Lesson I: Reality of the Fatherhood of God:

I have chosen a seemingly simple discourse on the reality of the Fatherhood of God which many, being used to this idea, realization, have grown accustomed, and therefore are taking this great truth a little for granted. I feel extraordinarily privileged and overwhelmed, still, at this momentous truth: that we who are so insignificant, and yet - as small children needing a wise parent - that this parent is the Great Creator, stupendous and magnificent Lord of all creation, past present and future. There is none beside Him, so powerful and almighty is He. And to ponder the truth that He is also our loving FATHER and ever-present guidance and friend, never ceases to overwhelm my limited mind.

What we see of His glory is so tiny and small! There are no word expressions to enable our minds to comprehend more than a grain of sand in the sea of what He is. His vast material creation should cause you to ponder and humble yourselves at His vastness and incomprehensible reality. He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, of all reality comprehended now or ever to be comprehended by mind.

He has deigned to give you use of all the mind energy you can use. You are limited, and this is well understood. But by mind you may reach for the unlimited. You are endowed with a part of the Infinite Mind which knows no boundary or finite mental limitations. You need to know your minds are free to expand in comprehension, and to grow and be seasoned with wisdom by, in, and through your souls. Though you be dust, you have within you the spark of the Infinite FATHER of all who bestows His greatness, infiniteness, goodness, mercy, and Fatherly love upon each person to the greatest extent possible. He wishes for all His children to find Him, to come forth from the darkness into His loving space, light, mercy, understanding. He wishes all of His children to grow in their own space, light, mercy, love and understanding. He desires for all of His children that they love each other to the fullest extent of their understanding - as they love Him. He desires that - as His children grow toward Him and become more of Him, realize Himself in they - that they, in turn, bestow this Fatherly love and brotherly understanding and mercy upon their fellows to the greatest extent they are capable.

This may require a letting go, a letting go of old prejudices, a letting go of inner anguish and stress, a letting go of inner turmoil and emotion, a letting go of the worries of life, and many of the little cares which can weigh so heavily when multiplied. Allowing this, abandoning the old and embracing the new is not an intellectual exercise, it is your lives. It is not a moment's thought, it is the robust and vigorous exercise of true faith.

Courage is required to abandon the old and embrace the new. The old is secure, the new is unknown. But I say unto you, abandon the old and do it gladly. Embrace the greater realities of the kingdom and do it courageously.

Live your lives as if in His presence, always, and I say “as if” for a reason. Before the full realization is upon you, by faith reach out for it first. His presence is always with us. In Him we live, move, and have our being. He is our ever-present guide and companion. Where is the insecurity in that? By faith you grasp this reality, and by faith you are transformed by it.

The true Fatherhood of God, His loving presence ever with us, an open ear ever ready to hear His children, to know their hearts and minds, and to understand, and guide, and teach: these are the ways of The FATHER. You must take His hand willingly. (07/15/91)

* * *

Lesson II: Experiencing the Fatherhood of God:

There have been many questions on the Universal FATHER, some vocally and some in your mind. There have been questions about how we can feel the love of The FATHER more. Some find it easier to feel the presence of the Infinite Spirit and the Creator Son, but find it difficult to feel directly the love of The FATHER. This is understandable because of the mortal status in which you exist.

The Infinite Spirit is the God of Action, and so when you do things, when you act according to the will of God, you feel His power, His presence, and His outworkings of the actions of your daily life. The Creator Son is spirit. When you relate with others, other beings including celestial, you feel the presence of His spirit. Through your relations you manifest love, mercy and good will which are the foundations, of your connection with others. And so when you do this you feel the Creator Son.

When it comes to feeling The FATHER, the Universal FATHER is personality. He is more than personality, but for your comprehension He is personality incarnate.

How can you feel His personality? You will not be able to when you act or when you express yourself. Expression is in the realm of personal relationship, so that would be with the Creator Son. So when you act or you express, you will not necessarily feel the presence of the Universal FATHER.

You must remember that the Universal FATHER is the I AM. He is. He does not necessarily talk or do. He is. So for you to understand The FATHER, you must understand what it is just to BE, without expression, without doing or acting. This IS the stillness.

This stillness may come to you not only when you are worshipping but in your daily activities between expression, between acts, you may just feel the awe, much as you do when you take in the breathtaking sights of a natural wonder such as a forest or the ocean or a sunset. You sense the beauty and it is. When you do this you ARE the beauty. You do not express it you do not act it but you are. The Universal FATHER is in that way self existent and self manifest in you when you become still.

Stillness means to quiet your senses, the input and mind, the thoughts which are generated by the senses through the brain, memories, all these must he put on hold and your consciousness must be on The Universal FATHER. When you do this you become - for a short length of time - the I AM. And that is the presence and the love of The FATHER. Soon as you reflect on this you will have lost the essence. There must be no reflection, no comments on this, it just must be. You can also experience this when you perceive a truth, a beauty or a goodness and you do not comment on it, you just accept it and it becomes you and you become it. Then also you are experiencing the love, presence, power, the I AM of The FATHER. (11/22/92)


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