Q: In western culture now we have the capacity to keep many people alive into advanced age. This means that we see a fairly high percentage, compared to past ages, of persons who develop dementing diseases, particularly Altzheimers disease and (multi?? infarct dementia?). In these disorders there's generally disease of the frontal and prefrontal areas, and one sees clinically disintegration of the personality as well as loss of capacity for self maintenance. Now there's a very great moral dilemma developing in western medicine presently about - is it right to keep such people alive? Because the expense of keeping them alive is very very high. There is much grief in the family as these people become further and further detached from family and friends and reality. And these people seem to have much fear, much pain, and much illness in general. I wonder if you could comment on this, and - if you are allowed - if you could comment on how this would be handled on another world such as the one that you come from?

A: In the cases where the deterioration is in the prefrontal lobe it is my opinion that the Adjuster has left. What is alive is a physical body. As for the ethics of maintaining life, it is irrelevant spiritually one way or another.

In terms of my world we had in place a spiritualized and accepted ritual for graduation when the physical was an impediment to the spiritual soul growth, which is, of course, the only eternal reality. When the mechanism housing the soul-Adjuster no longer functioned, it was not of any consequence to terminate life. In fact, it was a cause of celebration, being The FATHER's will that the soul move on to the next growth level.

You down here have much more irrational and emotional reactions to this practice since - as a world - you do not truly understand what life is, and define it solely in terms of the physical. Now, some day on your planet things will even out. Your life capacity, ideally, is approximately five hundred earth years. This will not be attained until the early stages of Light and Life.

As you grow as a world spiritually, you will learn to temper life extension with actual life growth of the soul. And many diseases will be eliminated which interfere with the mind-soul connection. Until that time this topic will be reacted to irrationally and I can only pray for your enlightenment as a world culture since many mortals suffer needlessly, and suffer delays in their universe career because of the mere sentiment, which is attached to the material body.

Q: I read about a man in this country who is on trial for murder, a physician, who attempted to help such a demented person to graduate, and it hurts me every time I read it, but it seems to be at present an insoluble problem in our culture.

A: Also, one must abide by the legal system one lives under, no mater however primitive. (01/26/92)


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