Q: RAYSON, can you reveal at what time the personality is bestowed?

A: It is at birth. (02/09/92)

Lesson I on Personality Survival:

Now brothers and sisters, our lesson today is personality survival, the glorious reward of life in the flesh. As we have discussed, the human being is potentially eternal. The choice lies within the willmind of the creature of time and space. The FATHER in His mercy and wisdom has provided His lowly creatures of time with all of the necessary tools for eternal survival.

How fortunate we are to have a piece of Divinity, the Adjuster! How fortunate, also, the bestowal from The FATHER and His agents of personality.

Personality arrives at birth. It is changeless. It is a gift of eternal potential, which will some day be realized. It is the constant steady center in the heart of change. It is the integrating factor of self. It is only embryonic in the material state, and is more fully seen as you ascend.

Personality is not identity, but it is selfhood. It is potential here on this plane, mostly. It is the individualization of each creature that comprises the cosmic chorus of the world, the local universe, the grand universe, and all creation. It will become more recognizable to you and others as you ascend.

It is unique! Never have there been two personalities that are exactly alike. Although there are categories of types of personalities, each one is different and beautiful in its own right. Creatures with personality benefit from personality recognition in others - other material beings, and also morontial and spiritual.

Personalities always know one another.

Personality operates on a cohesive level in terms of self: Adjuster, spiritual, mindal, choice-will, material, electro-chemical, and energy-body. It also relates to others. Relationships between, among personalities always have survival value. Even if the individual does not survive, the personality relationships survive in the Supreme.

Personality also relates to the environment: the world, events, etc., we live in. It is less active on the physical worlds and more evident on the morontial. As personality integrates the being you approach Mota. Some humans do this while living on the material plane. Most when they are repersonalized to the Mansion Worlds.

In our next lesson we will examine and analyze personality as differentiated from identity. In this lesson,

I would like to concentrate more on personality survival.

Survival is dependent on the thoughts, choices and decisions that the human makes throughout their earth life, the consecration of the human will to the will of The FATHER, the decision made wholeheartedly and consciously to journey Godward and to be Godlike. Every ascendent being is presented with a clear-cut choice to survive, fully conscious of the implications of this decision. If the human has not evolved enough in the life in the flesh to make this fully conscious choice - the most important choice in your universe career - it will be afforded to that being after physical death.

Justice is dependent upon mercy, and each ascendent son or daughter is afforded every mercy in the universe. The Ancients of Days and others who are involved in survival decisions afford the human every merciful opportunity of survival. They prefer to err on the side of mercy. Better have a universe enter into rebellion than to snuff out one being before every possible effort is made to save that soul.

This is the incomprehensible mercy of The FATHER of us all.

Personality survival is not a guarantee. But you do have the guarantee of the choice of survival. Even very marginal, evil beings can survive. They are put on probation on the Mansion Worlds and are given much time and chances to change. Only when every avenue has been exhausted does a personality not survive. It is a sad occasion for all.

When you cross the threshold to the door of eternal opportunity and choice, your Adjuster returns to Divinington to report in. Your Guardians of Destiny safe-keep the soul memory and survival value portions of the human life. The personality goes with the Adjuster. When you awaken and are repersonalized on Mansonia, the personality integrates all parts: the spiritual, the memory of the material, the morontial soul.

Personality cannot function independent of an electro-chemical mechanism. Here it is the body. When you cross the threshold it will be morontial body, which will reflect more clearly your spiritual status. On earth you can be quite beautiful physically and very unlovely spiritually. As you move Godward - toward Spirit - these inner-outer become less disparate. You will recognize your fellows from the travails of time-space life, your birth planet, by their changeless personalities. This is, indeed, recognition.

Urantia is but a blink of an eye. Your life is so short here. It is but the first heartbeat in a Universe career of eternal life. Do not let this planet wear you down. It is only a distortion of what is real. It is a necessary preparation for your soul but is not what truly life is about. It is, in essence, a rough birth for you, my brothers and sisters, but your rewards will be great when - someday - you minister as Finaliters to creatures so unlike you in the regions of outer space. We often wonder - speculate - what will be next. But my children know this: you have the choice to be part of it all. What will your choice be?

This week I would like you to think about real values, to transcend the troubled waters of Urantia and concentrate on the calm tranquility that you will achieve only after physical death. You may glimpse it now, but you will not live it consistently on this world. Please read about the Mansion Worlds and especially meditate on mota.

Q: Could you discuss the relationship of personality to the soul?

A: Um. Personality is a changeless gift from The FATHER. The soul is the child of the Adjuster and the human mind-choice, and is constantly growing from a seed embryo to a full morontial being. Personality integrates the soul, mind, electro chemical energies; and the Personality and the Adjuster are the only constant, changeless, tools the human possesses. As the soul grows, the personality is more readily seen, realized, acted on and recognized.

