Today's lesson is on the subject of service. This is a lesson that is best given to a group once it has reached a certain threshold level of knowledge, because the concept of service is instrumental in effecting change - not only on your material world, but in all phases of universe existence. Service seems such a simple concept, and yet it is very much misunderstood, most particularly in the material existence. Therefore, we will start with some basic definitions.

Service, in the purest sense, is that action which the Father continuously performs. All acts of the Father are service oriented, constitute service, in fact. The incarnation of Michael on Urantia was service. And in His life in the flesh, His every behavior personified service. If you would serve, do as He would do.

When in doubt ask yourself: “How would Jesus handle this? What would He do?” He set down a basic guide for conduct which some of you know as the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Where then, comes the confusion?

Much confusion regarding service has been introduced by those who strongly - who are strongly motivated by the desire to gain profit. The profit motive has been instrumental in the civilizing of man. It has served much useful purpose. However, service and profit are not the same. When profiteers present the notions of service to those whom they would enslave, the concept is transformed to become one of servitude rather than service, with the main idea being that so-called service consists in relinquishing one's material goods and efforts in order to improve one's self spiritually, and of course, the material goods and efforts received go on to improve the profits of the presenter.

The most compelling use of this logic has been put forth by certain persons in the organized religions on your planet. I need not enumerate the examples, for they are most plentiful. But for anyone who has doubt, I must remind you that the way to skylight behaviors and the performance of service have not to do with material goods, gifts, bribes, or the like.

Motive is extremely important in understanding the true nature of service. Once you pass from your life in the flesh, your perception will be greatly increased with regard to the motives of others. And, in fact, some mortals possess an increased awareness of this. To the seraphim and other assistants on Urantia, motive is readily ascertained.

Service, when performed, eventuates in spiritual growth. There is in the offing a great step forward to be taken by the peoples of Urantia, awaiting merely the motive and desire. This is because presently Urantian mortals are driven by profit motives. The addition of service motives, true service motives, to the existing profit motive, will enable Urantians to take this great forward step toward light and life.

Many of the proverbs of Michael, Jesus, are guidelines for you if you wish to be more service oriented and service actuated. For example, “it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.” What good, truly, for a man to pursue profit throughout his life - disdaining goodness truth, beauty, and love - amass a great fortune in material goods, and then make large charitable contributions shortly before his death in the name of service?

Each of you, each individual on Urantia, is unique and different, a created personality with a specific mission in the universe. The ultimate in service is to develop your skills and perform them to the best of your ability with each day that you live, whatever your skills may be, to be honest, to be kind. Would you deprive others of the adversity that they require for their own experiential growth? If not, then why would you give a man goods he has not earned? Jobs he does not deserve? Honors he does not merit? The rewarding of inferior performance, even though it may be well motivated, is not correct. It leads to mediocrity, and holds your planet back rather than advancing. Inferior performance, if left alone unrewarded, will either improve or will extinguish itself, because it will not succeed. If rewarded it will persist and detract from the superior performance of others, others who are rightfully motivated and service oriented. Pity is not the same as compassion.

Service has not to do with the gratification of ego needs of mortals, which is another area of confusion, and incorrect motivation. Doing good is not the same as what you refer to as making another person feel good. How could you possibly know what really makes them feel good. To do such a thing is to attempt to enter into ego-seeking of the other. It is not service.

However, service is not the pursuit of one's own selfish goals, either. If anything, service takes you outside of yourself. It has been said in a previous lesson that it is most important while living on this world to be in the world yet not of it. That is part of service.

In closing, let me remind you that, as you - each of you - grow spiritually, becoming more and more service oriented in your actions, you will experience a greater measure of energies and a lesser concern with material needs. And - interestingly - you will find that your material life will become easier, with far less conflict. That is not to say you will not continue to experience adversity, with battles. You will find it less onerous.

That is the end of this lesson. Are there questions?

Q: I think, when I work, that the best thing for me to do, is to do service in my work and make money, in other words, to gain material benefits plus do my utmost to be of service to whoever I work for. Is that an ideal situation?

A: It is ideal if service leads and profit follows. It is most ideal under those circumstances. Both are quite powerful. If you are service led in your activities, profit will certainly follow - cannot help but follow - not as a reward, rather, in consonance with the flow of the Universe - when your behavior is correct and all goes well. Do you understand?

Q: Yes, I do. Does that mean that - for instance - if I cannot be of service to people doing things that I cannot do well, then the most ideal work for me in this life is to do those things I feel I can be of the most service? And that as a result of this my material needs will be taken care of?

