Lesson on Harmony:

How wonderful it is to be with you, to see the outworkings of the evolutionary ordeals and its rewards as it unfolds. Be thankful of the valleys as well as the peaks. You will look back to these times and see the majesty of life as it grows and blooms like a flower.

Today my lesson is on harmony: to be part of the music of the spheres, to be part of the music of each other's feelings, thoughts, ideas, values. How glorious it is to be in harmony with the universe. In your daily life it is important to attain harmony with your fellows. Tune yourself to the thoughts, the feelings of people around you. Keep your senses alert for their sound vibrations, their feelings, and emit the kind of vibrations that are in harmony with things. Sometimes you will have to diminish your own harshness.

Sometimes you must enlarge your feelings, the truths that you know, and the actions, which come from them so that you will achieve a greater whole rather than stand out alone.

It is also important to have harmony in your mind. Harmonize the truths that you know, the values that you have learned, with your intellectual ideas, your conditioned responses, and your animal emotions. Think of evolutionary growth and progress as music, it’s not how loud you are, it is not how technically brilliant you are, but how you harmonize with others. And this is also true of each and every aspect of your own self, your intellect your spirit, your physical organism; they must all harmonize with each other. And this whole must harmonize with outside. And eventually this world will harmonize with the rest of the universe.

Harmony. It makes for a wonderful sound. When you harmonize, the sound of your harmony will be heard by others and they will wish to harmonize with you.

Q: I feel an inability to harmonize with a certain person right now. And perhaps others do too. And I feel the need to distance myself emotionally and physically. On the one hand I feel that need, and on the other hand I feel the desire to be in harmony and to work out the hurt. Would you comment on that?

A: Sometimes, before you can harmonize with another instrument you must tune your own instrument. It is unwise to try to harmonize before your own instrument is tuned. This sometimes requires time, and some introspection, prayer.

Q: To extend that analogy and metaphor, if one's own instrument is tuned, but the other person's whom you wish to be in harmony with is not in tune, is it fair to assume that harmony will not be able to be achieved in that case until both parties are personally in tune?

A: Yes. We must be patient and pray for the other instrument to get in tune. But do not always assume that it is the other person. (10/18/92)


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