Q: How can our group best deal with disappointments, which follow when some of the material predictions don't occur exactly as we hope or want them to occur. What can we do to support spiritual steadfastness in spite of these confused wishes? How can we help?

A: Good question. Let me try to explain. The (students) only get into trouble when they turn off the spiritual path to the material. Try to redirect their energies to the teaching spiritual lessons which (teacher) are giving to them. All this speculation is like a trip into the lower subconscious mind. It is not the purpose to play parlor games, or to talk of money or relationships. These are where the confusion enters, because our purpose is a spiritual teaching mission, and the bent of humankind is not that lofty. They are more concerned with the trivial or irrelevant games that their minds force them into. Continue to positively reinforce the spiritual teachings. Reflect back to your brothers and sisters in ... the spiritual qualities, and do not give energy to the rest of the - not the circus, but the carnival of human desires. (12/07/91)

[NOTE: As requested by RAYSON, the evening began with a 30-minute discussion of the nonappearance of GABRIEL on December 9th before mortal eyes as some expected.]

RAYSON: I am honored to be here and to have heard the mortal discussions which - contrary to my projection - did not degenerate, but came from a loving spiritual point. Your points were well made and reflect your sincere search for truth. Do you have any questions on this matter?

Q: To your knowledge, did (teacher) HAM speak his own beliefs when he said that GABRIEL would appear to (student group)?

A: According to HAM it was (T/R's) belief, not his own.

Q: Why did she believe it?

A: I could give a long discourse on the longings of the material mortal to see an affirmation of what they know spiritually to be true. In particular, on Urantia, the longing for the material son and daughter-mother, father, of the races is deep. The longing to speak with a Planetary Prince adviser is deep. The scars of the actions of the spiritual government are deep. Coupled with the mortal curiosity and fear of the unknown, creates a hunger in the soul to see God, for evidence of God. For you it is perhaps a curse to believe without seeing. For us on the other side of the veil, we covet your faith. Some day your emptiness will be filled with the light and love of The FATHER on high. For now you must live with your incompleteness. And it is spiritually real. Some day Urantia will be compensated for her distress, but now - in the transition of the correcting time - we understand the human need to affirm one's beliefs.

Q: Will this be a positive thing for our sister group? Is there anything we can do for them?

A: First part of your question, (S), individuals and groups can turn any situation into a positive one. It is up to their own choice, free-will decision, and somewhat dependent on the wisdom level of the group. At this time they are hurting and disappointed and suffering from confusion. None of these feelings are inherently positive or negative, but what they make grow from these seeds will be up to their own ability. We pray that they will concentrate on the lessons which have never disappointed, hurt or confused them, but have always illuminated spiritual insight and truth. But each must go through a period of despair and when they emerge will have been transformed in some way.

What we can do is try to understand, love, and bring forth the spiritual contents mission. We are not infallible, but neither would we knowingly lead our brothers and sisters onto a path of destruction. We are here to teach spiritual lessons and to help further the truth to others. We are not here to perform tricks but we understand the human need for child-like affirmation. Reinforce the positive truth. Talk of the spiritual reality. Give attention, excitement, and approval to the reality of (teacher's) teachings and not the shadow of reality that is the material realms. Help them to discover the gifts they have - and have ignored somewhat.

Q: Why did not HAM correct (T/R) when the incorrect information came through?

A: When the lower mind, emotions, becomes engaged, it is hard, sometimes impossible to break through. HAM did correct. (T/R) chose not to hear.

We then met once before the meeting and decided under the guidance of Prince MACHIVENTA - to respect the free-will choice of the humans and prayed mightily for their strength and courage and ability to receive spiritual growth from their error. We also met this past week to discuss changing to try to protect you from yourselves.

Q: Can you share with us the changes that you may make in the mission to help us?

A: Some. More emphasis will be placed on the lessons. And we must resist the impulse, which we share with your brothers and sisters to discourse upon personal matters. We must keep a closer rein on a group's thoughts and constantly shepherd our flock back to the ray of light, which reflects The FATHER's love. When it is more habitual to concentrate on higher truths, we may become less vigilant as you will have evolved to a higher consciousness, and more personal matters can then be discussed, in a spiritual rather than a material arena.

Q: (Later) Could we hear a little bit more about what transpired at your meeting this week with the others on the planet, with MELCHIZEDEK?

