[At the first formal meeting with his group he opened with a prayer and said:]

I AM RAYSON. I AM YOUR TEACHER. First, I would like you to know how happy I am that you all are here. This seed of this group will grow into a mighty oak. The faith you have displayed is known on high. And I am so honored to be a part of a group so faith bound.

The lesson today, our first formal teaching, is on Mercy. The lessons are written by Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. We teachers contribute by sharing with Prince MELCHIZEDEK our knowledge of the mortals we will be teaching. But the values come from our Planetary Prince. (12/01/91)


* * *

Q: Do you know what our next lesson will be?

A: I was planning with Prince MELCHIZEDEK, who writes the actual lesson, to talk about the Spirit of Truth. ... (12/07/91)


* * *


Q: How should we ask questions - the manner in which we would ask, whether to elaborate, or to be simple and direct. What sort of attitude should we have to you with respect to courtesy or informality? Also, should we have follow up questions if we are unsure or confused by your answer?

A: All questions are permitted. Some I will be able to answer, others I will not know the answer, and still others I will know but be enjoined not to share with you. In terms of how to ask, please consider me as I consider you, as a friend and brother. Each mortal here is different, some more formal than others. Just be yourself and treat me as an older brother or friend. I see your soul and know how bright a light you are. If words stumble, that is not what I see. I see your heart's desire. So do not be too concerned with the word-thought process. It is the shadow of reality. The soul-heart process is quite clear to me. Is that sufficient for you? (12/07/91)


* * *

Q: RAYSON, can you speak to us about the limitations that are placed upon you in giving us the lessons, in giving us revelation and in answering questions? I perceive that you are limited by the vocabulary of the transmitter-receiver and I wonder if you can tell us of other restrictions that would help us to understand, and help us to accept better all of your communications?


* * *

A: Yes, (S), Yes I am limited by the vocabulary, mindal understanding, intellectual, emotional ability of the transmitter-receiver. We also have placed on us certain concepts of being, etc., which we are not allowed to discuss with you. In addition, the lessons are planned by Prince MACHIVENTA and I have certain latitude with them but he plans for each group what the lesson will consist of. Some time these are modified to the understanding of group members. I also am not allowed to divulge certain projections, which we are privy to for individual destinies. Too much of revelation of future events would be detrimental to the goal of this mission - which is spiritual and not psychic. (02/09/92)


* * *

Q: From what you said about (T/R), can I take it that you, RAYSON, coming through (T/R), have to use a lot of (T/R)'s intellect and mind and that what isn't-the knowledge that isn't in (T/R)'s mind-if it isn't there, then even if you have it on your own, you're not really actually able to transmit that to us. Is that correct?

A: Mostly. What I am limited by is her vocabulary-understanding and her will. When she does not relate to something, her will gets in the way. She says, she stops me. And human will is always respected. (05/30/92)


* * *


T/R Trainee: ... And in terms of the other experiences that I've been having, I'll continue to see you on a nightly basis. So thank you once again.

RAYSON: Yes. You are very welcome, and yes, I will be in your mind. Do not be tense or not too that we may greet each other more clearly next time.

Trainee: I'm working on the fear. I realize how scared I was because of how intense the contact can be, and the ramifications of the contact. And once I recognized how scared I was, I realized that's a great lesson to work on.

RAYSON: Yes. Do not underestimate the social, mental, physical, psychological ramifications of being able to communicate with the celestial beings through your mind. You must be willing to undergo the turmoil, the burden-responsibility if you wish to proceed. Be aware that you need not be in full contact, that you can be contacting beings and not be completely aware, but gain the benefits of some of the teachings. This is a midway point that you might wish to consider. (11/15/92)


* * *

[Several of the group questioned the proficiency of a T/R. They spoke to RAYSON through a third party T/R in whom they had confidence. The following dialogue transpired]

Q: Since the departure of our previous T/Rs many of us in the group do not feel we have been able to hear your instructions or that you, in fact, have been able to establish a channel through (T/R). Please allow us to ask: have you been channeling through (T/R) over the last four or five weeks?

