Lesson on Spiritual Growth:

Today we will speak in a summary type of a lesson, actually, to tempt you onward in your spiritual growth, to accelerate your will commitment to the fruits of the spirit. Let us try to soul center and take in these truths.

Glory to God, children, who has created such perfection from imperfection. Glory to God, children, who has given a Divine, perfect, piece of Himself to the lowest creatures who may seek him - the lowest – the humans. Glory to God, children, who has given you the bestowal of Christ MICHAEL on Urantia. Glory to God, children, who has given the Spirit of Truth to Urantia. Glory to God, children, who has given Divine Mother Spirit, Her mind Adjutants, her angels, the Midwayers and other ministering spirits to accelerate your growth. Glory to God, children, for you, your creation, your personality bestowal, and for you - children - who are the children of the Supreme.

Glory to you, ascendent children of time, who are creating the Supreme. Glory to you as the Apostle Paul said, “you are the body of Christ.” The body of Christ is really the body of the Supreme. Each one of your tapestries, your decisions, your soul growth, every experience, every thought, every life moment, completes the Supreme, the God of experience - God in formation. Glory to God for the wondrous, wondrous, outcome of the ascendent children of time: the creation of a new being, spirit, between the Divine and the evolutionary; the wonders yet to come of service; the glorious ascension.

Glory to God for the perfection, the goodness, the inspiration, the mercy, the love, the service, the tolerance, the perseverance, the human will commitment to participating fully in His most wondrous plan which we can only glimpse and speculate about.

Children of time, you have it difficult for a short time, only. Such a short part of your career is spent in this struggle to commit to knowing, searching for God. Once you transcend death of the physical body you enact what you only believed. You learn more about the decisions you made to search for God and put them into action. After fusion you are spirit, and you begin the actual journey to The FATHER. Glory to God who takes his creatures so far and ultimately returns them to their creator, and then sends them outward as His personal agents, representatives, to as yet uncreated beings and children of a new Grand Universe which we can only imagine, but know - by faith – that it will be another perfect element in the plan of the Great I AM, First Source and Center, creator of all beings, all life, all thought, all motion, everything.

How can we inspire you to accelerate? How can we tell you the reality of your importance to The FATHER? Give glory and thanks for your beingness. Become aware of your importance, of how The FATHER, Himself, cherishes every Himself to the lowest creatures who may seek him- moment of your life. Nothing is ever lost to God. When you, yourself, regret or have shame or guilt, the lowest - the humans. Glory to God, children, remember that God does not. He will cherish the children of time, and are designed to make mistakes. The only mistake with any real consequence is the decision not to seek God.

The challenges and pitfalls and regressions of your earth career are all to the good. They are part of the Supreme, and part of your gift to the perfect Adjuster, who may only understand struggle and imperfection through your life. What a glorious way to view your times of Gethsemane, and all must walk though Gethsemane, children. Some may go through the symbolic crucifixion, but like our master, you will become morontial.

The lure of the Mansion worlds should be strong for you, not to cut short your earth life, but to fasten your vision upon the reward of this passage. You will awaken quietly in a resurrection chamber on Mansonia. You will be greeted by your Seraphim, escorted to the halls of repersonalization. Your Thought Adjuster and Seraphim join together in your morontia form, of which there are 570 different bodies before you become spirit. You will meet your Morontia Companions - a most lovable order of beings - who will act as your guides. You will have time to orient yourself to your new surroundings. You will have time to leave some ??? with loved ones who have already graduated. You will visit different spheres. You will see and be awed by the beauty of the Mansion Worlds - created by the Physical Controllers, Morontia Controllers, added substances which you cannot even imagine. You will be made to laugh by the Reversion Directors, and may even join them along your ascension career. Much of your humor will be derived from your past: the foibles of the physical existence, the measuring of growth. The humor there is plentiful but not mean spirited. You will be inspired and thrilled by the concepts of the Celestial Artisans. You will be served by the faithful Spornagia. You will meet many different ascenders along many different levels of the path. You will sense spiritualized ascenders but not able to see them except when the Celestial Artisans portray them for you in pageantry. Much of your trip through the seven mansion worlds will be spent on rehabilitation, correcting imbalances from your planet, planet's history, to get you up to speed so that you may actually progress. Much music, art, recreation, humor, worship, prayer, thanksgiving, and relationship - always relationships.

Yes, there is food, drink, rest, of morontial nature.

Yes, there are assignments, but nowhere near the life of toil you experience on this backward planet. Your real job is Godward. You will learn languages and be provided with interpreters so that all may communicate without misunderstanding.

How to describe a life, which is quite the same in terms of your place on the path, but such a different environment! Imagine, children, a world where God is not only present - as he is here - but acknowledged by all, where every will to greater or lesser degrees is dedicated to knowing God, to becoming God-like, where consideration, tenderness, loving service, respect for ones fellows is the norm. Where one lives in a family of brothers and sisters under one God.