A: We discussed the possible repercussions of the shift in HAM's students from the real to the unreal, and how to correct this lovingly, and how to provide spiritual growth lessons to each human child involved. There is no blame or condemnation on the part of our Prince or on the part of any teacher being involved. We rather felt we should have anticipated some of this, and we did, but not to every extent. In any case, error must be made for learning. We discussed how to prevent further mistakes that could jeopardize the teaching mission, and we have prayed long for our own wisdom. At this point of evaluation, no grave mistake has occurred. We also decided to work more with (T/R) because there is a pivotal window in January that we hope she will be able to open more. We are not totally sure of the outcome, but we - we realize that she needs more help.

Q: Is HAM then to remain the public channel or is there another teacher due to appear if you were to use many private teachings?

A: (S), there is only one reason to present this to the formal group. It is to allow them to participate if they believe in this portion of the revelation. It is also to not make them feel in conflict or competition or threatened by this phenomenon. One teacher is all that is necessary to accomplish these goals. Teachers are not expected to teach large groups. We do not wish a rift to occur in the fellowship of believers, and have come up with this plan to try to avoid that sad occurrence. Your movement is still reeling from the consequence of the rift in 1983, and we are trying to create a true brotherhood of unity, not uniformity, and love amongst the mortals who have responded to The Urantia Book. (12/15/91)

Q: Going back to a discussion in the middle of December, our last meeting, about the nonappearance of GABRIEL at the Woods Cross meeting, you were asked the question whether or not the statement of GABRIEL's coming was an idea of HAM or of (T/R), and you indicated that it was (T/R's) idea. In explaining it you said that sometime the deep longings in the heart of the individual would cause them to perceive that the celestial creature was saying that they were really feeling in their hearts. We have had nothing like that tonight, but I'm just wondering, is there some sort of test that we can apply to the teachings through the T/R that can discern when it is the deep longings of the heart of the T/R vis-àvis the teachings of the teacher that we are being told?

A: (S), you can apply the use of the Spirit of Truth. Naturally the transmitter-receiver's personality ego, longings, opinions, beliefs, through the transmission. I use (T/R's) vocabulary, memory, and some of her thoughts if they are applicable. But it is almost impossible to get a pure transmission through this manner of teaching; we try to avoid the worst pitfalls but are not always successful as the free will of the transmitter-receiver is always respected. It is often an unconscious act on the human, and not an intentional interference, but the human ego is a very strong beast. Just examine your tapes and listen and listen, and your mind will discern the truth. Most of my teachings have been relatively clean of static from (T/R). But not 100%, but there is really nothing so far that has been a serious enough mistake for me to correct. And as we respect the human service of the transmitter-receiver, we do not wish to unduly embarrass or humiliate the human being. So if it is a tiny misstep, that is negligible, we can overlook it.

Q: I understand that. I believe however that under the Woods Cross circumstances there may have been messages sent through other sources that would lead them to believe that GABRIEL was really not scheduled to appear. Your message to us that you doubted it, WILL's messages in Florida that did not include the appearance of GABRIEL – were those efforts to counteract the deep longings of (T/R)?

A: No, they were messages to the respective groups so that more folly would not be committed and we would contain the mistake to the Woods Cross group. A decision was made by Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK to allow the group to experience their disappointment, discouragement, and despair because this would be an important lesson for them to correct their slight veering off, and as time has shown Father MELCHIZEDEK was quite wise in allowing the children of time to explore the shadow of reality rather than concentrating on the spiritual lessons which have been given to them. They are now back to their assignment and we are pleased and proud of their progress. (01/06/92)

Tonight there will be no formal lesson as I am limited - not (T/R), but I - am limited in my time as much is happening. I must attend the meetings of the teaching staff directly from this meeting, so we will proceed with questions.

Q: RAYSON, are you familiar with the message from [teacher] WILL to his group?

A: Somewhat.

Q: Is the message from WILL concerning the goings on in the Sarasota group accurate in essence?

A: This is partially accurate. It, however, was a mistake to communicate this to the humans prematurely. The wonderful news is that two additional MELCHIZEDEK teachers will - have arrived - have arrived here on Urantia to increase the scope of this mission. With them they take associate, bring associate additional - well, teachers is inaccurate, some are teachers, some will do other services - to broaden and speed up the revelation.

