Q: Can you offer a little bit more information regarding the exercise of the stillness, seeking the stillness, what I might do to attain more of that?

A: Yes. What you have been doing while pent up within your automobile is very much akin to attaining the stillness. The major difference is that, for optimal attainment of the stillness, one would be motionless with eyes closed, and not engaged in directed activity such as driving, walking, reading, and so on. Does that help? (Yes, yes it does)

Many have said that while working on the stillness they fall asleep. That does not mean you have not attained stillness, nor have you failed to benefit from the calming of the chattering mind. The benefit will extend into your sleep time. So do not be alarmed if this should occur. As you work with the stillness there will be less of a tendency to fall asleep, which is an instinctive response to a quieting of the mind, and you will be more able to remain awake during periods of deep meditation. Have you any further comments, my son?

S: No. Thank you very much. I plan to set aside time in the future where I can actually meditate quietly, either in a room or in a park or someplace.

R: You have made much progress and we are most pleased. You have attracted much interest in your efforts and there are many standing by to help you, for your mission is great. (05/15/93)

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