Q: The Urantia Book chronicles religions pretty well in terms of defined religions, however it doesn't talk about metaphysics and New Age and how those beliefs came about. And I think that when we do receive our mission, and we do - however way we are told to - spread this word, we are going to encounter questions into how did this truth - which I believe to be the truth - come about. I also came the metaphysical route. If it's too involved to go into now, perhaps one day we can have a session to find out where the ideas of reincarnation came from, and where these different beliefs about what happens after we die. The book stops at a certain point and doesn't really address the New Age questions which we are going to face as a group, especially in Southern California.

A: That is a good point, however reincarnation is discussed in The Urantia Book, but other recent philosophies are not mentioned deliberately, even though they have existed by different names throughout the ages. I take it you refer to psychic phenomena, UFOology, other New Age concepts which are integrated into a spiritual viewpoint.

Q: Yes, more so the last than the other two.

A: Their spiritual viewpoints have been noted throughout evolution but not in present terminology. We will discuss this, but bear in mind the truth is so overpowering that often isms fall away on their own, and the disappointments hardest to bear, (student), are those which never come. That is mota, is mota that is living morontially. But we will discuss this so that you will have a fuller understanding when it is closer to the time of your teaching mission. (05/24/92)


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