I cannot speak for Prince MACHIVENTA but cannot confirm a material appearance at this time. I do not think, know, and feel - my assessment is: it will not happen tomorrow or anywhere in what humans consider near future. With MICHAEL's consent and the will of The FATHER, any being can become material. However, we would know if it were to happen so immediately, I think. This is something, which has not been discussed at the many recent conferences of - not conferences - consortiums of spirit minds. It is a speculation of some beings, some teachers, as we speculate about so many possible events. The human emotion is a wild card and some of us are not as familiar with the way humans react as others of us and have not learned yet that reticence is the desired approach on certain matters when dealing with such emotional, unpredictable beings.

As we discuss humans, as I remember it, your name, (S) is (spiritual name). If I refer to you as a human, I mean no insult. That is merely what we call your species.

That is my answer ....

Q: There was some communication concerning the coming of MICHAEL to this planet in another form than He is now here in spirit. Are you at liberty to comment on that?

A: Incorrect.

Q: So He is here only as He has been in the past, is that correct?

A: That is correct.

Q: Is He in this form able to communicate directly through channelers, through receiver/transmitters?

A: No. It would be a sensory overload. (laughter) However, MICHAEL does communicate to all of us: through universe broadcasts, constantly; through His Spirit of Truth; and He is the receiver of all heart-felt soul-prayers of each being, mortal, material, morontial, spiritual, celestial, in His universe. He knows all. Through the Divine Mother Spirit He is in touch with the day-to-day lives of His creator-children, and she - the mistress, master of space - is present everywhere. MICHAEL is personally shepherding, guiding, and very involved in this teaching mission, but physically He is on the capitol of the Universe and remains there indefinitely.

We speculate, guess, hope, and pray, that He will return to His beloved and tormented Urantia. When or how we know not. But I guess it will not be the way we think. It will be a surprise for all of us. Who can outguess God? Not I.

Q: Have the opening of the system circuits increased the ability of MICHAEL to communicate to us? Or has He always been able to?

A: The opening of the circuits has increased MICHAEL's ability to communicate with the celestial government of this planet and other non-corporeal beings who reside here, for example: midwayers, angels, others stationed here either permanently or temporarily. Of course, our definition of “temporarily” often means thousands and thousands of earth years, so in this respect we are the beneficiaries of the re-encircuitment.

Indirectly, the human population benefits by an intuitive increased awareness of connectedness, an increase in the corps of cosmic reservists, an increased feeling of connectedness to the rest of ascendent beings. This is an unconscious awareness that is responded to - um - think of a dog whistle that your ears cannot hear but the animal responds to. You are responding to the dog whistle of broadcasts, and your spiritual receptivity, quest, thirst is broadened-reflex action. But direct communication on these broadcasts? Generally not. However there have always been humans who have partially heard Thought Adjuster pick-ups of universe broadcasts.

Q: Is this what we were discussing before the meeting tonight about increased sensitivity to spiritual matters, or are we sensing some other phenomenon?

A: Both. Both are true. Some humans, generally when sleeping, partially hear the broadcasts that the Thought Adjuster has always tuned into whether this planet was encircuited or not. With the reencircuitment, this is - will be - more common. Unfortunately in 99, maybe 100, percent of the cases transmission is partial, misinterpreted, and causes imbalance.

In terms of your increased intuitive skills, spiritual progress integrates the mind-personality of the pilgrim and you are being worked with in a concentrated fashion by many orders of beings, many of whom I am not allowed to name. So this is a result. It is not a good or bad thing, phenomenon. It is simply like breathing, it is there and is not particularly astounding - except to you. It is quite common on most planets of this universe. It is another communications skill. Communications can be used to hurt or to bond, and should be looked at in perspective. It is not a blessing nor a specialness. It is a side effect of our work.

Q: I know that your mission and MACHIVENTA's mission are of a spiritual nature but is there ever time for an appropriate time for asking questions of either scientific or social relevance?

A: Hmm. Those would be appropriate areas when the lessons are dealing with elements, which the syllabus does include if we could stay on track, but things are unpredictable and we must - I must learn to be accommodating. There is some scientific information, which there is - will be withheld from you because man's state is to evolve, not to have his steps given to him. You are already unbalanced technologically and have not the spiritual maturity on this planet to handle what you already know.