Q: You say that everyone is given one opportunity to choose survival. Is there a moment near death where that revelation of what you are choosing is made known to you no matter how far advanced you are spiritually?

A: This opportunity may occur at physical death or after.

Q: So you can actually die and not have made any choice, you could die in fear and still survive?

A: Yes. That is absolutely correct. Sad, but so.

Q: Sad because of - ?

A: Unnecessary suffering.

Q: Unnecessary suffering at the moment of death? I always thought while you were alive you got to make that choice. But that's not necessarily so.

A: No.

Q: And if its after death, when is it? Is it in those three days before resurrection? Is it -

A: If a mortal has not been conscious enough to choose, it is most probable - mathematically – that they will not awaken until the next dispensation. Only more conscious mortals repersonalize after three days.

Q: If you've lead a really conscientious loving life, and then the pain or dementia of your illness at death clouds you and makes you a little insane and makes you choose otherwise, is there another dispensation for you after death?

A: No. Here is why. There are three ways to die: · spiritually, if you are so irredeemably evil that your Adjuster leaves; · physically, which is how most humans die; · and intellectually, if your mind cannot avail itself of the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits and is no longer functionally capable of making decision will-choices, your Adjuster will leave, and that is the recorded moment of actual death even if the body lives on.

Q: I find myself increasingly torn between following the teachings of The Urantia Book and your teachings which - as I understand them - with truth, beauty and goodness paramount in my mind - and what I was exposed to before I became aware of The Urantia Book, namely the Christian religion. Sometimes there are some terrible conflicts. For example, you say that “compassion is God consciousness quality but not pity.” There are many, many instances where there is that dichotomy, and I wonder if you could comment - about that?

A: One moment. What you are describing is the conflict of being human. There is no way to escape this responsibility, which is in actuality your gift. If I were to guide you in your choices, my daughter, I would rob you of your spiritual growth.

Your pain comes from your desire to be better, to be perfect. It is a worthy goal, but you must be more existential. While you wish vehemently to be more Godlike, you will not achieve this in a world that was created to be imperfect. Pray for more sublime peace, inner peace, and do not expect so very much of yourself.

Q: What do you mean when you say a personality relates to something?

A: Personality relationship: friendships, interactions between mortals, love, even conflict, all - because they involve two personalities - survive, if not in the individual then in the supreme, because they are bestowals from the Universal FATHER.

Q: Where are Seraphic Guardians physically located around individuals?

A: Such a human question. (Laughter) It makes me feel very affectionate towards you. Angels travel quickly. It will be helpful for you to picture them close to you, but they don't have to be. They could be on the other side of the world and be totally aware of your needs, and be there for you in an instant. The important thing is that they will always be there for you, to draw close, to comfort to lead, to suggest, and to love you. Distance is not an obstacle to the angels, only to your human conceptualization.

Sometimes they wrap themselves around their human child charge and surround you with as much love on all levels as you are capable of perceiving, receiving.

Q: When the angels put something in our way, would they then be physically present to experience our reactions and our mindal thoughts as well as our physical actions toward what they put in our way for spiritual growth?

A: The angels record everything, but especially the overcoming of obstacles. This is the area of the largest spiritual growth leaps, and they, are quite interested in the choices that their mortal ward makes. They also have access to your mind circuits through Divine Mother.

Q: To follow up the question about choosing survival after physical death. In what state is the human being when this choice is made? Is it asleep or reconstituted on the Mansion Worlds, or does it occur somewhere else?

A: It occurs after repersonalization.

Q: On the Mansion Worlds?

A: Yes.

Q: You said that the personality cannot exist without an electro-chemical body for it to be in. Does that mean that when we go as a personality before The FATHER, the Eternal FATHER in Havona, that we will have an electro-chemical body.

A: No. You will have a spiritual body. But it needs a system here that is material, Mansion Worlds it is morontial, and after fusion - as you go towards spirit - it is spiritual, but needs a form to exist in.

Q: On this planet we have an expression “no questions are stupid” but this one is certainly born of ignorance. Does my Thought Adjuster have any form, shape, female, male, even though it is not sexual, anything I could picture?

A: Hmp. You should picture light. (03/15/92)

* * *

Lesson II on Personality:

[On April 25, 1992, the recording machine failed to record. RAYSON delivered the second of four inspiring lessons on PERSONALITY SURVIVAL. The following is a reconstruction from the notes of the students. The portions, which are quotations from the lesson are underlined. The comments and gist of the teaching are in regular type.]

