Q: Rayson, with regards to these lessons, doesn't personal ministry, then, effect a balance of psychology and spirituality? Isn't it impossible to avoid the psychology in personal ministry?

A: I am not clear on how you mean “psychology.”

Q: Meaning that it's difficult to “minister to someone that's ailing or seeking answers spiritually if you are not conscious or attuned to their psychological context? It seems that Jesus was incredibly perceptive in terms of the people that He came in contact with - where they were at, emotionally, psychologically, at that moment. And that affected what He could reveal or how much he could affect them spiritually.

A. That is correct. Jesus was adept at seeing into a person's soul, and assessing what they really needed in spite of what they may say they wanted or needed. For example, the boy who was afraid, who declared that he did not want to interact or need anything, and as Jesus engaged him, saw that, immediately knew, he was dealing with fear unsuccessfully, and then engaged him in a way which bolstered his confidence as he was in actuality helping him.

Q: This was when he asked for directions?

A: Yes. However you must keep in mind that often what a person verbalizes is not what they really crave. The spiritual is always the bread of life. So psychology can be used in two ways: one is your ability to assess where the other human is at and what their real needs might be, and two, the other person's own psychology of using mindal mechanisms to deny spiritual needs, or disguise spiritual needs. And these are two different usage of psychology in that situation. Your own ability to see others clearly will depend in part on your spiritual sight to see beyond the external to the soul within.

Q: So then that feeling, then, that (S) is capable of, and that I have experienced, sometimes it's really like spiritual sight, and sometimes it feels to humans like X-ray vision. (Yes.) And do you counsel that? (Absolutely.) Because X-ray vision is not necessarily a manifestation of ego, then. Sometimes it's looking through spiritual eyes.

A: Correct. (05/29/93)

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