“It’s A Function Of The Correcting Time.”


From the Desk of George Barnard – February 2, 2008.

Ask a dumb question, and you are likely to get a cheeky answer. Ask a dumb question of a Midwayer, and you’re likely to get a very straight answer.
Some 25 years ago I questioned the title of a book – Return of the Bird Tribes – and did it spell out (although not in so many words) the increase in human indwelling of greatly advanced Fragments of the Creator, often referred to as Eagles and Hawks? The response was in the affirmative.

More recently, as I was made aware of the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, the demise of that conceited Lanonandek Son, and the advent of the Correcting Time, I wanted to know just when the Midwayers had sensed ‘changes in the air.’ It was long before the adjudication of the rebellion when they knew Lucifer’s time was short. They knew by 1906, and probably even before that time. The vast increase of highly experienced Creator Fragments (Thought Adjusters), would be ‘a function of’ the Correcting Time’ that was yet to come.

Not only are the Lightworkers (some, at times, despairing about the seeming lack of progress) hard at work in this, the Correcting Time, the Midwayers and other Celestials are, too. Often forgotten, so are the Thought Adjusters an active part of ‘the Correcting Time equation.’

A Casual Mention.

Just days ago I answered someone’s enquiry about the Midwayers’ subliminal input on the 11:11 Message Board along these lines:

I used to wake up mornings and describe the patient I’d be taking care of that evening. It would be my second cup of coffee at the breakfast table (I would still be waking up after my ‘typical night owl involvement’ with my company’s commercial artwork and design).

George: “Now kids, there’ll be a skinny lady at the door tonight with red-brown hair, looking unhappy. Turn on the outside lights, and open up the clinic for her, if I happen to be home somewhat late.”

Later that evening, one of my children: “That lady is in the clinic, Dad.”

George: “What lady?”

The info about my new patient had been passed onto my kids (by me) while I was still waking up, slowly, after my having been informed about the woman whilst asleep. That’s how it was for years . . . years ! And I would give credit to the Midwayers, when likely my Adjuster was at the task of ‘organizing my future.’ Moreover, I would already know why and how I needed to treat that new client.

From Halfway Across The Globe . . .

. . . this email arrived in my inbox this morning, quote: I keep having dreams about being with people in Australia ... in fact, in one I’m having a hard time getting a flight out of the country ... ?

I wrote back:Yup! That’s us you were with. It often happens to folks that they dream they need to come here, but they can’t get here in their dreams, because we simply have ‘the key’ to their taking their next spiritual step – some advice – and there’s no need for them to come to Australia.

Some hours later I was told: “George, you were still half asleep this morning, and you said you were in a meeting during the night.”
I remembered at last. For me (my Thought Adjuster) to meet up with Celestials during my sleep is not uncommon. In this instance, one of them looked ‘very human,’ and, likely, this was a meeting of Thought Adjusters, ‘projecting’ the mortals of their indwelling.

They are not just the human Lightworkers who want to change the world for the better. God Himself, and all His Offspring, are ‘right in the thick of it.’

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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