RAYSON thanked us for being patient about the break in lessons. He said this would be the first of two more lessons on personality survival and that since this was our first lesson since “spring break” he would use a more intuitive approach and next time use a more technical approach. Personality is a gift of the Universal FATHER to each human creature. It is changeless in the face of change. It grows into.. When it is given, it is embryonic, only ...but is more fully realized as the creature dedicates him or her self to doing The FATHER's will.

(Concerning personality actualization on Urantia:) Embryonic personality is developed by living morontially. Living morontially while living materially is the second mile. Even though it may happen rarely, we should strive to live morontially. Our rate of success/failure does not reflect on our spiritual status. Living morontially requires a courageous faith leap and means keeping the spiritual reality of our fellows at the foremost of our beings.

Read the section(s)/paragraph(s) on FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT. These fruits should be your aims, it is impossible for you to actualize all of them.... but you will, and if you really think of them, that is what living morontially is all about. Living morontially takes will, self-mastery, and love of God. To view our lives from the eternal is to change our actions radically.

Regarding non-morontial living, greed is the reaction of humans who feel this is the only time they have so they amass money, power, friends, fame. etc. They are slightly crazed… Conflict and war are not morontial. They result from time-based errors such as nationalism. There is no conflict between souls, conflict exists between egos.

Living morontially will get you more, not less.. FATHER wishes to provide for our every need, this his great wish. Living in the world and not of it is the morontial part of the equation. Our goal is not to preach but to allow God's love to act and come through us - this is irresistible and lifechanging to those around us: spreading the benign virus of love is our mandate. Regarding adversity, there are two ways in which we can react: You can say. “FATHER, lift this burden from me.” or “Thank you FATHER for this opportunity for spiritual growth.” Living morontially is waking up to reality. Do not sleep through your mortal lives, but instead give your adjuster the best experience you can. (04/25/92)

* * *

Lesson III on Personality:

Personality is a precious gift bestowed upon both ascending and descending creatures by the Universal FATHER or Conjoint Actor in His name. I will discuss personality in relation to the human will creatures of Urantia rather than in general as applied to all creatures of the universes and central universe.

Personality is not selfhood. It would be arrogant for myself, in particular, to pretend to know exactly what it is, but I do know a little more than the humans. So I will try with my, limited knowledge and the help of my superior teachers to discuss in terms, which are understandable what we know about this miraculous gift.

Personality is changelessness in the act of change. The only two possessions you have at this time in your life that are changeless are your Divine Adjuster-Pilot, or Thought Controllers in some cases, and your personality.

At this point on Urantia, in your material physical energy state, personality is 99% potential. It is the possibility for eternity. Brothers and sisters, life begins for you in reality when you are born here on Urantia. Personality is bestowed when you are recorded in the Universe records upon birth. But this is merely the beginning of life, and not to be confused with the beginning of your career as ascenders. You truly become an ascendant being when fusion occurs. So life in the flesh for you here is the birth canal and personality is not even acted upon because it is not - you are not aware of it in most cases. Personality is unique - totally, totally, unique - not only amongst humans but also amongst all creation. The non-survival of any creature bestowed with personality is a loss to all since that part potential can never be realized by any other creature.

Personality is an integrator. It integrates on the material level the spirit promptings through mediation of mind and fosters soul growth. It is bestowed upon creatures possessed with mind or energy systems only. It operates materially, morontially, spiritually throughout your entire career. It is finite, absonite and partially absolute. It can go the distance, in other words. It possesses depth of insight into higher value and breadth of discernment of cosmic and spiritual consciousness.

When you attain the morontial state you are vastly upstepped in terms of personality awareness through mota and certain other principles, which you will obtain. On this level of your birth, personality discernment has only three levels of length, depth, and breadth. In potential there are seven dimensions of personality, which we will not go into for you have not the capacity to grasp them now.

First, you must know by faith that you have this great gift. Second, you develop consciousness - or selfconsciousness - of it. Then you can develop cosmic consciousness when you realize that, through personality, even if the material body were is to disappear, the mindal insight were to disappear, what would be left? What would be left of the you - not your Adjuster - would be your soul and personality. The soul grows or is a creation of the Adjuster parent - the Divine eternal - and the human will decisions, actions. The personality is changelessness. Through your decisions - based on free will of mind - comes soul growth and allows the personality actuality, but it is always there fully in potential. It is your decisions, brothers and sisters, which opens the door for personality to integrate all of the various elements, which make up the human in your present state.

Life, children, does not take place within yourself. It is a relationship between you, the creature, and the environment. Life is that relationship - not inside you or outside in the environment - it is in between. What does this mean? This means that personality is not entirely subject to the scientific or material concept - even mindal, psychological concepts - of stimulus response, causation, and effect.

