Q: My question is in regards to my relationship with God, what my purpose is with God, and how that relates to my purpose in life.

A: Your purpose - or purposes - are many fold. You have your own mission in life, which you must discover. It is your own path to tread. Your purpose in relation to God, in general, is for you to experience value and to ascend the progression of life and, in so, becoming a co-creator. Your purpose on another level is to have good loving relations with all other beings, including God and your fellow humans.

You may look further into The Urantia Book, and also by praying and worshiping, by achieving the stillness, you will gain more insight into this. This is not a question that can be answered in so many words. For me to answer this question to the utmost of your perception would be unfair to you. You will take much joy in learning these things on your own. I do not wish to take this from you. You are on the right path. You must proceed with faith, love, and joy, and a happiness that springs from within. (11/15/92)


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