A: Yes, I have made attempts to make this communication possible, however there have been, as you are well aware of, certain problems. It has nothing to do with (T/R) as far as his conscious willingness to participate. He is truly wholeheartedly dedicated in his attempt to make this happen. There are other factors involved that cause the breakdown.

Q: Why is it that what is coming through (T/R) during the meeting so unintelligible?

A: There again are several factors involved. It is mandatory that the human put aside their own thoughts and emotions that we may be able to function through their mind. This is not always a conscious process. While one may actually intend to do this, on a subconscious level their mind may still be active. It interferes with what I am attempting to do, and as a result, as my communication comes through, it is mixed - if you will - with the thoughts of the (T/R), or (T/R) himself. This is not an uncommon process, however it is one, which we must be able to overcome. (T/R) should not in any way whatsoever feel less adequate or unspiritual in his growth, that he is not - at this point in time - able to fully communicate my thoughts. It is, after all, only his mechanism being used.

Q: Can you tell us how much of what he is transmitting is actually your instruction and how much is (T/R)'s mind?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. You all know what my words are. You know the truth of the lessons that we have had in the past. I want you now to cling to those lessons. I want you to re-read them. I want you to feel the truth within your heart. I want you to continue to rededicate yourself each day to the living truth that I have spoken to you. What I have told you in the past is nothing new for these things have been mentioned to you in The Urantia Book as well as other sources which some of you have found. My attempt is to refocus you, to re-motivate you, to get you up and running that you may begin to live each life with a spiritual purpose in mind as well as maintaining your material existence. I am engaged in discovering alternative ways to communicate with you, but you must, if you desire my continued communication, dedicate yourself completely and be willing to do the work of a transmitter/receiver.

Q: Is there anyone in the group that you feel is closer to being ready that you can use them?

A: There are two or three individuals that we have made certain adjustments within the brain mechanism who are ready. We must have a little more time, even yet, in order to discern whether or not our attempts to communicate will be successful. Be not concerned who is most ready. Those who are willing to do this simply offer yourself. You will know when it is time. I would say to all of you who have volunteered, when you believe you hear me, or another speak to you, then speak these words out loud. I believe this information has already been shared with you before. Practice. In time it will come to you. I desire to be back in full contact with you.

Q: (S) wants to know what she can do to facilitate your use of her as a T/R? And wonders if that is her assignment?

A: As far as assignments are concerned, we are not fully ready yet to make assignments for each member who has volunteered to be a participant in MICHAEL's mission. If you wish to be a T/R, then so be it. This pleases us for we do need someone. I would say to (S) to continue worshiping each day, to continue to pray each day, to continue to spend some time in quietness to allow the Father fragment to make those super-conscious impressions that can be made. This will also help me for I have already attempted communication and will continue to do so. Do not become anxious about this process. We have been apart for a while, but we will not be apart forever.

Q: Is our group in jeopardy of disbanding because of the lack of clearer transmissions.

A: This is a problem, as I have perceived it. I encourage you to stay together. There are other teachers that you can draw inspiration from. You have your Urantia Book, which you can share. You also have other sources such as (T/R) now who has freely offered himself to be able to speak my words to you. Do not hesitate to use these alternative sources until we are able to re-link ourselves.

Q: Is there anything that can be done to help (T/R) with his clarity, or is it essentially how his mind works?

A: There is nothing that you can do to help him. This is a matter that we must endeavor to make right. It has nothing to do with (T/R)'s intentions, as I have said. It is very complex, this process that we must use in order to speak through a mortal. There at times are certain physiological reasons that we are simply not able to make this possible. We attempt when these situations arise, to correct the physiological situation, however it is not always possible. I would add that these physiological problems that we face are in no way a reflection of any type of illness or deformity within the human subject. It is simply more of an electrical-chemical balance, or lack thereof, that gives us these problems.

Q: Just recently others in the group, (S) and (S), have received strong contacts. They appear to be ready to channel. Can you tell us who is contacting them?

A: There are actually several of my associates and I involved for we are desirous of making that contact again. Who is making the contact is not as important now as the fact that you open yourself open yourself up to being contacted.