Let me re-emphasize, personality is changeless. If you were merely animal you would operate on cause-effect; or mechanical, stimulus-response. But personality has a different consciousness and is not subject to these rules entirely. It influences your choices. So the great apostle who was put to death can upset the animal rule of survival through the integration of personality and other spiritual tools. It is the mastery of the real over the unreal.

Personality is the human steady hand on the helm. First comes mindal awareness of this gift. Then that grows into wisdom, which eventually leads to worship. When one realizes that spiritual beings and even our Creator, the Universal FATHER, possess personality, one realizes the commonality of creation. It is another approach to God.

Here on this planet before fusion you are God seeking. That is the impulse of your personality: to seek God, being to dedicate your free will to the will of The FATHER. These impulses are - arise from and are integrated by the personality. After fusion you will become more and more God revealing and the role of the personality becomes more to reveal God to God seeking creatures, who are not yet there.

Personality operates throughout the ascension career and becomes more and more pure as you evolve. Relationships with other personalities are thus pivotal to your spiritual progress, for in these relationships comes soul growth. Keep in mind this is primarily for you now with other human will creatures, but it is also with spiritual creatures. You just are not as attuned. As you grow your concerns will shift more to the ethical moral choices and actions of your personality relationships.

Your world, by and large, is primitive even at its best. Ego, selfhood, is still operative to a large extent in your relationships. When one shifts from ego into personality you do not care about your power, position, hurt feeling, negative emotions, jealousy, anger, fear, etc., but are more concerned with the spiritual, moral ethical choices. Higher values evolve, and what is primary in your relationships with others becomes “what is the highest act?” Not “what is good vs. bad,” but “what is good, better, best?

How may I bring forth the highest spiritual meaning into this experience for myself, my growth, for the other humans?” But most of all, what personality gives, as a gift to God.

The FATHER has given you this gift. And, my brothers and sisters, you have the opportunity to give this gift back to The FATHER through your choices and actions. This is what morality is. Not a list of rules and sins, but a standard of spiritual conduct which your universe, your superuniverse, and the central universes, all have freely agreed to strive for, maintain, uphold, and be.

Do not be discouraged by the high goal nor by your faltering steps to meet this goal for, children, this is what the race is about. You are not expected to complete this race here, but you are expected to be aware of the meaning of it. That is the start line. That is the start line, children.

A sincere, persistent, steadfast desire to discern and do the will of The FATHER is what is needed to insure personality survival beyond physical extension. Faith, my children, insures survival. But that is the beginning. More can be accomplished when one realizes the meaning of life, the true meaning. We truly understand how much of your time is committed to mere bodily survival. This is unfortunate and will not always be thus on your planet. But for you, brothers and sisters, who have the strong and burning desire to reveal God in your lives, more is expected. You will all survive physical death. Of that I have no doubt. But the question is how can we progress in terms of the quality of the way we live - even on this plane that you have control over?

Personality is qualitative, not quantitative. It is about quality of life. It also brings different time sense to you that you do not have in other areas of your mind, body, spirit, soul. It is aware of the spiral quality of time, which you consciously cannot absorb, but trust me that you have within an innate knowledge of what time truly is, even as you move through space on a linear path.

It must appear illogical to you that you possess changelessness - which is related to eternity potential - right this moment, for change seems inherent to life. If you did not possess the changeless integrator, you would not have the capacity for soul growth or for a soul at all. The invisible hand is the gift of The FATHER. Personality responds to Adjuster and integrates mind to make higher choices, and influences the body to act accordingly. It overrides mere electro-chemical impulses - instincts, mindal lower consciousness, and electro-magnetic imperfections. You have the necessary equipment to not only survive but to live morontially now. All I am trying to show you is how to begin, and I have faith that you will do so.

That is the conclusion of this part. I am not certain whether more will be said about this fascinating topic at the next meeting, as I must confer with Prince MACHIVENTA after assessing your understanding levels.

Q: In the relationship between people - between personalities that you were talking about, what is the optimum way of relating to other people that would achieve the best soul growth? For instance, the motive, does that make any difference? Or the truth of how you are relating to that person, how does that make any difference in the growth of your soul?

A: That is a deceptively simple question with much complexity. The optimum is to love one another. But this is not realistic, for to love one's fellows truly you must understand them. Understanding begins when we place the spiritual ahead of the ego. So, the realization that we are one family created by one FATHER is essential, not just in terms of lip service, but in terms of true service to one's brothers and sisters.

Mota is not that significant. It is the quality of the interaction. You will always experience imperfections in yourself, annoyances, impatience, and conflict. These are a part of your imperfect state. How one - what one does determines a realistic goal of relating to others. JESUS said, “Turn the other cheek.” I am not as adept as our Creator-Brother-Father, but I would say sometimes the highest good in terms of personality relationships is avoidance if one is not evolved enough to come from a place of highest values with another being.

