Lesson on Friendship:

Today we will have a short lesson on friendship for, children, your assignment will be to become better friends with one person in your life, either one you are already friends with or know, or a new person. What is friendship? Friendship is perhaps the highest human relationship that can exist on Urantia. It is the desire to serve one's fellow human and that human's desire to serve you. Service is not duty: it is loving kindness. It involves no obligation. It involves no “shoulds.” It involves no “have tos.” It comes from love, the love of one human for another, to put their good first. It has no price tag, true friendship. It is freely given and gratefully received as the great gift of time.

It comes from understanding. When you feel annoyance, irritation, hurt, conflict you must spiritually stop and reflect and pray to understand that person, for when you understand, tolerance begins. Tolerance is a fruit of the spirit. Now, once tolerance, real tolerance, not false tolerance, exists in the human, then love grows. It is the door to love.

Now, some personalities are easily understood, intuitively. Others require more work. Theoretically every personality has the capacity to love every other, but in actuality that remains not so or potential into far into your ascendent career. But we may begin consciously practicing friendship right now. Do not underestimate this word, children. It is what kept the Apostles together; not faith, not teachings, not association with the Creator Son in human form, it was simple and glorious friendship! Friendship, the cement of loyalty, being sure of love, the bind which cannot be broken.

Friendship can exist not only amongst your species, but you may also be friends with your angels, with myself and the other teachers, and with God. Think of God as a friendship, children, and do not neglect your service to Him.

Many may say we are respectful toward others because they contain a piece of The FATHER. That is true, but it has not deep roots in the human heart. You do not yet believe you contain this piece in yourself; how then could you believe it in another - truly believe it and act on it? Thus, we must approach spiritual living from a different standpoint the standpoint of tolerance, friendship, love. Every partnership throughout your ascension career will be based upon these qualities. Indeed, when you reach Mansonia, your companions will be - of course - your guardian seraphim, but when you are not with them, your closest companions will be the transition seraphim, who are visiting or unassigned seraphim of friendship. They will teach you much. They want to be your friends. This word is overused by you, and thus undervalued.

You will read Rodan and practice being a better friend with one person. You may choose to share this amongst yourselves or keep it private. That is up to each of you. But this will be your assignment. We shall practice, and I know - my brothers and sisters - next week you will come with even more radiant hearts and souls and smiles to this meeting. (07/26/92)

* * *

[Next session] I am quite pleased to see you again this date. You have all accomplished some forward steps in friendships. Although this being insignificant to you, it is spiritually quite important. It is the basis for your entire ascension career, the outreach to serve one's fellows, the understanding followers, the honoring of their Divinity and evolving souls, and the eventual love that will grow. Partnership with other ascendant beings and all other universe beings is the essential nature of service.

To know ones fellows, to rise above personality conflict, to love those who are still different, eventually, is intense spiritual growth. We start simply because a quart cannot exceed a pint and you are little pints right now. I am proud of you for your actions, as we will continue this non-intellectual approach to God for a while. (08/02/92)


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