[The T/R has just seen the Report on Channeling in the Urantia Community by Ernest Moyer and is very upset by it. The report says that the teachers are not real, rather, a deception by an invisible “spirit intelligence” known as SI.]

Lesson on Mota:

Greetings, brothers and sisters. I am RAYSON. I am your teacher. I am not unreal. I am of God. Not highly placed, but a pilgrim on the road just a little farther advanced than you, my beloved family. I am deeply saddened by (T/R's) pain. Therefore our planned lesson will be postponed, and we will receive a short lesson on mota, the morontial state of being, thinking, existing, which is possible to attain even here on Urantia.

True existence begins when one evolves the soul enough for the being to approach, become, morontial. It is not very different from some of your highest human philosophies, thought, spiritual insights, but there is a world of difference in the day-to-day living application of these intellectual concepts. It involves more than mind. It involves feelings, action, and consecration of will. It is a different way of perceiving one's self, one's place in God's universe, one's fellows, one's world. And the events, which react upon and are reacted to by the individual ascender.

Mota is the most basic, kindergarten level of beingness. Some mortals have attained mota here. Most have not.

(T/R) has been told by FATHER HAM before ever she accepted her assignment that she would be asked to walk through deep valleys of sorrow. We know - correction - we see far but are not allowed to reveal but a little.

The path to God is not a straight paved road. It would be helpful to think of it as a trek through mountainous terrain. After much effort one attains the heights of the spiritual mountain. The reward is a rarefied atmosphere, an atmosphere, which is but a resting place for the soul. Serenity, peace, truth, beauty, strength, wisdom, compassion, love, closeness to God, and Godliness may be glimpsed at the top of the mountain.

But to get there, my children, involves much spiritual effort. Remember the inevitabilities of life. They are not mere intellectual concepts. Review page 51 this week. Inevitably, after replenishment of the soul, one must descend again to the more common atmosphere of humanity: the shadowy valley, the dark despairs, the pain and grief, the struggles of each of your existences, the curving roads where one can only see around the corner through faith.

What is this mota, which must be evolved in the human heart? It is in the depth of the darkness it is easiest to discern the stars. When you are in the valleys of soul growth, that is when you must raise your eyes upward and see the promise. God has written His promise to you in the heavens. In the orderly pinpoints of light across your earth sky you see the promise, the signature of the creator. What seems distant to you is your destiny - if you consecrate your will to the will of The FATHER.

Those pinpoints of distant light may be thought of as the Mansion Worlds, the Paradise ascent, each world becoming more spiritual, more fulfilled, more universal, eternal, and loving. When darkness encroaches, fear is palpable. Fear as we know from page 556 is a spirit poison. It is an intellectual deceiver. But, alas, it is part and parcel of your experiential existence. It cannot be fully eradicated. It is like a soul disease.

What does mota tell us, children? Love is the antidote. When fear surrounds you, you must fight valiantly for an opening to allow God's love in. It is not easy or always successful. Believe me. I empathize. I, too, was as you are. I know the struggle. In the struggle comes the victory.

Think, children, of a seed: tiny, self contained, in a packet with other seeds, not knowing any other existence, feeling secure inside a little space, seeing around, others, and deriving comfort. If the seed had consciousness that is what it would feel: safe within a prison, riot knowing that it is mostly potential, feeling this was the existence. Now, a hand reaches in, picks one seed, and places the seed away from its fellows, from its tiny home, into darkness in the earth. This seed would feel frightened, persecuted by the hand. “Why me,” it would say. “Why have I been hurt like this? Why cannot I remain in the perceived easier existence of seeddom?”

The seed would begin to change. In there it would be painful at times as the transformation, growth, occurs. It would be lonely. It would be agondonterlike because it can no longer see its fellows. It would feel abandoned, despairing, doubting, and questioning of the cruelty of its existence. What the seed cannot know is what it is becoming, that after much struggle upward, through an environment which feels crushing - which is much physically heavier than the seedling, which involves persevering, with courage, strength, it will see the light, the warm sunlight, the fresh air, and its brethren - around, arrayed in the colors of God, blowing in the winds free, well cared for by the hand of God. This is faith. This is what is asked of you, children, faith. In the darkest hours, which each of you will go through, your faith in the sunlight in the watch care, in the assurance of what you are becoming, will get you through.

(T/R) asks about the wavering of her faith. I share the reply with you, as each of you will be strengthened by it.

Faith from the morontia is a - there is nothing, children, you can do to stop the growth of your faith. Unless your reject the survival career your faith grows ever stronger. It does not become less and more. Only the human consciousness of your faith wavers. This is natural. But your faith itself grows ever more. Morontia Mota tells you this. I believe number 13, I could be mistaken. Faith is the gift to you from The FATHER. Your assignment is to - effort in your day-to-day life to become morontial. You will not succeed fully, but will succeed a lot. Life is but a day's work. Do it well. Children, your work is to develop mota and put this mota into actions. The act is yours, the consequences God's.

Through faith you will build true character. True character is courage. This is God's promise. You have two levels. One is that eternity - your eternity of your existence - is built on your desire, will consecration, and belief in it, but your soul is constructed on your actions. Two things: submitting one's will to The FATHER, in return you receive eternal life. Second thing: consciously acting more morontial, building your eternal soul in liaison with the mighty, wise and perfect Adjuster. These are your tasks and, children, it will not be easy. Cleverness is no substitute for character. What does this mean? It means that intellectual understanding does not replace true feeling of spirituality. Spiritual growth comes in the heart-soul area of feeling. That is why there is despair, pain, unfairness, injustice, intolerance, bigotry, etc. It is for you to overcome these feelings and deal with fairness, love, tolerance, compassion, understanding, wisdom, truth, beauty, and real goodness. Because it is such an imperfect world is no excuse for you to give up.