A: (S), you and all other mortals have many many skills and abilities, beyond your comprehension even. You cannot even begin to fathom your true potential during your brief time in the flesh. However, in answer to your question, you will find that in your strongest areas the work will be facilitated, it will be easier; it will not be quite so difficult. You have areas of ability that remain dormant, many areas. I cannot tell you to only develop along one direction that would not be correct. You must work on this during your quiet times.

Do not misunderstand and assume that great wealth will necessarily follow upon your efforts along skilled lines. Closer to the truth would be to say that if you do what you do well with clear motive you shall not be poor, you shall have enough. Not necessarily will you gain great material wealth, but you will have enough. Does that answer?

Q: Yes. I wasn't really concerned about the material end. I was just thinking that I would be more of service to others doing things that I am more capable of, than doing things that I am lousy at.

A: That is one way of stating it. But do not stop trying in some of the areas in which you feel uncertain.

Q: You mentioned in the lesson that focusing on spiritual well-being results in a lessening of material worries and needs. Can you explain why that is true? And possibly explain what the morontia mota counterpart is of that principle?

A: Yes. As a mortal on Urantia with a particular brain structure and certain physical limitations, your attentions, your efforts, your focus, each are divided in three ways. There is the attention and care directed toward the maintenance of your physical self. There is the attention and care directed toward your intellect which includes emotion and ego, and the third area is the spiritual with your Thought Adjuster's presence and guidance of seraphic and other attendants. Because of mortal limitations, as more attention is placed in one of the three spheres there is simply less for the other two. So, as you increase your spiritual awareness and efforts toward soul growth and God consciousness, as you become increasingly service oriented in your thoughts and actions, you will necessarily become less physically and intellectually oriented. The benefits that will accrue as a result of following your inner guide will be so compelling that you will simply pay less attention to the material cues that had heretofore been your guide. This is in keeping with a principle of the universe.

The mota statement would be something like this, restated for your comprehension: “That which is exercised grows strong, that which is neglected or not exercised grows weaker and weaker.” Like your material muscles, if you exercise a muscle it grows strong and large; if you neglect a muscle it atrophies and wastes away. So will be your experience with your material concerns. Spirit leading will satisfy your needs so very well that you will continue to follow it, and you will prosper materially and become increasingly less concerned with material worries. Does that answer? If not, please ask.

S: I'm a little short of understanding, in that, if you are exercising your spiritual focus and increasing that strength, and therefore neglecting your material or mindal areas because you are so attracted to the spiritual areas, then you might think that those areas would rather weaken because of neglect. Whereas you have instructed us that - to the contrary - those areas are taken care of even though we neglect them. So I guess that confuses me still.

R: The confusion comes because you believe that there is only one way to attain a goal that a material goal is only attained by material means, and the lesson is that material goals as well as spiritual goals can be attained through purely spiritual means. Michael, during His incarnation on Urantia, certainly fulfilled his own material needs, but He led a spiritual life.

Perhaps the word “neglect” was not the best. Perhaps a better word would be inattention. (02/14/93)


Q: Regarding the lesson, you spoke about putting oneself in the service of the Father's will. I feel a little lost about what form that would take. I know that in my cognitive mind I feel that if I'm always as honest as I can be, if I maintain my integrity at all costs, if I try to help and do right, that I'm working in that regard. But I personally feel - especially this last week - very lost about the higher aspects of that. I don't feel like I've been doing my best very well at all lately. Could you expound on what is service to the Father in the greater form?

A: Yes, certainly, my daughter. First, you would not be here in this room had you not committed yourself to serve the Father. You are not being paid in monetary terms. You do not gain socially from this. There are many other experiences you could be engaged in at this time. There is no material reason for you to be here. You are here only as a seeker after truth and on the basis of your personal faith in the Father.

Your feeling of being lost is most likely due to an increased awareness of your spiritual self which has been submerged in the past from conscious knowledge. It is perhaps analogous to a blind man suddenly gaining sight. Of course a blind man who gained sight would find the world to be a confusing place, and so would a spiritual sleeper find sudden awakening to be somewhat disorienting.

I sense that you are a service oriented being with a wonderful mission in store and that you are firmly committed to follow the Father's will. Do not be fearful, but have joy and good cheer for you have some wonderful experiences awaiting. Does that answer?

S: It helps. Thank you very much. (You are welcome.) (05/22/93)

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