[At the end of the session, RAYSON announced: I have a message from Prince MACHIVENTA]

Greetings children of time. This is Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. I come to cheer you on as this will be a time of confusion, rumors, doubts, attacks, criticisms, and disbelief.

I am here on this planet and will not leave until my creator, MICHAEL of Nebadon, releases me from my assignment as Planetary Prince acting in His behalf. I will not reveal myself materially in any significant time for it to affect you. Things must be evaluated and re-evaluated as the equations change. We are not rigid but take an overview time-wise of this mission, and make minor adjustments as needed. I assure you that I am here and in charge. I send my admiration and praise for your constancy, faith, and commitment to working with and for me. I will not be far from any of my children, ever. Do not lose your balance.

Greetings from MICHAEL of Nebadon to His children and to especially you children who have volunteered for extra service. He loves you dearly and commends you highly for your growth and time and love.

Pray more. Pray much more.

And now, RAYSON must accompany me to important discussions, and we bid you a loving farewell. (04/04/92)

* * *

Q: A very lovely and loving daughter of our FATHER named .... was involved back in early '85 with theVern Grimsley incident having to do with a warning about World War III. And beginning in Januaryand up through March of 1985 she had extremely vivid impressions - in fact, so vivid that she believed them implicitly - of celestial beings talking through her and giving her information, ultimately giving her a date in which a nuclear war was to begin. When the war did not begin at the date and time that she was given, she began to believe that her mind had been penetrated by some fraudulent personality, or at least that she was being misled by celestial beings. And she's wondering she has now had time to reflect on it - and she wondering whether or not that was her own imagination, or whether she was really talking to superior beings, and if she was, if she properly understood their instructions. And she was simply wondering - in her considering of the phenomenon of the teachers now - if she was really approached by a teacher and blew it.

A: She was approached by a teacher but she did not blow it. She still has the capacity to contact other teachers.

There are dangers to predicting the future. There are dangers because the future is made up of events, which are still in the process of happening. Everything that is happening now, for instance, may lead to a certain occurrence, but if a given factor, which is not predictable at this point enters the equation, then that occurrence will not happen.

It is like - a good example is - (T/R) contacted a T/R in Indiana over the telephone. There have been messages that certain celestial beings will materialize. This is similar to what happened here. When or if such a materialization occurs, one individual referred to it as “the icing on the cake.” I would like to take this analogy one step further. Icing is not good for your health. If the cake is palatable, and is partaken, then why icing? Food must be enjoyed, it is true. And this is where the comparison ends.

Missions such as this are not for your entertainment. If the teachings of the mission can be listened to and partaken of without spectacular proofs, visions, materializations, that is the best. And I believe we have that in this group today. The icing, re-materialization, may be necessary later on for the benefit of those sitting on the sidelines.

There are, rather there have been experiments done to see what the reactions of humans may be when such things occur. And the result of this will be used to determine how materializations will be done if they are needed.

As for predictions of nuclear war, the wrong set of circumstances in a country with nuclear capabilities, an accident may trigger such event. They are watching. Not this teaching mission, but there are beings who are making sure that this will not occur so easily. But it is still within the realm of possibility that it may. When such an event is certain to happen, do not fear. You will know. There will be more than one teacher who will inform you of this grave but unfortunate happening if it is to occur but it is unlikely. It is usually the human mind, which detects this possibility and is given way, or has given way to fear. Do not fear. All is well.

Q: I gather from your answer to my question that the celestial beings are concerned, and will warn us when there is a high degree of probability of some incident happening, and even though it is not a certainty, when the degree of probability is high enough they will warn us, is that correct? Or if when the event is absolutely certain - that's when we will be warned?

A: It will depend on the degree of probability and also what good will come out of it. If warning of this does not make any difference, then it will not be given.

Q: Back in 1984-5 when the Grimsley warning was out, was there a high degree of probability that there would be a nuclear war started? And were the celestial beings concerned about warning us at that time - for our own safety?

A: There was danger during those years. Not just those years, but during all those years during the cold war. And that particular year which you are talking about, or the particular incident which you're talking about, the individual was somehow given information, which was a probability. To some certainty. It was not something that was held as probable by all celestial beings involved in such matters.

The individual was distraught at the time. His emotional static and his fear had much to do with the outcome. (10/25/92)


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