Organ Regeneration.


From the desk of George Barnard – September 17, 2007.

By the early 1970’s, and after a long (dry) spell of at least 10 years, I once again met up with the Urantia Midwayers of the present 11:11 Progress Group. One day, in what I would class as our regular back-and-forth discussions (rather than transmissions), we spoke about human intellect and physiology on this world as compared to such on other inhabited worlds.

Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC22) did not at first want to be drawn on the subject of how we compared to those on other worlds from an intellectual viewpoint. He was eventually prepared to say that ‘many worlds fared better.’

From a physiological point of view, whilst many organs can repair themselves, heal, and regenerate, there was nothing like the human liver on this planet in the way it can regrow into a fully functional organ, and in a very short time when damaged by gross force, disease or neglect. The liver was ‘enviably superior’ to those of other human species elsewhere in the universes.

From a short, rather unexpected September 16 communication with Midwayer MNO8 (Dr. Mendoza) we learned that liver cells hold the secret to rapid regeneration of other organs, like kidneys, etc. Although the transmission is somewhat unclear, at least to me, it appears to contain the assurance that the liver cells are much more potent in their ability to regenerate, and that ‘powerful’ aspect of the liver cell can be isolated and used to boost regeneration of unlike cells if inserted into these cells.

Dr. Mendoza: “This is your friend and physician, Dr. Mendoza. I have only just arrived here on this spot. I have only a short message. Indeed, my earlier suggestion that the liver cell includes an ingredient, a component, which can be used in the promotion of rapid cell growth in human cells that have an alternative determination (different function), is a worthwhile conclusion. The thought is with you, it is not of you, yet it can be passed on to many, and then one might say, ‘it will be in the air,’ and research will be directed towards it. My love is with you my friends. I say Adieu.”

This is not my field, never was, and I’m not even convinced there isn’t already some research going on in this very area, but Progress does overlap onto Medicine at times, and this may well be one of those ‘one-hundred-monkeys’ events. I simply do as I'm told.

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