But once again I wish to caution you not to become anxious, not to expect it, just simply allow us to do what we need to do in order to open the line of communication. Then, when you hear the words, when you sense or get a feeling of our presence, do not be afraid. Allow this to happen also. We and I love you very much. We would never do anything to harm you in any way whatsoever.

Q: If greater contact and clearer communications can be made through them than through (T/R), how can we go about making a transfer to them as T/Rs?

A: You cannot go about doing this at all. This is something, which I must do. It is my responsibility, and I take it fully.

Q: Many in our group are feeling a lessening of their former feelings of connectedness to the teaching mission much like the Apostles who began to feel abandoned when Jesus was apart from them for extended periods. Can you help us?

A: You must live your faith to the fullest. I know this has been a test for all of you. Yet as with everything in your life, do the best that you can. Do not think that I have purposely abandoned you. I will - as I have said - come back. I do wish to make communication on an ongoing basis. There are many ways that you can draw energy. Reach out to your brothers and sisters. Make contact with those who are actively engaged in the teacher mission. Gain reinforcement from them and know that your situation is only temporary. (11/18/92)


* * *

Q: (T/R Trainee) All day I've had on my mind a dilemma that I've been trying to work with the last couple of weeks. Ever since I started practicing as a transmitter/receiver I've had a growing sense of inner agitation. I haven't known how to interpret it. I haven't known whether it's a doubting of my own sanity, or a weakening of my faith, or quite what it was. I was talking with some of the others before our session began. But my sense of it now is that perhaps it's an inner resistance of my own to spiritual change as you alluded to during the lesson. Is that correct?

A: Yes, that is correct. Also, there is in the human mind, the conscious mind, an inability - innate inability - to grasp certain spiritual realities. And when that mind must share space with another being, the spiritual reality often causes the human component to doubt its own perceptions, because - indeed - your perceptions are incorrect, of reality, but not in the way you think.

We are real, and we are able to communicate through you and to you. What is not real is the way you see your world as solely material, made up of animal, mineral, gas, etc. You are blind, and when your vision is enlightened a bit, you doubt your sanity. However it is the other way around, you are more sane now than before. More spiritually aware now than before. It is the dichotomy of these concepts that make you become unbalanced. And every person who is prepared and becomes a transmitter/receiver goes through periodic doubts. You know it is not until Havona that doubt is gone from your career. So you go through doubts questioning your soundness of being. And, (Trainee), this will happen as long - it happens to (T/R), it happens to all, it happens even to people who are recipients in the group and not transmitters, it happens to all of you and will continue to happen periodically. This was one of (another T/R)'s struggles, as was (still another T/R)'s, and the struggle is just abated for now but will happen in the future with all of you.

Q: (Second T/R trainee) In last week's conversation I was very encouraged to begin the visualization and I thought I got a message from you during the week during one of my exercises. I was doing the visualizations once again to determine which techniques would be effective - and I kept on hearing in my head that “not mine, but your will be done.” And you - I think - told me to use that as a spiritual anchor. Was that correct?

A: That is correct, (2nd trainee). Let me say that I have phoned many of you during these months and I have been delighted with how many of you have answered or heard the ringing even if the connection was not totally clear. You have a special gift: your openness of mind and lack of fear. This is a blessing for you and for us.

2nd Trainee: Thank you. If I'm not home the machine is always on. ... Can I also confirm in fact that when I asked you to - I had three things that I wanted to mirror off of you which were - I think I asked you to show me, if you could, what morontia form was, and I had a very intense experience with that, although I know it would be the woof of morontia, I thought I perceived it pretty well. I also had an intense experience where I felt like I was encircuited in the spirit of worship. And I can feel that coursing through my head like a highway. And I also got a glimpse into life in the morontia worlds and it really changed me over night. It totally took away my fear of death. And I perceive it to be just the next level and something that you get accustomed to very quickly. And I also had a sense that the teacher that I would eventually transmit and receive for might be female in nature, or was I perceiving my seraphic guardian?

RAYSON: No, you will be assigned - or already being worked with on - with a female teacher. Yes, correct.

