To speak of our situation, (the two T/Rs) are both experiencing doubts, internal difficulties, with this mission. They are not doubts that this mission is real. They are doubts in their own abilities and doubts in their own desires to the commitment of being transmitter-receivers.

Lesson on Doubt:

Doubt. Doubt is something you cannot escape either. All of you within this room harbor doubts from time to time concerning this mission. Is it real? Is it the transmitter-receiver? How do I know? You know in your heart. You do not know in your head. This is not an intellectual process, though you do process the knowledge within your intellect.

When you experience doubt, seize it, examine it, and look for its origin. And when you find that, seek to understand what has brought it about. Seek the answer to your doubt. Do not let it fester. Do not let it sit and build doubt upon doubt. Talk to your friends. Inter-association with other personalities is absolutely necessary. You cannot exist on this world, much less Mansion Worlds - or further on in isolation. When you have doubts, seek the counsel of your loved ones and your friends, they will give you assistance.

Doubt is also desirable, because, without doubt you will be unable to exercise that faith muscle. You will not be able to do that. It is similar to walking. Without gravity you could not walk. Belief must be accompanied by doubt in some way. You must have some thing to overcome in order to believe. Do not hide from it. Meet it face on.

This evening there are several in this room who have the ability to transmit and receive. Continue to seek the stillness, each of you. Continue to listen. I will speak to you. You are my loved ones and my friends. It is with great joy that I am here again with you. Do not forget that. We will continue our class of experiential knowledge and we will have the necessary transmitter-receivers to carry this forward.

Q: There have been some doubts - I guess from (T/R), I believe, even though I haven't talked to her personally about that. That, I guess there are doubts also from other T/Rs that this whole phenomenon is caused by the unconscious or subconscious mind. I am sure that if you could give definite proof - nothing spectacular - maybe just for instance if you could tell us names of other teachers that have not come on line here yet. I am sure there are other ways where definite proof can be established. Is this deliberately done so that these - that its not definitely established, so that we may still - that we still have to rely on our faith?

A: That is a correct assumption. It is the time to learn they would immediately see that important for you agondonters to continue to rely on your faith in this process. This is a religion of experience. This is not just intellectual facts, or intellectual. We wish that you had the experience of exercising your faith in regards to this whole process. Does that answer your question? (Yes.)

Q: We have a publication called the Monitor in the Southern California area, and in it recently was an opinion that the phenomenon of T/Rs and receiving guidance, and so forth, was dangerous in that it makes us dependent on teachers and keeps us from delving into our own contact with our own Thought Adjusters. In other words that it was a crutch for people who couldn't motivate themselves to serve God, and that they had to have another source of motivation in order to get them going. What do you think of these opinions?

A: First, there is a need in many humans to have - let me phrase this another way. At no time - if you will consult any of the transcripts, any of our teachings, you will know this is fact - at no time do we suggest that you, or that the teaching mission, take the place of your direct spiritual contact with your Thought Adjuster. We are continually suggesting that you practice the stillness, that you continue that daily contact with your Adjuster, that it is the most important guide that you can possibly have. This teaching class is designed to supplement The Urantia Book. It is designed to help you to experientialize the knowledge that you have gained from the facts within The Urantia Book.

Truth is only had by experiencing. It is not had by reading in a book. Therefore, what we are attempting to do is to give you that experiential knowledge, that evolutionary knowledge, of what it is like to be an ascending mortal on a planet seeking the morontia, seeking soul growth, and seeking your spiritual growth as well.

None of these are a panacea to an individual who is lazy. These are all processes that are necessary for a person who is active, who is eager, who wants to learn, and wants to grow.

Student: That is very well put, because in my own experience after I had received the teachings, my prayer and my contact with the Thought Adjuster has grown.

RAYSON: You see many who have made these statements; this is not by any means the only, but made them from a position of ignorance of what the teaching mission really is about. If they were to take the time to learn they would immediately see that those two suppositions are most incorrect. (09/20/92)

* * *

Q: Is faith the spiritual antidote for doubt?

A: Not exactly. Faith is the spiritual antidote to uncertainty and fear, but doubt occurs and may live side by side with faith. For example, one can have unshakable faith in God. Say you have already passed through the portals of physical death and are on the mansion worlds, you may have total faith in your potential for divinity, for the existence of God, for the teachings now manifest through your own experience of spirit and soul, but you can still have self-doubt. Doubt is not solely dependent on faith; doubt is a different - doubt will not disappear until you are admitted to the corps of finaliters, really.

Q: (Alternate T/R) I'd like to thank you for allowing me to transmit you in the past and I'd like to also thank (original T/R) for coming back because I've been experiencing some doubts as you have mentioned and some fear, but not so much of myself but of the group in general and the feeling that, with the risk of mental instability from these doubts – not just for ourselves, the T/Rs, but for others – that maybe the same things can be accomplished, maybe better, through prayer, worship, and service. And that maybe that should be something that I should go with, rather than this. And that's the main concern that's been on my mind. Can you comment on this?

A: Yes, (alternate T/R). First I wish to thank you for your services. Second you must not think of things as either this or that. All should be encompassed in your human life: prayer, worship, service, thanksgiving, transmitting and receiving, participating in the mission in the world, in your own spiritual growth, in other avenues of expression. All of these are concurrent. And you certainly must achieve balance - which may mean not transmitting/receiving for a while and putting energies elsewhere to re-center your self in your identity.

Much doubt is - in essence - what you call psychologically “identity crisis,” going into the core of your psychological being and shaking it. The sense of responsibility for others, while human and admirable on certain levels, is spiritually unreal for: a) you are not the teaching but the vessel, b) you are imperfect as every T/R transmitter is, and as I, myself, am as a teacher; c) each person is equipped with radar spiritually, spirit of truth and seraphim, Thought Adjuster, and should be responsible for their own -and is responsible for their own perception of this experience. You are not responsible for another's spiritual growth. All we can do as fellows is extend love, service, understanding, emotional support, friendship, to others, listening, etc., but you cannot do anything for them that they have not freely agreed to in this universe of free will.

And everyone must proceed at his or her own pace on this path.

So your sense of responsibility that your own unbalance or insanity - let us take a worst case scenario - could infect or contage or harm others is spiritually unreal, for they are all equipped with their own radar devices and cannot be harmed unless they wish to participate in your hallucination, disassociation, process - which is not really what human beings generally do. There are few groups of mad men that agree on the common delusion. Even in cults that have agreed to participate in a mass hysteria-type delusion there is disagreement, eventually. So there is built in a protection against what you fear, and what you fear is not real. You are not unbalanced, although the experience of transmitting/receiving does make one feel that way. Does it not, (alternate T/R) (Yes, it does.) (11/29/92)


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