[The following lesson was given following an impromptu discussion among Rayson's students regarding the non-appearance of Prince Melchizedek in Naperville.]

Today's lesson was to have dealt with perseverance, but in light of your discussion I shall give a short impromptu instruction on the post resurrection period as illustrated for you in The Urantia Book. In particular, on the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth, as you know, was bestowed upon Urantia on the day of Pentecost in the year that Jesus ascended to morontial form on this planet. In that time - although the Apostles had lived with the Master for years - they gained more spiritual growth from commingling with the Spirit of Truth than they did from the actual physical presence of Jesus, who was the incarnated Creator Son, Michael. Although you find this hard to really believe as evidenced by your own failure to access this Spirit more often, it is true.

The Spirit of Truth is a mighty teacher, indeed, and a tool to be used by every mortal in your quest for spiritual illumination and growth. Although the human heart longs for more physical or palpable contact with teacher personalities, you have present amongst you the greatest teacher of all, which is this mighty Spirit of Truth.

This Spirit speaks clearly when sought. You do not have to go anywhere to be in touch with this spiritual force. You only have to pray to be shown and the Spirit will beckon to you in ways that are clearly understood. Confuse not the framework of your questions - which are often erroneous - with the clarity of the answers. You often fail to heed or hear this spiritual teacher because your questions are unreal. The answers, however, are not, and are always truthful and sure in the path to the Father.

Sometimes the simplicity of the signposts leads you to believe that you have not been heard or answered. Trust in the simple things, for they are often the most, the closest to God. Remember, Jesus taught with many parables, to learning as children learn, to seeing as children see. Simplicity is not simple mindedness. Simplicity is often the purest form of spiritual insight.

Because great revelations as you expect them to come do not happen, you think that you have not heard guidance. So perhaps your first rule should be to disregard not a simple answer, to expect not the Red Sea to part, but to take instructions for building a simple canoe to cross the sea.

Your life consists in much energy spent on activities which will not be important in your spiritual growth career, not the activities themselves, but the motivation behind, is where the reality lies. Earning a living is important to keep you physically alive and as a functional member of your society. But, the motivation of hard work, of honesty, and perseverance, of toil, of living faithfully as a tadpole, these are the realities which survive beyond this planet's stay. The social interactions that you have are not so important on the day-to-day conflicts and joys, but viewed more as teamwork and learning to resolve or live with inherent personality conflicts, to outreach your understanding of your fellows, to include a more spiritual view of your brothers and sisters which can extend into a sense of love and family. These day-to-day activities often take precedence over, or crowd out, your main activity, which should be your soul growth. The Spirit of Truth can help you wend your way through the maze of distractions that consist of Urantia life to the higher path of spiritual growth.

So, your first commitment should be to remembering that the Spirit of Truth is here, and to remembering that the Spirit of Truth exists only to show you how to use your daily experience to further your soul growth. He points the way to the path of higher values and more loving actions. And as you engage in higher values and more and more loving actions, you ascend - even while you stay in this material form - closer to God. The fruits of the Spirit grow in your own life, and you grow in your own capacity to understand and know God. Your communication with your Adjuster increases, you ascend the psychic circles, and perhaps the possibility of even fusion exists for each of you. But you must call on this teacher who is here only to show you how to live in the world while being dedicated to the spiritual. The Spirit of Truth straddles both spheres. Unlike the Adjuster which only lives in the spiritual realm, the Spirit of Truth is very much in the world. This is the closest you will come to living with Jesus. This is the gift of the Son. I fear that many forget to use this tool, to use this helper, as you go about your day-to-day life. So, one, do not forget.

Two, I urge more frequent remembrance suppers where a powerful experience spiritually will occur, and has occurred, as I am sure many of you are experientially familiar with, which is the commingling of your Adjusters with the Spirit of Truth, the fraternization of these two mighty spiritual gifts. And when this happens your higher mind is indeed upstepped and the effect is eternal. This should be engaged in much more frequently. It should not be a special occasion thing, but you should seek the company of this spirit whenever possible. Your growth will be mightily enhanced if you do.

The reason I have changed the lesson is because of the discussion. You asked, must we go to certain places to see certain celestial teachers? The answer is “no.” You have with you access at all times to the mightiest teachers in existence. You need but ask. The Spirit of Truth is wherever you are. As we say in the prayer that begins our lessons, “Wherever we are, God is.” That is real. That is not a fancy phrase which sounds nice. That is a truth. As is the truth that you have access to every spiritual tool. They come to you. We come to you. The fellowship is wonderful. Group worship is wonderful. But these are not necessary conditions for growth, or even for revelation. Jesus did not leave Urantia, a planet which is a special one to him, abandoned. He bestowed the great gift and we wonder why you don't use this more.

The Spirit of Truth teaches individually and generationally. It is here to always reinterpret spiritual truth to the mortals of time. This teacher communicates clearly, does not mask himself in obtuse forms that need experts to interpret. This is not the point of spiritual communication. Communication is just that, communication to be understood by both parties. You do not have to go to a special place, or be in a special condition, or do anything in preparation. You need only to ask for help and you will be answered.

The need of the humans to see is something which I, as my own individual personality type, have very little understanding of. I am simply bemused after all this time that it continues to be so important, and have tried to refrain from commenting because it is something I cannot fully understand. However, it appears to be so universal that it is obviously built into the mortal. Very few appearances have happened: the morontial appearances of Jesus, the appearance of the angel to Mary, to Joseph, the voice in the garden, to name a few. But appearances are unpredictable, and are not the first choice of communication on the part of the beings of the non-material realm.

Because of the confusing rebellion on this planet where Midwayers often appeared - rebellious Midwayers appeared to primitive mortals and misled thern - we have tried to not engage in this type of activity for fear of building up the superstitious and cult type religions that proliferate here more so than on other planets which have not undergone the rebellion. I urge you, brothers and sisters, to take advantage of the sound spiritual helpers which do exist and are here for your benefit, who love you and only want to serve your needs. (04/25/93)

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