Lesson on Peace:

Tonight's lesson is on peace. Peace is what we - during our mortal lives - try to achieve in our minds and also in our hearts through contacting our spirit. What is peace? Peace is the detraction of all that is negative, of those things, which conflict. Often peace is impossible because in our lives on evolutionary worlds our learning is derived from conflict and how we deal with those conflicts. But always aim for peace that only The FATHER can give you, because that is the way you will resolve those conflicts. Peace is attendant upon satisfaction, on fulfillment of your goals. Peace is within you and also outside of you. Believe in The FATHER and even in the midst of turmoil peace will come to you. Have faith. Faith will surely bring you peace. That is the lesson for tonight.

Q: Are conflicts inevitable? Would you comment more on that and our relationship?

A: Imagine a world without conflict. Without conflict you would not have these evolutionary worlds. A world without conflict would be paradise. For you to learn, for you to get anywhere, for you to progress toward your goals, you must have something to push off against. Even your daily act of walking requires conflict between gravity and the earth you tread upon. That enables you to move. Rejoice in your conflicts.

Q: On this journey of spiritual growth and development, it seems to me that we've become increasingly sensitive to the feelings of others, so that sometimes negative feelings, especially like rage and hurt, are felt much more deeply than they were previous to entering this experience. It seems that we've become more intuitive, more aware of other people's feelings, therefore more vulnerable to the feelings of other people. Is that true? And if it's true, is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? Or is there any better way of handling it? Or -

A: To be more vulnerable is not a negative aspect. It is positive. It is good for you to be more vulnerable. What you require as a protection against the attacks of others upon your vulnerability is a change in your whole attitude. You see God, Universal FATHER is very vulnerable, but His love - it's very difficult to say - His love makes do. When you are vulnerable and people attack - unless it is on the physical level - love them back. It is part of your learning process. Return love when others hate. When people push at you, smile. If this becomes a problem, then do not associate with those people, but deal with them - with this problem from the aspect of the love which springs from the Thought Adjuster. (09/27/92)


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