Q: I'm curious as to how prayers are answered.

A: First, the issue of how is prayer answered. Yes, that is a most fascinating subject and actually will be the object of a lesson in the future. I shall attempt to answer as briefly as possible at this time.

When you pray you actually - if you follow instructions and are sincere - you actually tap into the universe circuits and, through means that are not clear to me, your prayer is routed all the way to Paradise. This is a most amazing thing - and I never cease to wonder at the miracle of it - that so many, many, many beings in all the universes could, by the simple technique of prayer, could have access to the Father in Paradise. But this is indeed what happens.

And once the prayer is received, a decision follows and through the universal administrative channels orders are given for certain actions to be taken in answer to the prayer. Now these are not always what the prayer has in mind. Few will wake up and find a new car in your driveway, or your debts are erased, or a suitcase full of money in your bed, and therefore some would say that prayers are not answered. But of course, these are material considerations and prayers are not answered in a material fashion. But be assured that when you pray there is an almost instantaneous response to your prayer in the form of celestial guidance, assistance, and - in ways deemed appropriate by the Father - you are given help that is sought.

[In response to a question about the Lucifer rebellion and Caligastia betrayal Rayson said:] It takes such a small amount of difference in direction on the universe scale to have the enormous effect over the course of time. A fraction of a degree difference in direction, that is all that Caligastia's behavior affected, and yet the result was to essentially derail the basic plan leading toward the establishment of Light and Life on Urantia quite severely.

The major impact of Caligastia's disobedience was the severance of the universe circuits to Urantia and other planets involved in the rebellion, because when this severance occurred man was left far, far more to his own physical being than would have been the case otherwise. If you starve a living creature of one essential nutrient the creature will live, but its function will be impaired. A good example is vitamin or mineral malnutrition. This is analogous to what happened when the universe circuits were severed to contain the rebellion. Man continued to live but did not thrive as had been intended because of a stunting of spiritual growth.

Yes, prayers were still answered, but through a detour - if you will - and less expeditiously than otherwise would have been the case. Yes, there were beings - are beings - here to help you, Midwayers and beyond. But because of lack of access to the universe circuits it was immeasurably harder for these helpers to assist man as he sought daily guidance in spiritual growth. (05/22/93)

S: I have a feeling that my strength and my security lie only in my faith, is that correct? Faith makes it possible to talk with you. Frankly, I'm uncomfortable, it’s a new experience. I mean the fact that you exist and the way that you communicate is not-its so foreign to conventional thought. I feel like I'm standing in a valley, about to climb a mountain, and the mountain is covered in clouds. And then you come along and the Urantia Book comes along, blows away the clouds and I see this mountain, its 350,000 years high, and you are on the same mountain. Is that right?

R: That is just the foothills.

S: Are you that little guy way up on top?

R: Somewhere there. Your faith is not your only strength and support. It is a crucial one, yes, but you have your Adjuster. You have your spirit guide, your Guardian Angels, the ones who love you. You have your own unique personality and your capacity for prayer to connect you instantaneously to Paradise. You have your ability to worship, and grow and co-create with the Most Highs. You have so many areas of strength and connection to Father.

S: It's nice to know. I understand that the Presence of the Father is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. What I'm confused about is praying out loud. When you are praying out loud, is that only for the fellowship of those of like mind? Is that the only purpose of praying out loud, since the Father is within us?

R: There is no purpose other than those which you assigned to such prayer. Believe me, when to seek to pray, even the quietest whisper of your mind-thought is heard loud and clear.

S: That's how I prefer to pray, by being quiet.

R: Then you certainly may do so, my friend. (11/27/93)

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