Lesson I on Mercy:

Mercy is a good topic in light of the tragedy that has befallen all of us with the death of ... and ... When we go through such a painful period it is hard to believe that there is love. That is because we are so limited in our vision.

Mercy, the Memory of Mercy, is a real phenomenon. It is extended to every ascendent mortal of the realms. Each one of you has a bank account with the Most Highs with so much mercy that your survival, if you choose to survive, is insured. Mercy is extended always first. Only when it is not accepted does justice begin.

Your angels talk for you when you are evaluated. Very few mortals turn down the ministry of mercy. It was The FATHER's will, correction, IS The FATHER's will, to extend this gift to all creatures. Only a creature of unbalanced mind turns down this most precious gift.

Mercy is not pity, or compassion, or empathy. It is a new and separate circuit that comes from the heart of the Isle of Paradise. God loves His infant mortal creatures. Just because they cannot see does not mean it is not so. I assure you that there is more mercy listed for each and every one of you than any mortal could possibly use. God's love for His creatures extends beyond forgiveness. Mercy is unconditional love. It is not forgiveness, because it is not judgmental. Try to think of mercy as a cooling rain gently falling on each of you, caressing you lovingly and bringing you Godward. If you could learn to experience mercy and give it to others, you would be doing the will of God.

We cannot always know what lies around the bend. That is where faith comes in. Faith is believing without seeing. You must believe in God's mercy against the backdrop of whatever tragedy befalls you. Even the most evil creatures are extended mercy by The FATHER. That is because everyone is spiritually equal in their free will decision-choice to ascend or extinguish themselves. Those who choose extinction choose it wilfully and not because The FATHER would not extend His mercy.

I suggest that we think this week about what mercy really is. (12/01/91)

* * *

Lesson II on Mercy:

Today I wish to speak again about mercy. Mercy is a gift bestowed by The FATHER and it is the main makeup of the Eternal Son. Christ MICHAEL is the God of Mercy on this planet as on every other. The Infinite Spirit is the minister of MICHAEL's mercy. Through her children mercy becomes realized. When mercy is coupled with Justice we achieve fairness. But for the children of time, especially on such a dark world as this one, the mercy of God cannot often be recognized. That is because mercy takes time, much time, to administer. Only when a child of God rejects this almost limitless gift of mercy does justice prevail.

Although from your perspective it may appear to be an unmerciful life here, that is not really true. This planet was showered with more mercy by MICHAEL's bestowal than it could ever use in eternity. Mercy is different from compassion or love. But one may say mercy is applied love. It is related to the great Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, which was poured out on Urantia two thousand years ago. During this painful period try to keep focused on the mercy of God, for many things have been given to you which your mortal eyes are unable to see.

Read about mercy in The Urantia Book. It will comfort and leave a great peace where a sharp pain once lived. (12/07/91)


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