Angelophobia—A Tenacious Psychological Disturbance.


From the Desk of George Barnard – October 3, 2007.

Of course this is 2007 coming to an end, and I have not involved myself with psychological counseling of any kind – a great interest of quite some decades – since the beginning of 2000.

I’m out of touch. I miss my learned colleagues, but I’m busy now. My subscription to “Psychology Today” was long ago cancelled. New Neurosis, Psychosis, Obsessions, Common Hang-ups, Manias, Complexes, Fixations, Personality Disorders, and more, have been discovered, renamed, divided into sub-groups, and identified as “being related to” yet other diseases of the mind.

For seven long years, I’ve missed all this wonderful news, which I could perhaps have ascribed to the next unfortunate that dared enter my clinic.

One important psychological aberration is Santa Clausophobia, but even more devastating is Angelophobia, since the disease returns in regular bouts of some 4 to 5 months apart. It was first reported by a German subscriber, thus “Engelphobie” would be the correct term.

Not only does “Engelphobie” affect people, but it also plagues Internet Service Providers. One of these,, is especially vulnerable. Our messages from Celestials; Teachers, Angels, and Midwayers are often bounced back to us, and if we don’t unsubscribe the unfortunate listees, the long-suffering machinery suffers a serious relapse; the illness invading all their servers worldwide, and bouncing back a thousand or so. Next up AOL catches “the bug”, but Comcast might just beat AOL and BTInternet to it, and it’s a pandemic once again.

OK. This is all in good fun, of course, unless you are a Yahoo user. If you are, your ISP might just decide that you, too, could catch “Engelphobie” and bounce back to us the Celestial transcript meant for your inbox.

Please consider changing to an “Engelphobie” resistant, or well immunized ISP.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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