[A student is commenting on her absence at a commemoration of Jesus' last supper on the occasion of His birthday on August 21,1994.]

Q: Yes, Rayson, this is (S). I want to, on one hand, apologize for not making it to Michael's dinner, but my best friend's father died about ten minutes before I was to leave. I had the feeling that you all on the other side would know that. I want to make it known that I felt sadness at not being able to be there, but I really couldn't find it in my heart not to go to my friend in this time. His father was in his home. I just want you all on the other side to know. It was just a choice I made, so I hope it's OK.

A: This matter of dinners and meetings and so on is really immaterial as long as you take the lessons to heart and express them in your actions. It sounds as if you made the appropriate choice given your personal circumstances. God does not keep the guest list, contrary to what some religionists would have you believe.

S: I know, I wanted to be there. I knew that was a very special, and I would think powerful, time. I had all kinds of great intent and food to go there that night. I knew in my heart that my choice was fine, along the lines of worship. (08/28/93)

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