This is Prince MACHIVENTA. ....Caligastia was such a bitter being that he left behind this virus (AIDS) and other illnesses which he, being of such a brilliant mind, designed. He would never give us the access so that we may effect some physical cure. He said: “If I cannot be Prince of Urantia then I will take the planet with me into the blackness.”

But God's will is not for that to happen. This planet is a protected place as it is the birth planet of the human-divine JESUS. It will take us some time. We are approximating a thousand to two thousand years, to erase the evil that this insane being left behind as your legacy. But we will erase it, and your planet will be a beacon to all other ascendant mortals. God's will is never hurtful or harmful to His little children. It is the will of The FATHER to heal his little ones, and many are being used to do so. (12/01/91) *


* * *

Q: Sometime back Prince MACHIVENTA said the AIDS virus was brought about by Caligastia, and that the Life Carriers had not - at that time - been able to break the code. Later on I understand you to have said that there had been a major breakthrough by the Life Carriers, and they were seeking humans to reveal this break through to. My question is, have they found the human doctors through whom to reveal this breakthrough? What is the status of the progress on AIDS?

A: Some humans have been tasked for this, however the process of transmitting thoughts is a convoluted one. And the Life Carriers cannot directly communicate with the humans, so must go through - I hesitate to reveal too much but - it is a process of downstepping information that ultimately will be transmitted to the humans through Secondary, Midwayers and mind adjutant spirits of Wisdom and others of - it will not appear magically written on their desks, (S), but is a process that is fallible. And in any case one must deal with the human ego which goes off on tangents even when pushed in the correct direction. The process has begun. How long, we cannot estimate. But we are assuring you that we are committed to imparting the information in as pure and speedily as we can.

Q: But the breakthrough exists, is that correct?

A: That is correct.

Q: When the message was given to us that Caligastia had designed aids, the phrase “and other diseases” was there.

A: Correct.

Q: Is the new strain of tuberculosis one of the other diseases?

A: Absolutely correct.

Q: Does this mean that we should all be vaccinated against tuberculosis? There is a general tuberculosis vaccine called BCG that's given to many persons in underdeveloped countries. It’s been my intuitive feeling that I should get it for myself, my family and my friends.

A: You should be vaccinated, however this mutated strain - this will help you to resist, but will not be total protection as the mutated strain is fatal.

Q: Should I obtain vaccine for members of the group who wish to be vaccinated?

A: It is their will choice, but I would suggest it.

Q: RAYSON, since this lesson is going to go out to many, many persons who are not in this group. I'd like to ask a question about diseases, not only AIDS but other incurable diseases rampant in our society, such as the various cancers, hepatitis, some other situations. For the last three or four years physicians have been advising patients that they can enhance their immunity by following programs like that of the wellness community. The wellness community encourages its patients to undertake moderate exercise, have light exposure - but some exposure - to sunlight, improve interpersonal relationships with modifications of the12-step programs used by Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups, which includes prayer or meditation - whatever a person wants to call it. Is there anything potentially harmful in this advice? Is there anything worthwhile in giving this advice when asked?

A: No, no potential harm. Yes, it is quite helpful. But even more helpful is to try to enlighten one's fellows that death is not tragic but the culmination spiritually of one's life and the beginning of potential eternity. That really is the job at hand, not only improving years and quality of life and acceptance of terminal illness and will to go on, but what going on really means. Putting physical death in perspective, (S), is one of your assignments.

Q: Often I've found that people seem receptive to this kind of talk, but even when they don't seem receptive I still do it. I haven't been doing it very long, but I always have a sense that it sinks in somehow, that it resonates against - I guess - the Adjuster…

RAYSON: And the Spirit of Truth. (05/24/92)


* * *

Q: (Students) and I have been independently and together pursuing some information about herbs that boost the immune system, and we were wondering if it were appropriate for us to continue our line of inquiry - it seems to take us on a kind of a tortuous journey. Any comments you have would be welcome.

A: The most enlightening doors are not at the end of a journey. Growth and enlightenment comes from the journey itself, and the surprise detours one takes. What we think is the goal is often just the carrot to get us to step onto the road which leads to far more interesting yet unenvisioned places than a mere mortal mind could imagine. So I say continue, (student), on the adventure of surprises which will make all of your lives more interesting and certainly give you some new thought modes. (11/29/92)

* One should consider the probability of some T/R error in this transmission. Later comment in Vol II by Rayson suggests as much.


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