Lesson I on Spirit of Truth:

The Spirit of Truth is the great Comforter. It is like a gentle rain falling on your souls, and can be called upon and fostered in each human's heart. The Spirit of Truth will never misdirect you. It is able to teach the difference between spiritual truth and mere fact. When you are able to discern spiritual truth, all things reflect the truth, beauty and goodness of The FATHER. Even in the worst tragedy - which is only a fact - The FATHER's fingerprint can be detected when looking through the Spirit of Truth and comfort becomes a reality. When one sees God, it may remedy the situation.

Reflect upon the recent event. The tragic death of (S) and (S), when seen through the leadings of the Spirit of Truth, are a testimony to the compassion, mercy, and goodness of The FATHER. (12/15/91)

Lesson II on Spirit of Truth:

As our Creator Son lived to show man to God and God to man and was brought to a heinous crossing by the mortals of the realm, His loving apostles and disciples and other followers secluded themselves from the wrath of the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem at that time. When the Master appeared in his morontial forms, the followers were overcome with joy. But still they remained waiting for his promised spiritual bestowal. And after forty days, or at the feast - the Jewish feast of the Pentecost - the spirit was indeed bestowed. But not only to the loyal followers of the Christ. The Spirit of Truth was a gift from the Son to all mankind who sought truth and oneness with God.

The Spirit so inspired and mobilized the believers in JESUS that they immediately were filled with the overwhelming desire to preach the gospel. Although they forgot the message, the pure message of JESUS, which is the God as FATHER and all mankind as children of this loving FATHER, brothers and sisters in this spiritual family, they did preach the resurrection of the Master and the gates opening to all humans who would accept Him as Deity.

The Spirit of truth was not bestowed only upon one class, one religion, one race, one sex. It was, and is, bestowed upon every ascendent child of time who sincerely hungers for enlightenment, truth, beauty, goodness, and God. The spirit is not ever perceived by the mortal mind, heart, soul, as the Spirit of Truth, but merely creates an awareness and hunger to know more about MICHAEL of Nebadon, the Son.

Every generation receives a new outpouring of the spirit to insure that the Fatherhood of God - Brotherhood of man concept shall never be lost on this Planet. The spirit is bestowed upon all who are faith sons and daughters. However, the spirit is not equal in its bestowal. But, only equal to the capacity to receive truth.

Prayer, while not affecting the Spirit of Truth, does affect your receptivity to its leadings. Therefore, through prayer, my brothers and sisters, you will increase your capacity to receive and detect ever-higher levels of truth and Deity.

Another suggestion I would make is to increase your prayer life each day, and pray to be led by the great Comforter who will always be there to show you the way.

The Spirit of Truth also takes away the loneliness of the God-seeking mortal, for as you have had JESUS here, walking on Urantia, living among its people, breaking bread, teaching lessons, if He had not sent his spirit you would feel an emptiness in your souls.

The Spirit of Truth also allows all mankind to find God. As JESUS portrayed man reaching Godward, the Spirit of Truth is the Son reaching manward and leading us to Son recognition. When the evolutionary religions make intuitive leaps forward in understanding it is due to the presence and leading of the Spirit. No generation shall be lost if they indeed have a spark which leads them Godward.

To understand the Spirit of Truth we must understand that times and world conditions change, therefore we have more than the life of JESUS the man-God to derive inspiration from. JESUS revealed man's perfection amidst the times and people he lived in. The Spirit of Truth will show you your perfection on this the world and peoples you live in - which are vastly different from the times the Master walked Urantia. However the higher truth, the hunger for God, faith -filled vision, prayer, brotherhood, and service, and loving kindness-mercy-compassion remain always the fruits of the Spirit of Truth.

To see the Spirit working in your life, observe the fruits of the Spirit. Do you need more compassion? Do you need more service? Stronger, deeper faith? More unselfish love? Prayer will open the channel, and in time the fruits will grow in your life.

My brothers and sisters, I pray for you to be more faith-filled and less self-filled. It is the human condition to battle the ego versus the spiritual mind. Observe your lives and correct the manifestations of lower character using the wonderful, powerful helper sent from MICHAEL himself to enrich your souls and make the world a more spiritual abode. Let us thank MICHAEL for the Spirit of Truth, this wonderful bestowal that has helped us all Godward.

Q: When you said the Spirit of Truth was bestowed every generation, can you illuminate that? I don't really understand.

A: The reason for this, (S), is that each generation of mortals faces different temporal difficulties in the world. The Spirit of Truth is not static, but illuminates truth set against a backdrop of the world circumstances and peoples that are present in that generation. Some generations receive less because they are less spiritually receptive, perhaps more material minded, or perhaps must deal with great distractions, such as your aggressive wars, or hunger, or natural disasters. So unto each generation the Spirit of Truth reaches down to lead the children of time, but it is not a static message. It grows with the generations and illumines truth in the world they live in.

Q: Is it MICHAEL of Nebadon who re-bestows the Spirit of Truth to every generation?

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: Does the Spirit of Truth work through the movies or any other of the media?

A: No, it does not. It works only through mortal beings. And if they work in the movies then, if they are able to, they can bring truth to the people. Truth, however, can be discerned everywhere: films, books, in other people, and the beauty of the planet. The Spirit of Truth leads the seeker to the highest values reflecting beauty, truth, goodness and Deity. But it does not directly work on things. Only humans.

Q: Is the Spirit of Truth then a personality? Is it to the Spirit of Truth that we pray? Or to MICHAEL?

A: No, MICHAEL receives all prayers regardless to whom they are addressed. The Spirit of Truth is not a personality. It is a spirit, which does not create a consciousness of itself, but only a consciousness of the Son.

Q: In the revelation of the Spirit of Truth by generations to our group, would you take a look at the ages? And there are little babies that are now growing. Is the Spirit of Truth relevant to each individual?

A: The Spirit is bestowed in a two-fold manner. It is for every individual to receive according to his or her capacity. In addition it is a restatement of the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man so that no culture, age, race, religion, non-religion, gender difference, will be left out. The Spirit of Truth must take into account not only the individual's hunger for The FATHER, but also the world that individual is shaped by. That is why there is a generation bestowal by MICHAEL. For Example, (older students) lived in a much different world than a child today. The Spirit of Truth for them led them on a different path to truth. A child growing today might have more choices to find truth to lead them Godward. So the Spirit of Truth is ever adaptable and alert to any stepping-stone to the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of men.

Q: Does the current encircuitment of our planet enhance the Spirit of Truth? Or is it a separate bestowal?

A: It is a separate bestowal. However, we have not considered the effect of the re-encircuitness on the mortal mind. This may indeed - and my prayers are for this to happen - enhance the spiritual receptivity and truth-hunger in the mortals of the realm, thereby increasing the awareness-knowledge of the Son. That is a most pleasurable thing to look forward to.

Q: Is it possible for human minds, at this point, to tune in to any universe broadcasts?

A: You are already tuned in. (Laughter)

Q: Is there some sort of test that we can apply to the statements of a T/R in order to discern when they come from the deep longings of the heart of the T/R vis-à-vis the true teachings of the teacher?

A: (S), you can apply the use of the Spirit of Truth... (S), again I ask you to read pages 2059 to 2065 and reflect upon the Spirit of Truth ... (01/06/92)

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