The sincere commitment to understand is important in terms of perspective: the spiritual rather than the “me.” But it will be impossible to remove the ego, but remember it is not instinctual. Personality - I mean ego is instinctual, animal, but personality can break that stimulus response. For example, if one is physically struck, the animal will fight or flight. The spiritual intervention of personality might cause a different reaction.

The highest would be to allow The FATHER to be seen in your relationships with others, for you to reflect and embody His perfect qualities of love, mercy, patience, wisdom, truth, beauty, and goodness. Partially these can be attained by you, and not always consistently, but that would be the ideal.

Q: Would the personality that I have received, for example, that the soul be me in potential, and that personality that I exhibit here - different sense of humor or whatever - is that the reflection of that reality? When we talk at this level, we talk about having personality and recognizing personalities, and types of personalities, if we are 99% potential then what is it that that's here?

A: Potential. Let me explain. The you that you will be is personality, like letting the personality out of a locked room. It exists but unseen. It will be the combination of your fusion with your Adjuster and soul growth and eventual transmutation into a spirit being. Your personality contains the potential of all the ascension career. It is there in you now. But it is not apparent because it will be based upon your choice-decision-action throughout your entire ascension career. Your free will determines the release of your potential into actuality.

How does one see the one percent here? Your guide, in general, should be spiritual fruits. That is evidence of your personality, your unique personality. How does (S) love? How (S) loves is different from any other created being. The tones and songs and harmonies that (S) brings to the quality, the universal quality of love, is and forever will be different than any other personality, a jazz interpretation of a universal theme.

Q: As you were talking and giving us our beautiful lesson, two phrases from previous sessions kept popping into my mind. The first one was the instruction that we should be “in the world but not of it.” And the other was the urging of us to try to “go the second mile.” Am I understanding that these are involved in what you were telling us in our lesson today?

A: Yes. Absolutely. Being in the world but not of it is applicable to all elements of our lesson. But to acquire it now, specifically to personality meaning, the relationship of life that I was explaining, life takes place between the world and the spiritual potential actions of the being in the world. So being in the environment but not controlled by it, but controlled by higher spiritual reality, is a way to interpret that in terms of the mechanism - gift of personality. Going the second mile is going beyond faith, going beyond insight into wisdom and worship in terms of personality actualization.

Q: Would it be an oversimplification to compare the personality of the human being to the steering wheel of a car.

A: Hmp. Yes, that is apt, because it is the steering wheel that the pilot driver is the Adjuster, Controller, Divine gift, in conjunction with free-will decision of the human.

Q: Who is it that makes the free-will decisions?

A: It is the human.

Q: And you said the personality is not selfhood?

A: No.

Q: What is the self?

A: Ego.

Q: So, ego is the self, it makes the decisions, and it is the human, and it is the thing we experience -

A: Yes, correct, in conjunction with higher mind, adjutants, and impulse leadings of the Divine Adjuster.

Q: It's been my understanding that personality, being from an infinite source, as you said today is somewhat immune from cause and effect. It's been my understanding that that feeling that one gets when you see a friend that you haven't seen for a long time and after a few moments of interaction you are brought together as if you hadn't had any time lapse. That is a human experience of infinity, is that right?

A: Correct. It is personality recognition. It applies even to first meetings what you call lowly deja vu, rapport, kindred spirits, soul mates - personality recognition on that circuit. And time - different time perspective from personality.

Q: So, it exists sort of along with or outside of time and space?

A: Correct, not outside of space, but outside of time.

Q: Relevant to that, are there certain personality types that are better suited in partnerships?

A: Yes, correct, and please keep in mind that the world of personality is far, far, down your ascension career. So there will also be personalities that will be harder to understand, love.

Q: Are you talking about the twelve, we know there are twelve mortal types on Urantia -

A: Correct.

Q: But once we get off Urantia and on to the Mansion worlds, there's a lot more than those twelve?

A: Absolutely. (nervous laughter) Keep in mind that there will be more personalities to love and hang out with. (05/17/92)

* * *

Lesson IV on Personality:

(See Lesson on HOPE. 05/24/92)

* * *

Lesson V on Personality:

Today we will review and discuss more on personality. You have each been assessed this week in terms of human understanding of very complicated spiritual concepts and have each, in you own way, understood more fully what personality is, although not to the level that we would hope to achieve. This however will take experiential time to accomplish. Prince MELCHIZEDEK has deemed it constructive to continue further discussion with you valiant humans in pursuit of truth. So, more on personality. Slight review. Personality is the gift of the Universal FATHER who is himself pre-personal. It is bestowed upon birth and recorded on universe records at that time. Personality is not self-put identity. It is changeless in the face of change. Let me explain further.

