Lesson on Habits:

Today's lesson is upon habits. You must keep a body and mind of clean habits. The things that you do daily, that you do regularly, are important. Negative habits can be overcome by prayer, but let us not dwell on negative habits, you must gain positive habits. Prayer, worship, on a daily basis is a good habit. To love others, even if they do not show love to you. That can become a very good habit. Don't be afraid to show love and to work on your own development by positive acts. Little acts can become great acts if you practice in making them become habits.

Many of you, because of this environment you live in - this mortal realm - have habits you wish to get rid of. You cannot destroy anything, not even habits. You must replace them with good habits. Pray for this. The strength you need to accomplish this is yours. Ask the spirit within you and you shall be granted this energy. It is not easy, but you must make the effort. That is what is meant by progression into the positive states and on to the expansion of your soul. Don't be afraid and hold this off, you must do it. The sooner you do it the better. But do not be ashamed, do not blame yourself if you cannot immediately obtain these goals. The important thing is you must strive, you must desire to better yourself. Make this a habit: always strive to better yourself. From the smallest detail in your life to the largest. It is a goal you can attain. That is the lesson for today.

Q: RAYSON, could you speak a bit more about habits? Define habits, maybe?

A: Do you have a particular habit you wish to bring up?

S: Probably many of them.

RAYSON: So do we all.

Q: Lets see. Well, when you're raising kids you have so many habits that you want to try and improve upon so that you don't pass them on. Impatience is a habit.

A: It is crucial to control your habits when raising children. Impatience is not necessarily a habit. It is something that is carried over from your animal background. It can be a habit if you persist in it. When you are impatient think of eternity. Think of the ages upon ages that you will be here, and realize that a moment spent well is worth many hours spent haphazardly and impatiently. (10/11/92)


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