Q: I've been thinking about responsibility and I wonder if you could comment at some length about responsibility in our interpersonal relationships? And how does that relate to our spiritual growth - in our connection with God as well?

A: Your responsibility is to yourself, to other mortal creatures, to your Thought Adjuster, to the Supreme, to the Ultimate. Your responsibility is to do what you can to fulfill your potential, but the foundation for this question lies in your own will, your own choice of what you want to do. No one can make you shoulder the burden of responsibility. You are given the free-choice will to do as you wish. Your Thought Adjuster leads you, guides you, and wants you to make the right choices. And once you have made the supreme decision to do the will of The FATHER, then your responsibility lies to yourself. The Supreme will eventually get all your painstakingly earned experiential values whether you choose to survive or not. The Thought Adjuster is, and will always be, eternal, but you, yourself, the responsibility for you to become a Finaliter, rests only on yourself. None other.

Q: So responsibility is something that as we accept it, we are given more opportunity to accept more and more. Is that correct? (Yes) And there seems to be a direct connection from the assumption of responsibility to our own spiritual growth - from what you say?

A: Yes, not only the assuming of responsibility but in actually realizing what you have assumed.

Q: I read in The Urantia Book today that the I AM is ultimately the responsible entity in the Universe, where the buck stops - as we say - the buck stops here is at the I AM. So in striving to be more like The FATHER, among other things, we would want to strive to assume these responsibilities that are brought to us?

A: Yes. In one sense in a cosmic way The FATHER is responsible for everything for he is the First Source and Center from which everything sprang. But when He gave you free will, think about all of this, He is letting you be a creator also. You are a co-creator and as a co-creator of your soul, you must assume some responsibility for that, also. (11/15/92)


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