Personality is the integrator, the cohesive element that unifies the humans and the environment, the interaction between the human and the environment whether it be circumstances or other personalities, human or non-human. This is life on this planet: the interaction between these two elements. Personality integrates life. When we say changeless in the face of change, not only do your relationships with humans change, your relationship with Deity and celestial personalities grow and deepen, your environment changes, but your entire being, children, changes.

Personality, to unify, must have a system, on this planet - electro-chemical-material system - to work with, a mind - intellectual mind - which on this planet is directly administered to and on by the Mother Spirit's seven Adjutant Mind Spirits headed by Wisdom, and the spiritual component, the Divine Adjuster - seated within the human - and the child of the Adjuster and the human, the morontia soul which is being created.

However, personality continues to exist without change when the material passes away, the body, when the mind passes away, the intellectual, when the Adjuster departs for Divinington, when the soul becomes the safekeeping of the Guardian Seraphim, the personality still exists in keeping of the Archangels on their special world, held in abeyance until the glorious moment when you are repersonalized on the Resurrection Halls of Mansonia.

How are you repersonalized? You, constructed for you is a morontia electro-chemical - although that is not totally correct - system, a morontial body for you. Morontial mind, for you, operated directly upon by mota and without the Adjutant Mind Spirits, which are the most basic and primitive level of the Divine Mother's ministry. Mota is a more direct channel to the Mother Spirit as will be conversations with your Seraphim. So the physical is gone. The mental is gone. The Divine Adjuster with your memories of survival rejoins, and when He rejoins your Seraphim, reconstitute your morontial soul, your embryonic soul, and then personality unifies change. Do you understand? So, personality is not identity. Identity resides in part with your Adjuster in terms of survival memories, and with your Guardian Seraphim in terms of what you have created, experiential, with your Adjuster in your soul. That is identity.

Personality is the unifier of diversity. Personality is changeless. When your next huge transformation from caterpillar to butterfly occurs, when you become spiritual, personality still exists to unify a completely different energy system, a completely different relationship between the Adjuster and the once-human: fusion. As you become spiritualized, personality is changeless.

And so, children, you will always be you. You will always be recognizable as you to other personalities, personalities from or originating on Urantia or in other sectors of the Universe, descending as well as ascending sons and daughters of The FATHER, perfected as well as experiential. The unit is your personality.

Selfhood is merely human ego, attached very much to the human mind-body system of this world. The material is merely the bridge to get you to the morontial.

This is the basic principle of personality survival. Faith will convince you of this truth, that regardless of what happens to what you perceive as your self, which is really ego, you - the real you - survives it, children. The human will, which is a function of personality in conjunction with mind - higher mind, mid-mind - chooses to survive.

Allow me to assure you that complete records are kept of your spiritual progress by your Adjuster, by your Seraphim, by the recording angels and Universe Censors, even to the Ancients of Days. Every decision, every process, every act of your life is known.

Every human is given the fully conscious moment of choice to survive or to extinguish. Every human! This is promised by The FATHER. If a human doubts - as we all do - and one day decides and then doubts, etc., that human is the recipient of Divine mercy. The FATHER loves each child so fully, the Son expends such vast mercy, the Mother ministers so tenderly to you children that we would rather risk a universe rebellion than lose one wavering human to non-survival. The error, children, is always committed on the side of mercy.

But choose someday you will - and must - fully, consciously, and then Divine justice begins. The humans, which have not chosen yet are considered probationary on the Mansion Worlds, and much attention is paid to their progress. But each human personality, each soul - each of you - is so important to The FATHER, so beloved that that is the priority: your survival, your potential for eternalness. Your goal - which comes from personality insight - is to one day stand in the presence of the Universal FATHER and from there to go out as Finaliters to universe, superuniverse, outer space assignments of service to others.

What a glorious career hinges upon this choice!

What is therefore death? There are three types of death. Spiritual or soul death, so sad, when the human is so evil - is so beyond God - that the Divine Adjuster departs because the human has actually chosen non-survival. Although this human may appear to live in body and mind, they are dead, truly dead, in reality. The Adjuster departs for Divinington, and the human life mechanism, through the physical law of forward pushing motion continues to live until physical death. But that human is dead.

Intellectual death, mind death. When a human is a not normal-minded through genetics or accidents of time and space, where the physical brain is so damaged that the mind is injured to the point where the Adjutant Mind Spirits and decision-will cannot any longer be exercised regardless of physical aliveness, the Adjuster then does depart to await repersonalization. Therefore, your arguments are invalid or misdirected in terms of certain life extension techniques until your medicine understands and your moralists understand, what life is. These arguments are a useless waste of time.

