, are appropriated by Urantia. They are a part of Her slow, age-long evolution towards all-knowing deity perfection in time-space.

At times, Urantia can grant certain important or urgent wishes. What She will not always do is take onto Herself the ‘debris of human trauma’ – and as Teacher Samuel describes them – ‘ghostlike, partial identities, stuck in a nearby-to-you time-space reality, without having the realization of time moving on, but stuck in anger, frustration, stuck in surprise and fear, stuck in a process of going over and over specific unresolved experiences and reliving those.’

Time and again, unpleasant ‘psychic experiences’ are blamed on devils and demons, Satan, Lucifer or Caligastia, even fallen angels, but all these were vanquished more than 20 years ago. This is the Correcting Time. It’s safe ‘out there,’ unless one is careless about one’s physical, emotional, or intellectual balance.

Note: Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22) only aided me in writing this essay, wherefore the above cannot be classified as a transmission.

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