Q: In reading through The Urantia Book on meanings and values, I find that meanings and values are generally associated with things, and that a rough projection of the universe would be that the universe consists of things, meanings and values. I know what things are. I went to the dictionary to learn what meanings are, and it defined the noun “meaning” as “that which is intended or signified,” with the synonyms to be found under the word “purpose”. I also looked into the dictionary for “values” and it defines values as the order of importance or the sequence of things. The Urantia Book says one can add values to meanings as well. Can you comment on my understanding of “things” as being objects, whether they are spiritual, physical, or morontial; as “meanings” being the significance or purpose of these objects; and “values” being the relative degree of importance of either things or meanings. Could you comment on that?

A: Yes. Things are material, supermaterial, are objects, are receptacles, are systems, are patterns, and are matrixes. Meanings are the use of these matrixes. Values are how these meanings relate to the will of God, Do you wish more?

Q: Can there be any “value” by itself, without evaluating a thing or a meaning - just a value?

A: Pure value?

Student: Yes. In other words, can you take a six and not relate it to a four and a five and a seven and an eight?

A: Not in that context because if you cannot relate it to the others then it will not be of that value. Values can be relative but supreme values can be existential when matrixes, meanings, and values are all in a realm of non-space, non-time, then values can be pure and by itself. But this has no meaning when explained in this linear fashion. It is beyond your comprehension as of now.

Q: Is it correct to think of relationships as things, that these relationships are not only things but they have a meaning, and that their meaning is extremely high on the scale of values?

RAYSON: Relationships?

Student: Interpersonal relationships.

A: Personal relationships are very high, of very high value, yes. (11/15/92)


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