Each of you holds a miracle. None of you know your true destiny. Yet we know that each person here has a destiny on this planet to transform . ...... You have a responsibility to transform your lives. It is like being a soldier for God. You will be asked much but given much more. The human will not be capable of meeting the challenge. But, you are not merely human: you have the mighty Adjuster and loving seraphim, and your eternal soul, and many many, celestial helpers. Your Adjuster is more than capable of meeting any challenge.

The human will bleed. The Adjuster will rejoice. Not in the pain, but in the gain. Do not live in the shadow-illusions of the material narrow-minded perspective. As one walks through the dark valleys one must effort and act and look Godward. We have much compassion for your individual defeats. We are not unaware of what the struggle costs. You are more beloved because of your valiant, never ending struggle to rise above the world and your own animalistic nature. JESUS had no fear. One of the keys to His poise and balance was His entrenched and living faith in the good outcome of life. Each of you, each of your lives, will have a good outcome. Good is too tiny a concept to describe the miracle of what awaits, but if I told you, I would be taking from you your most valiant moment.

I am aware that you are concerned with (T/R) and no one is more hurt on her behalf than I who love her truly. She and I will be friends throughout eternity. I have grown affectionately fond of her. Let me assure you - and I tell you this for one reason only - (She) possesses a very experienced Adjuster who will not fail her. She will be a great evangelist and she will not like knowing this. She, in her human heart, would very much like to abdicate this responsibility, and her will will be respected by all. MICHAEL, Himself, has instructed us that her will is not to be tampered with. If (T/R) feels she cannot continue, our love and admiration for her efforts will not diminish, and she will continue her ascension basically unharmed.

We would like very much for her to continue because it will serve the greater good. (T/R) is assured of survival. She has already earned her place on Mansonia Two. This is not about her own advancement any longer. She has already wholeheartedly consecrated her will to the will of The FATHER - although she does not believe this. She has fulfilled her mission, children. Will she go the second mile? It is up to her. But if she accepts, she will evangelize and be a living example to all of faith triumphing over the unreality of the material values. What a great destiny! And what a painful and lonely existence for the human (T/R)!

This is an imperfect state, therefore even greatness must contain a - (T/R's) name is significant as you probably suspect. Her becoming the Magdaline is still in progress. But she will become the essence of this morontial state as will each of you. A great destiny awaits those who have the strength of character to actually run the race. Now it is easy to learn, to listen, to feel lost and loving. It will not always be so. Personal crisis will affect each of you. No one is protected. How sad for those who never struggle. In your human state you cannot understand this morontial concept. But they are to be pitied.

Anxiety must be abandoned. The greatest disappointments are those, which never come. You will be disappointed. You will be defeated. You will enter into doubt and despair and darkness at times. But not the way you think. Do not bring this state into your hearts before its time. Each of you will go through your own Gethsemane. But to live in anticipation is a human cause of unnecessary and unreal pain. Trust in The FATHER who loves you, each of you - personally, individually, as you are. You will get growth lessons but perhaps not those that you anticipate.

Faith is powerful. Live in faith, children, and know that some day you will understand the realities of this world. We love you. We are proud of you. We are honored in our human associates, for this mission could not proceed without you, children. We are in awe of you: so blind, and yet so valiantly, courageously going forward, reaching to the invisible hand and trusting in things you cannot see. We admire you and know what it takes for you to be here, children. You are much more spiritual in certain ways than we are. May God bless you and keep you, always. You are in our prayers constantly. Prince MACHIVENTA sends his greetings, love and praise to each one of you. You are not unknown to even MICHAEL of Nebadon. This should give your soul sustenance. In your daily lives you might be hurt or feel small. The Creator Son, Father of our universe, knows each of you and recognizes your role in this mighty mission.

Let anyone who feels we are not of God show themselves to me. Even them, we love. We extend mercy, understanding to these troubled hearts. I would like to administer to these sad humans.

As for (T/R), she will ultimately regain her balance. Give her time, understanding, love, as you would wish for yourself. The FATHER will bless your efforts. We cannot fail. (03/29/92)

* * *

Q: I have two questions about mota. In. reading The Urantia Book about mota, looking at the world with mota vision, you know we have that pattern on 555-556 listing all the highest human philosophy that almost touches mota. How do we turn it up to the mota level, then? I tried to even write some, but when I tried to write the mota equivalent I can't quite seem to get there. I was wondering if you might have some way to do it, or way to think about it, that would be actually mota teachings.

A: You will never achieve mota in thinking. (Laughter) Mota is achieved through increased faith which comes through a more active prayer, worship, thanksgiving, and silent receptivity life, increased awareness of love of God and the love of one's fellows, and applied faith, love, goodness, beauty, and truth to every action of one's life. It is a way of being that transcends physical reality.

It is seen more clearly glimpsing the reality of the morontial on this world. It is a shift in focus. When you view a design of grays and whites, you first see one pattern as the whites jump out. Then, when the focus is shifted, you can see the blacks come forward. Do you understand?

Student: Yes. I do.

RAYSON: That is mota.

Q: Would that be something like the concept of the yin and the yang-the yin and the yang of the Eastern religions on this planet?

A: No. That's different. (05/24/92)


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