Q: I am more reconciled today with what I've been feeling than I was earlier in the week. When I listen to you and to HAM, the teachers, I feel coming from each of you such a warm love, and my being responds in love to you. And I was concerned that I was not giving FATHER as much love, and that I didn't seem to feel as personal a love from FATHER. And then I was wondering if, perhaps, what I'm feeling through you and HAM isn't FATHER's love, and my response back to FATHER through you. Is that true, or am I wrong?

A: I am not quite sure of what you mean.

Q: Well, you seem so much more personal. So much closer than FATHER.

RAYSON: Are you talking about The FATHER?

Student: The FATHER, our FATHER, all of us.

A: I am much closer to you because I am further down on the scale - much nearer to you. The FATHER is so far above us. His love is so strong, that it has to be filtered through your Thought Adjuster, or through other beings such as I. Do not fear, The FATHER loves you. It is His love, which keeps usgoing towards him. You do not see the forest for the trees. His love is so all – encompassing that you do not see each little segment - except as it comes through individuals. Do not fear. You will as time progresses be able to feel more and more of The FATHER's love.

Student: Thank you RAYSON. I know I have it and I feel the benefits of it. I just feel it differently from loving you and HAM. (10/18/92)

* * *

Lesson I on Love:

Love is of higher mind, part of personality expression. Love is necessary for survival of all beings in the universe. Not only must they receive love, but must also impart love to others. Love is one of the highest accomplishments that any creature can aspire to. It sometimes is said that love is illusive, perhaps because it is not a material thing, so that when it is sought as a material thing would be sought, you lose the grasp - and yet it is most readily accessible to all who would have it. And it is so easy to have love. The having of love, the getting of love is a function of the giving of love, which may seem paradoxical, but it is not. Like other God-given qualities goodness and truth and beauty - love is not something that the material creature creates, but rather is something that is passed on through the material creature to others. It is truly a gift from God, given freely, to be experienced freely and freely passed on.

And that is what love is. Not something that can be stored, or even really calibrated in the usual sense of your thinking, yet how truly one knows when it is present, how truly one knows when there is love in the interaction between individuals.

And one of the wonderful things about love is the fact that the practice of it, the striving to be loving, to impart love to others, not only increases one's ability to give love, but also increases the amount of love that is in turn received. The more you give, the more you in turn receive. The FATHER gives us only what we can use. There is no waste in the universe of any energy form.

Yesterday when (T/R) was practicing, the transmission had other interesting information about love, which she would like me to share with you, and so I shall.

It is useful, perhaps, to conceive of love as one might think of sunshine, the light that strikes your planet and your nearby stars. Without the light of the sun all life on Urantia would perish. Even a small feeble ray of light can sustain some sort of life form. And the sun streams forth its light at no cost, freely given and freely received. How much better, then, is the love of The FATHER streaming forth over all the universes. Unlike the light of the star, though, there can never be too much. You could never get sunburn from the love of The FATHER.

There could never be any danger in the receipt of love, or any danger in the giving of love. The love of The FATHER is freely given and is there - even in individuals who not only do not ask, but also have deluded themselves into believing that they do not want love, that they shun love. It is a fallacy to believe thus, for if the love of The FATHER were not there, they would perish. But not to worry, it - that never will stop. The shame for such individuals is that in a misguided desire to have what might be called control they may stubbornly attempt to refrain from passing The FATHER's love on to others and, in so doing, impoverish their own lives and - at least temporarily - slow their own spiritual growth. (T/R) worries about protection when giving out love or goodness or truth and beauty, and yet it is not these qualities of God that leave one vulnerable, contrary to her belief. Rather it is the negative qualities of fear and pride and so on that make mortals vulnerable. By working on love, by finding that which you can love in everyone and everything, you can exercise this muscle, develop it to a fuller potential, and thereby help to further your own spiritual growth.

So go forth gladly and shed love on your fellows and watch the results. Some will be immediate, others will be delayed, and many, many of the results coming from the love that you send will never be seen directly by you during your mortal lifetimes. But if you look into your own hearts and consult with your own inner self to find the truth, you will receive every assurance that the love you give causes growth and enhances the universe wherever it may fall.

