Q: You said there was no such thing as reincarnation on this planet. There are those who claim to have lived previous lives and I am wondering, number one, if there is any reality to their beliefs, and second, what is the explanation for them?

A: There is no reality to their beliefs. Explanations are speculative. Access to Adjuster eternal memory, even if the Adjuster is virgin. Adjusters share eternity. What has come before, what exists now, what will be, is in their realm. Group consciousness of the planet does exist in a very philosophical or ethereal realm. Physically it exists through DNA, electro-chemical genetic line. Some people can access memory, bodily memory, through a physical mechanism. Those who are sincere, we speculate get this through those three channels. And then there are - of course - many insincere people who make money on this belief. 05/30/92)


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