Third is physical death, which you are familiar with, where mind-body dies, generally defined as no brain-pattern activity. After death, physical death, it is decided whether the human will sleep until the end of a dispensation and be repersonalized with a group from their planet, or whether they will - because of a superior spiritual life and understanding of the true goal of existence - be repersonalized after the third period on Mansonia.

There is a borderland period between physical death and repersonalization where the Adjuster is on Divinington, but we are not allowed to describe this to you in detail. Suffice it to say that many interesting phenomena occur during this period, phenomena which you humans are partially able to participate in and observe.

(Long pause) A moment. (Longer pause) Please excuse the interruption. I have asked if I could explain more about the borderland, but have not been given permission to. Let us discuss some myths, now. There are no communications from - directly from - the mansion world personalities to this planet directly. Because of our teaching force, some messages may be carried back and forth with special permission from Prince MELCHIZEDEK and MICHAEL of Nebadon.

No adjuster is ever returned to Urantia in the same personality as one who has died. No reincarnation on this planet. False concept. There are questions about ghosts, apparitions, etcetera. Most of this folklore is based on the rebellious Midwayers, which no longer exist, and human foibles. Energy patterns, which are picked up on Midwayer patterns, some humans can glimpse Secondary Midwayers and misinterpret, but I go off the track.

Because you are blessed with a FATHER fragment, when you are repersonalized you will know who you were on this planet. Some survivors who are not who are Spirit fused, for example - must be taught, relearn their mortal lives through their angels. You are very fortunate. It will be jarring. Children, for you, (laughter) but you will regain balance and know that you are still you, but there is a - an adjustment. (more laughter.)

Even the non-survivors, though, whatever their lives consisted of, however nefarious, misguided, evil, are recorded and exist in the Supreme. Nothing of God's creation is ever lost. Ever. God is all encompassing. He is more than the sum total of His creation, but all of His creatures and their experience will forever reside in the God of Experience, the Supreme, who is evolving - as you are. I cannot stress enough the importance of choice of survival, the recognition that you are not your body or mind, that you are potentially eternal and spiritual, and that an entire universe, super-universe, worlds of perfection, and beyond, await you. This is but the insight, the insight, not even the step of the grand adventure before you: the awareness of the awareness of God!

You cannot truly grasp or understand on any level the truth of the assurance that you will one day see the great I AM. That is so beyond you, children that you cannot even rejoice over the miraculous achievement, which will one day be yours. It is enough for you to try to fully comprehend your own survival. If you can keep that consciousness, your lives will change in perspective. Mota will enter now - slightly - and you will live more morontially. This is not reality. It is merely the first moment of creation of a being, which is in transition. The human embryo is not a human being. The human is not a morontial or spiritual being. The human embryo is in the process of becoming human as you are in the process of becoming spiritual. The moment of conception of the spiritual being which you have the potential to be is here on Urantia.

That is enough for today, and we will again decide to continue or not this week. If we continue this theme, we move to the Mansion Worlds. If not we discuss a lighter concept of the Supreme. (Laughter) And now I will receive questions.

Q: Can a personality be identified when it is separated from the Thought Adjuster, the Adjutant Mind Spirits, and any physical or morontial form when it is in the care of the Archangels, is it identifiable as the person it is?

A: Yes, but it is not active. Personality needs elements to integrate. So it is inactive but identifiable.

Q: Also, would it be right to say that the soul and the identity are absonite and the personality is absolute? Is that a -

A: Correct. The personality has one absolute element. It is seven-dimensional: three finite, three absonite, and one verging on the absolute.

Student: I'm sorry I asked. I don't really understand that. (Laughter.)

Q: I'm still confused about where the will resides, and I'm confused about what self -consciousness is. The thing that we're experiencing all the time, the thing we call “me”, the thing that is self-conscious, is that the ego?

A: It could be. Thought is consciousness. Wisdom is the consciousness of consciousness. Worship is the consciousness of God. Depending upon where one is on this continuum, or where one is in a situation, consciousness could be ego or could be initiated from Thought Adjuster and personality. Personality - one's reaction to ones environment, the process of life, is dictated by one's personality, and as one interacts with environment, goals are set by the humans. Some goals are higher goals. Some are not. So some consciousness-mind decisions are ego based, some are not. I am sorry not to be clearer, but it is hard to set a distinction because you are all such a mix of human ego and higher mind.

Q: And so, which one, then, makes decisions? Who makes the decision? I asked this last week but I still don't understand.

A: Your mind - conscious mind - makes the decision. It is influenced, hopefully, by Adjuster input, personality integration, and Adjutant Mind Spirits, as well as your committed desire to know God. As you make more evolved decisions your values become higher and more God-like. First there must be life. Then there must be consciousness of life in a human child. And then there must be consciousness of the creator of life. It is not - it is a process. So, which you makes the decisions? A child is based on none - or very little higher consciousness. A child is not defined by chronological age. (Laughter) Do you understand? (More laughter)

Student: I'm afraid I do. (More laughter)

Q: Do non-survivors realize their non-survival?

