Q: As I walk the spiritual walk of my life I notice that sometimes I feel really moved, filled, and close to God and JESUS, and sometimes - and now to the teachers also - and then sometimes it feels like everything withdraws and it - there is sort of a still quietness out there. Is that my imagination? I know God doesn't go anywhere. What happens then? Is that something real that happens to people? That there is an ebb and flow of their spiritual receptivity and constancy of the ministry to them.

A: It appears to us, (S), that this is quite normal for you humans. Of course, God is constant. Your consciousness is not. And for many reasons. Some growth takes place beyond consciousness in higher mind realms. Much reality takes place on a spiritual level, which you would never, never see tangibly or be even aware of. So, sometimes when you feel you are not spiritually centered or tuned, you are indeed experiencing growth. There are also rest periods, plateaus, spiritually as well as intellectually, physically. A being can only work so hard so long than must rest. So this seems to be normal and, of course, the constancy of the human will varies. Although we have all made the ultimate commitment to do the will of The FATHER, the acting upon this decision involves constancy of spirit in actions and varies, which is not extraordinary, but is the condition of imperfect beings.

Q: Do you visit us during the week?

A: I have visited every member of this teaching group. Whether I visit every one every single week is dependent on other factors. My assessment of your spiritual growth, my commitment to other parts of the mission..

Q: Sometimes I get a visceral feeing, an actual physical sense of your presence. Is this possible or imagined? And this is not when transmitting receiving is taking place. This is at other times.

A: I do not know because one can viscerally react to the presence of angels, Midwayers, especially Midwayers. I can only say that much time I spend with (T/R) as she needs more of my attention right now. But I do visit others in our group as their needs dictate. Everyone has been visited for assessment of levels of the lessons. (05/24/92)

* * *

RAYSON: So, science, yes, concerns with cause and effect. Philosophy, yes, concerns with morality, ethics, and loving service to one's fellows, making sense out of the meanings of systems. Spirituality is the awareness of the creative mind of intent, cohesiveness, on faith beyond what we can see and think. Does that answer?

Student: Yes, and those aspects are used to determine the truth or falseness of any given situation, so to speak?

RAYSON: Correct. That is correct. (05/30/92)

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