Q: (Alternate T/R) I'd like to thank you for allowing me to transmit you in the past and I'd like to also thank (original T/R) for coming back because I've been experiencing some doubts as you have mentioned and some fear, but not so much of myself, but of the group in general and the feeling that, with the risk of mental instability from these doubts - not just for ourselves, the T/Rs, but for others - that maybe the same things can be accomplished, maybe better, through prayer, worship, and service. And that maybe that should be something that I should go with rather than this. And that's the main concern that's been on my mind. Can you comment on this?

A: Yes, (Alt T/R). First I wish to thank you for your services. Second you must not think of things as either this or that. All should be encompassed in your human life: prayer, worship, service, thanksgiving, transmitting and receiving, participating in the mission in the world, in your own spiritual growth, in other avenues of expression. All of these are concurrent. And you certainly must achieve balance - which may mean not transmitting/receiving for a while and putting energies elsewhere to re-center your self in your identity.

Much doubt is - in essence - what you call psychologically “identity crisis,” going into the core of your psychological being and shaking it. The sense of responsibility for others, while human and admirable on certain levels, is spiritually unreal for:

a) you are not the teaching but the vessel,

b) you are imperfect as every T/R transmitter is, and as I, myself, am as a teacher;

c) each person is equipped with radar spiritually, spirit of truth and seraphim, Thought Adjuster, and should be responsible for their own - and is responsible for their own perception of this experience. You are not responsible for another's spiritual growth. All we can do as fellows is extend love, service, understanding, emotional support, friendship, to others, listening, etc., but you cannot do anything for them that they have not freely agreed to in this universe of free will.

And everyone must proceed at his or her own pace on this path.

So your sense of responsibility that your own imbalance or insanity - let us take a worst case scenario - could infect or contage or harm others is spiritually unreal, for they are all equipped with their own radar devices and cannot be harmed unless they wish to participate in your hallucination, disassociation, process - which is not really what human beings generally do. There are few groups of mad men that agree on the common delusion. Even in cults that have agreed to participate in a mass hysteria-type delusion there is disagreement, eventually. So there is built in a protection against what you fear, and what you fear is not real. You are not unbalanced, although the experience of transmitting/receiving does make one feel that way. Does it not, (Alt. T/R)? (Yes, it does.)

Q: Is the secrecy that we once had, and the need for that, is that a thing of the past? And do we need to have you approve new members before they come in?

A: Well, let me answer this way. The secrecy was only set up to protect (original T/R). She, I think, no longer - I know - no longer cares about this. For human and erroneous reasons, I may add, she has arrived at this position, which we are welcoming because we did this to accommodate her needs, so secrecy is not necessary any longer.

However discretion, evaluation is not secrecy. Over-rapid expansion, just on a physical level, if we doubled the size of this group next week, how would we absorb them? I mean in terms of our social - not just in the room - but in terms of the delicate balance of the group cohesiveness. There is a group dynamic as well as individual dynamics that one must respect, and too rapid expansion with new members may upset the emotional balance and cohesiveness of this group, and upset the apple cart so to speak.

So you may tell (student) that he may still screen newcomers, although we - and that is for the benefit of the group dynamic, not for confidentiality.

Q: (Third T/R trainee) If you could tell me how I am doing on my own -

A: (Chuckling.) You are proceeding slowly, and stubbornly being dragged into your role, as you know, (trainee). (Laughter.) But we all love you and are pleased more than you could imagine. And we realize how difficult this is for you.

Q: Any suggestions?

A: I suggest that one can only dive into water by doing it, and theory will not prepare you for getting wet. (Laughter) I think you should begin today or following week at this group to transmit. (O.K.) And whatever happens will happen, and you will see that your fellows will still embrace you, and that it is O. K. to be fallible.

Q: When you called me, either my telephone hasn't been working or I haven't been at home, but I know you have been received by several others in our group. If those who believe that they have been in contact with you should ask you, would you be willing to tell them whether or not, and to what extent.

A: I have contacted every member. That is all I am willing to say tonight. (11/29/92)


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