Q: [Is (S) to be the conduit for healing in the area?]

A: (T/R) is a little green, as you might say, but the name is familiar. But more than that I cannot say for now. But while waiting for this person there are things that all can do to help one another. Love is not just an emotion, and not just a spiritual quality; it is a force of energy. It changes the way the body works.

Anyone could be a healer. The designated healers have somewhat better ability to focus their spiritual powers. They are very slightly more - but not that much more - (able) than the rest. And not only love for healing, but the other positive qualities so generously bestowed by The FATHER, the composite of which we call prayer: the good unselfish thought earnest thought, and wish for the well-being of another.

Prayer is most powerful and useful adjunctive to any mission, be it a human mission or a planetary mission or a personal mission of any sort. Like love, prayer never falls without engendering positive results. It always yields benefits and growth - not the instant gratification desired or even required by some - but be assured that the benefit is always there.

How healing it is to receive the love of another. Like a drink of cool water on a dry hot day. How healing it is to behold beauty. How healing to experience goodness or to know truth. (11/09/92)

* * *

Lesson II on Love:

In keeping with the symbolic celebration on Urantia of the coming of the Christ to your planet your lesson today will be on love.

Love is the gift of the Universal FATHER, and is manifested in the Eternal Son. In the life of MICHAEL on Urantia we have witness to applied love, mercy. The gift of the father - love - and applied love - mercy - of the Son is ministered to mortals and other low-level creatures by the bestowal of the Infinite Spirit who down-steps through angels to minister the combination of love and mercy to you. Children, love is a constant, which can be seen from the most infinite level down through the most finite. On the greatest level, which you cannot conceive of, the love of God The FATHER is so boundless that He loves every one of His creatures whether they are aware of His love or not, and still can manifest Divine and Perfect (?will?) in and of Himself as the creator of all. His love is so limitless that He loves both sinners and perfected beings alike. He is no respecter of persons, but loves each creation individually and limitlessly.

His greatest acts of love to you, mortal creatures of animal origin, are the divine fragments which each of you possess. The FATHER's love is extended through the ministry of mercy, always - first love, second mercy, and always ends injustice. He loves His individual children and His created worlds and systems through the Universal Eternal Son. Their down-step incarnations are the tangible proof of The FATHER's love and should serve as an inspiration to this confused and sin-ridden world of the existence of divine love and a divine pattern to all creation.

The life of MICHAEL here - as JESUS - is on a spiritual level, the perfection standard to which you should all strive. The message of JESUS was “Love your brother as yourself.” For the skeptic, cynical of heart, or pure materialist, one can argue without self-love primitive species would not survive, without sex-love the species would not have propagated, without mother-love there would be no family home life, without neighbor-love survival would be limited, without tribal-love the elements and animals would have overcome the frail mortal, without nation-love there would be no great advances, without brother-love - the highest concept of love - we would not be aware of the existence of God. Love your neighbor as yourself. This simple concept is what will take your world into the spiritual light of the new advanced revelatory religion. Simple, but very hard to achieve.

Love one another. This involves a self-forgetfulness. Love is the desire to do good to others. And what's in that is to put another's needs before one's own selfish needs for ego aggrandizement. It means that dogma must be put aside. It means that in order to love one's fellows, tolerance must be consciously exercised every day. JESUS asks of you, learn to love one fellow more.

To understand your fellows is to love them. It is a reflection of your capacity on a spiritual level if you love and understand more of your fellows. It is not a measure of lack of divine love or spirit potential. If you do not consciously set out to know and love others you cannot truly know God, for God is not merely intellectual or philosophical, but is involved in actions in terms of service to your brothers and sisters. Service is not “done,” it is merely duty without love. You may do good works with a bad heart. God is love. Page 552. God is love, but love is not God. If one merely performs worthy acts without God consciousness, you are not entering the kingdom of God, but you are entering the kingdom of good. There is a huge difference. Mere humanism or idealism or political-social motivation is not Godliness, although God-knowing people encompass it. Love is the difference, love of God so strong that you would do anything to know Him and be like Him. And if one love's God and thirsts for God, to that degree how can you not love God's creations? Recognize the fragment of God in your fellows and love that.

