“SCRIBBLES – An Introduction.”


From the Desk of George Barnard – July 10, 2008.

So many of us in the so-called Western World behave like pack rats. We need gadgets to fix other gadgets, and so on. We need tags, labels or inscriptions on the things we acquired last year, so we might remember what they are, and what we thought we needed them for. Next up, we are likely to need a big journal in which we record all our ‘useless’ possessions and where they are stored, so we can actually find them when by slight chance we may one day have a use for them.

I jest, of course, but on occasions many of us also enjoy having a ruthless clean-up in the place by asking each item we come across, “What’s your excuse for being here?” And . . . if it refuses to answer, into the bin it goes.

Then there are times when we come across a long-forgotten gem. Our hearts might skip a beat on rediscovering a treasure, the remembrance of which long ago slipped over the horizon of our regular recall.

“SCRIBBLES” is such a treasure of individual gems. Long forgotten, covered in dust, and handwritten on what are now yellowed pages, they are the very first Celestial Messages received by Lytske, some ten years ago.

They were penciled into a journal, but who needs a recorder? They came from a Celestial Teacher, but we don’t know his or her name. They are only short little gems, but who cares? They are reflecting Truth – as important today, as it was ten years ago.

For those who are new to the 11:11 Progress List, Lytske is the most prolific of 11:11 receivers this group has. For those who contemplate making contact with a Celestial Teacher, these SCRIBBLES will be posted on the lists from time to time, and are deserving of being saved, or printed and kept, for contemplation.

More of Lytske’s work can be found here on pdf. For the aspiring receiver of Celestial Messages, TGLW is ideal.

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