Q: Teacher, I am not able to follow the admonishment of many of the teachers to think of The FATHER as a friend, as someone close to me or accessible. I don't know if that's the Catholicism background, or what. I feel very far removed, and although I believe that there's a benevolence and a connection of some sort, I don't know how to get to - I don't know how to cut through all of the layers I have in my mind between me and The FATHER.

A: If you were to succeed in cutting away the layers immediately, you would not be able to handle the energy input into your physical-mental organism and system. Yes, this is quite usual. It is easier for you to relate to the Creator Son than it is to relate to the Universal FATHER. That is because your Universal FATHER is so distant from you in levels of attainment, although he is very close to you in actuality. For you to understand, to conceive, to grasp, and to relate to The FATHER, do so with his fragments, which indwell others, for when you can relate to a Thought Adjuster in others you are relating to The FATHER. And so gradually you will have a better understanding and you will feel more in touch with the First Source and Center. Is that helpful?

Student: It scratches the surface.

RAYSON: Yes, I will scratch the surface, but you must do the work of experientializing that. In other words you will not be given a simple answer. I will give you a lead. You must work on it.

Q: The lead was: to look for God in other people?

A: Yes, and within yourself.

Student: OK, I'll work on it.

RAYSON: If you cannot grasp this in other people, this fragment of God in other people and in yourself, how can you even think that we can directly commune with the Universal FATHER?

Student: That's the crux of it-

RAYSON: So, keep on trying, you are asking the right question. Just proceed in that direction and you will eventually attain what you seek. I encourage you. You are much connected to where you should go. (11/15/92)


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