A: At the moment of choice, they do. It’s a fully conscious choice.

Q: Then the sometimes Christian view that there is a resurrection before the judgment is symbolically true, then, is that correct?

A: That is correct.

Q: Since there are so many unconscious people on the planet, is it safe to assume that many of these choices are made on the Mansion Worlds? Or the majority? Or would you say most? Could you give us a percentage?

A: Many souls are on probation on the Mansion Worlds, many. Especially from backward planets such as Urantia. (Laughter)

Q: And non-survival choice can be made here?

A: Yes, but that is unusual.

Q: How is that a fully-conscious choice?

A: Pure evil is hard to explain. It is the absence of God.

Q: We've all heard people talk about out-of-body experiences, or claim to have had some sort of spiritual experience while they are in a coma, or unconscious being resuscitated from a cardiac arrest, or a great blood loss during an accident of some sort. Personally I have never really thought there was anything to it other than lack of oxygen to the brain, maybe, from mild hallucination or something. Is there any kind of spiritual experience that these people are actually having like a communication with a Thought Adjuster or something like that?

Also, I've been asked this hundreds of times - is death painful? I always respond that its not, that its just the easing away of life, and that people die in comfort. Are you allowed to answer one or both of those questions?

A: On the first question, we are not allowed to comment however, what the person does with this experience, is - or can - contribute to spiritual growth. The second question. Death is - should not be painful to the God believer, but is painful in some cases where the material takes precedence over the spiritual. When the material body is believed to be the definition of life, death is often painful physically and emotionally, for it reflects the inner struggle of the human who is confused about reality. But to the believing soul, to the sure ascender, to the true child of God, death is a celebration and not painful, but a most profound, moving, and beautiful experience as the human vision becomes morontial, and as the spiritual guardians and the celestial beings are for the - most cases - first time visible to the newly emerging morontial child.

Q: I want to ask a two-part question. Does thinking have a volume? And is it possible for some people to hear thinking? I don't mean psychic, I mean is it in our evolution as human beings down the road a few thousand years? Is that an emotion that matures? I think you get the drift of my question.

A: Yes, this is an emerging sense as your planet progresses toward light and life. Telepathy will be - your senses are limited now but this will not always be so on your planet. Humans have the potential capacity for more than five senses.

Q: Does thinking have a volume? Do some people have loud minds?

A: Yes. Yes.

Q: Is it possible to think out loud than to think silently?

A: No. Thinking is done in the mind, but some people are good senders. Others are good receivers.

Student: I hope you are enjoying your stay here on Urantia and not too pained by the troubles on our messy planet. (Laughter)

RAYSON: They are challenges to us. (More laughter)

Q: Regarding a former question about the self, I would like to express to you what I got from it and maybe you can tell me if it’s right or wrong. If, for instance, I am hungry, if I have any physical yearnings and I concentrate on that, would my self be seated in my physical body? And if, for instance, I am engaged in an intellectual problem, whether it's business or anything that's intellectual, and would that be - would my self be seated in my intellect in my mind? And if I am, for instance, doing the will of God - service to other people - would my self be seated in my soul? Is that a good understanding?

A: That is somewhat correct. Let me explain. Taking care of the physical mechanism is also part of personality integration. Your personality cannot exist without a functional physical electro-chemical house. So, all of these things may be direct - goal directed by personality. But you are correct in that sometimes they may be purely compartmentalized. The intellectual, the philosophical, is meaningless unless awareness of the creator occurs, but if one has this awareness, even if you are solving an intellectual problem, it is personality which integrates all levels, even though to the human it may appear to be onlya physical or intellectual activity. Is that clear?

Student: Yes, except - what I was referring to is where the seat of the self would be at those given times when I would be involved in my body or my mind or a spiritual fashion. I'm trying to understand where my self would be at a given moment.

RAYSON: Well, your self is your personality. But you are not very - all of you - are not very aware of it. What you call your self is sometimes ego, sometimes consciousness mind, but it is incorrect that that is your identity. Your identity lies in the overcontrol of Adjuster and personality with soul identity. So if you are, say for example, doing a physical activity, what you call your self, yes, would be lodged in the physical, although spiritually that is incorrect.

[Note: After the session and not on the tape, RAYSON asked (T/R) to communicate to the students the following message: When the seat of selfhood is identified with the physical, you get the materialist. When the seat of the selfhood is identified with the mindal, you get the intellectual humanist. When the seat of selfhood is identified with the spiritual-mindal-physical, the personality is integrating toward the emerging morontial being.] (05/30/92)


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