Q: When you discuss the three levels of mind, how do they relate to the Infinite Mother Spirit and that mind?

A: That is an excellent question, (S). Mind, human mind, mid-mind, must be prepared to receive the Adjuster. It must have the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, have attained the seven levels of Adjutant Mind Spirits, which are the gifts of Divine Mother and her spirit. Therefore, Divine Mother is the Deity, which prepares mid-mind for the bestowal of the Adjuster. Also, as mid-mind works with the Divine mind, Mother Spirit is working in mid-mind to help the child of time hear the Divine. The human mind is capable of greatness, of eternity perfection. But the choices are your own. You, the human will, may turn the mind, mid-mind, away from the Adjuster into sin, evil, even into non-survival. It is this arena, more so than the Adjuster, or the Mother Spirit, which offsets these lower impulses. Do you understand?

Q: Do the impulses then, the negative impulses, that you are discussing come from the lower mind, the human electro-magnetic impulses and if that which you try to fight with the mid-mind, with the help of the Mother Spirit and the Adjutant Mind Spirit?

A: Some come from the lower mind. Yes. Some come from character flaws.

Q: Where does a character flaw reside if not in the mid-mind?

A: You are not created in perfection; therefore it is the will of The FATHER to create within you rungs on the ladder of spiritual evolution. These rungs are your faults. Your feet climb it at your will, and your destination is God the Perfect.

Q: Where does the soul go when the brain dies, when the human mind dies?

A: The soul is shepherded to the mansion worlds by your guardian seraphim where it is reunited with the Adjuster and personality of the human.

Q: So if a person’s mental capacity, through either disease or illness or old age deteriorates and becomes no longer able to function on a spiritual level, that person's soul and Thought Adjuster wait in the Mansion worlds until the body dies and the personality is resurrected?

A: (S), that is absolutely correct.

Q: RAYSON, you spoke of the mind being the arena of choice, the conscious mind. Is the will that makes this choice a function of the personality? Is it identical to the personality?

A: No, not identical. But it is a personality function. Your personalities are incomplete in your present form. Your personality will become, or your soul will become your personality on the Mansion Worlds.

Q: Well, I'm a little confused. We are told that personality is one gift of The FATHER and is an unchanging attribute or entity.

RAYSON: But you have not attained it fully, yet.

Q: Just as we have a piece of The FATHER living within us yet we are not communicating with Him fully yet, is it similar to that?

A: Your personality is bestowed, but you have not grown into it fully yet. Your personality will be seen more clearly in the morontial because it is more fully seen. It is your soul, it will become your soul.

Q: Well what is this thing that does the choosing?

A: Will. It is human will. It is a part of personality bestowal, but it is not synonymous with personality. There are times when you may choose to follow higher mind. Other times your choice will be not so evolved. You are the same personality but your will varies.

Q: When the impulses of the lower mind, the electro-magnetic and chemical make up of our mind, weighs on us too much and we fall prey to it with anxiety or fear or even chemical imbalances or whatever, will appealing to the higher mind offset that, or will we just learn to live with that? Is there a way to reach a balance again in an unbalanced lower mind by appealing to the higher mind?

A: The balance will be achieved by, your choices. Even though impulses may be strong and sometimes irresistible, you can choose in mid-mind not to act. This is balance.

Q: Though we choose not to act, which I guess in essence is the best thing possible in a situation where your lower impulses are strongly affecting you, will the choice not to act constitute more soul growth, and will that help ease the struggle? Is there a way to ease the struggle against the lower mind impulses?

A: Yes. The more the human will chooses the higher road, the easier it becomes, because you make spiritual progress - as we discussed, circles progress, last meeting. Also, soul growth and the reality of the morontial is actually put into practice and lived here on the material level. But you must choose. Starting as a child learns to walk, you fall, stumble, but you must get up again and take those few steps. Even when one has mastered walking there is running. (Laughter)

Q: RAYSON, The Urantia Book says that after forty years old the adjuster is like a controller. Does that mean that the mid-mind is used in some other way?

A: No, it just means that mid-mind had become more adept at hearing the Divine mind. It also means that the experience of the human has tempered the will with wisdom and evolved higher values. So choices are at a higher spiritual level and the Adjuster has a bigger field to plant seeds in. (02/17/92)


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