One can only love personality. One cannot love concepts. God is a personality in that he is your parent creator FATHER. Your word love is so inadequate. It means such base emotions on your world that we wish there was anther way to describe what spiritual love is.

Love acts without thought of reward. And love - spiritual love - is not defined by results. Plant the seeds of love and the harvest will be truth, beauty and goodness. Of that I can assure you. As to when the harvest comes, that is unknown. But love is contagious and will always be more infectious than fear, anger, hatred or sin. If you are truly illuminated from within by divine love and overflowing love for your fellow ascenders - and indeed all creation - then others cannot help but respond in kind. It is the benign virus of love. And you can be sure that you are doing the will of The FATHER.

Why, then are you not more filled with love? Why are you - like greedy animals - so often wanting to take rather than to give? John said, “children, love one another.” Why do you spend so much time staring at your own image in an antique glass when you but could lift your eyes upward and see the beauty and majesty of the universe. You will be so enlightened that you could not help but reflect divinity outward. And like a walk to the light, you will be surrounded by the multitudes as JESUS was. JESUS did not talk down, or preach morality, or fear, or judgment, or (? - iness?). No. He simply was applied love and mercy, and lived that way. And people loved Him instantly.

You, too, may be Christ-like. It is not enough, children, to celebrate the Christ. You must be the Christ. Urantia is surely a backward and dark planet, which is why MICHAEL chose this planet, the better to contrast the light of his love against such a confused and dark, suffering world. Shine your light so that the planet may be uplifted. You to whom so much has been given should not sit and bask in The FATHER's generosity without in turn reflecting that generosity to others. It is not enough for you to rationalize that you do not like this person or that person, these petty (??) come with ego. They will someday be an embarrassment to you.

You must begin to live the law of JESUS of Nazareth by loving more and more of your fellows the longer you live. The more you grow in the spirit, the more humans you will be tolerant and loving of. This is what the life of the master reflected: trusting in the love of The FATHER to such extent that even when one looks at this world and sees chaos, and despair, and destruction, and starvation, and conflicts, and hatred, and fear, and ignorance, and rigidity, and immoral belief systems, you can know that the outcome of the divine plan is benevolent, and enlightened, and loving and peaceful, and joy-filled, and spiritual; that when one looks at (?ones?) own life through the valleys of confusion and doubt that your faith will know that God loves you so much that the outcome of your life will be ultimately good, goodness; that The FATHER has created you as you are - in love, and see the outcome of who you would be in love, and that your place is assured but for your choices. You have been created to conquer doubt and fear, anger and hatred, all the demons of the human condition. And though love you will.

God's love is not finite. The more you faithfully believe this, the more love you will open yourself up to seeing. It is always there. It is your inability to take it that is the flaw.

You cannot see justice or even fairness, but you can feel the love of The FATHER if you would but try, and once having felt and become full of divine love, and so moved by the spirit you could not help but to give it away, for you would realize that the more you love the more ability you have to love. Do not (?deny?) this, children, with this gift Love freely and unselfishly and unconditionally. Love each other with the highest divine love that you can imagine.

A father often must take the long view on a child's growth, and so we sometimes - as children - do not feel we understand His ways. That is natural, but his love is constant. A parent's love never wavers, and your world would be so much more evolved if you each understood that you are secure in the divine love of your father. That fact does not ebb and flow, but is a constant and ever-giving replete well of strength for you to draw from. You cannot simply run out of love.

(T/R) is not 100% healed, so we will shorten this. Please read page 552 and page 10 - I'm not totally sure, 1028 I believe - which deals with love, and we will continue this discourse - which may seem simple to you, but is not - upon next meeting.

Remember to enter the kingdom of God one must love one’s fellows and God. That is the ticket. So I pray that you will be more loving, kinder, tolerant, and understanding toward each other. As God is so generous in His love to you, you also will be generous in God's love to others, through you. (12/27/92)


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