Much of your anxieties will disappear, thus train your energy for higher pursuits. You will laugh much over what you considered the huge problems of you earth career. They will be in perspective for you. When our Master said “the meek shall inherit the earth” or “the first shall be last and the last shall be first,” He tried to describe mota of the sort that “what you think are your afflictions are your blessings.”

What you think of as strong on earth is not spiritually correct.

Righteousness for God, passion for God, standing up for God is always correct, but so rarely does that happen on Urantia. Most humans stand up for themselves, their egos, their belief systems, their own self interests. Meekness is humility in the face of the presence of Deity, meekness of ego. So immediately does this await you, children. To you it seems long, but it is so - it is your next moment of beingness. If only you could live this totally, the surety, the promise of the Mansion Worlds. As JESUS said, “My FATHER has many mansions.” “I am the door, through Me you will enter the kingdom.” You may enter now. You have entered, but you may even step further into the kingdom - is what I urge.

I am trying to tempt you. For, children, the spiritual life is hard. You invite hardship, challenges to overcome. Your soul is not gently formed, children, but honed of steel. Disappointment, grief, deceit, discouragement, fear, anger, devastation, challenges - this is the tempered steel of the morontial soul. Not the afflictions, but the spiritual transcendence and growth, which come from what, you view as troubles. Some day you will see the blessings, children, and you will reap the reward of the faith filled days.

That is God's promise to you. Much reward for so little, so little suffering. Although while you are here your suffering is real to you and all encompassing, I am trying hard to lift you above this to a cosmic perspective! So little is asked from you, so much is given. You have an army of spiritual soldiers standing by your side. When you go through difficulties, call on your army. Remember they are there to serve you. With God, children, nothing is impossible.

This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad of it. Without the I AM there is nothing but the I AM. God has given you this time, this date, this moment, this will, this choice, this life. Be more thankful, even especially in the hard moments.

The Mansion Worlds await you, children of time. Great glories lie ahead for you. Your soul is being born now. Give to the Supreme, to The FATHER, the Son, and the Spirit the best soul you can. Keep joy in your hearts, for this is not (???ty). Keep joy for the promised (??) to come, the promise you may glimpse even now with your limited eyes. What joyful, joyful news!

How can you be not excited to know you may seek The FATHER? You have been created consciously for this path. You have been chosen consciously for this mission. Each of you in your hearts and souls and minds has asked to be used. Your will, prayer, have been answered. Rejoice and be of good cheer.

What difference if all earthly things crash? What difference when your bodies turn to dust? You have been chosen by God for a glorious career, children of time. Rejoice and know your specialness. Work for the Mansion Worlds now. Accelerate your spiritual program. Be thankful, be happy, be optimistic, because you know the ending. Live as if you know the ending. Do not sink into the limited vision of this life. Use your soldiers and God's blessings will heap ten-fold upon you now.

And now I end this lesson and ask with all humbleness for no questions since (T/R) is tired, but I am sorry. I know many have questions, but we will have a longer meeting next week.

Prince MACHIVENTA is pleased with you. He knows you all, as do the other spiritual presences gathered here now. (06/06/92)

* * *

MACHIVENTA: This is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. You are all in the realms of the spirit. You are impinging upon spiritness. Remember and have faith upon your own knowledge and on your own faiths. Continue to believe. The things that you believe and the things that you act upon are of the greatest importance. This is not a mere figment of your imagination. There are things happening on this sphere that you have no conception of, and you will not know what is going on here until much later in your universe ascension career. But know this, that your faith - faith for your brothers and sisters, faith of MICHAEL, of the Universal FATHER, the whole concept of universe ascension, are of the utmost importance.

Do not look back upon your animal ancestry, upon your negativeness. Focus on your positive side. Proceed with decisiveness. You have our support and confidence. We love you children. We love you all. You are being watched and taken care of. You are being loved with tenderness. Till next time, children, have faith. (10/11/92)

* * *

Q: Teacher, I am trying so hard to increase my contact with my Thought Monitor and increase my spiritual growth. The process seems so slow to me. How can I improve my worship and stillness periods? How can I be more God-reflective? How am I doing?

A: The best way to become more God conscious is to think of our FATHER as a personal friend. Talk to The FATHER each day. Let him know of your thoughts and your feelings. It is true He does know about these things before you speak them, but it does help you. It helps you understand yourself more fully.

The spirit fragment within you knows you far better than you know yourself. Do not worry about making communication. This, too, will happen when the time is right. The best way to make this happen, aside from the constant communion with The FATHER, is to live your life bravely, to go forth each day and be aware of who you are and your relationship with those that you come in contact with.

Be sensitive to the spirits that are around you, and always be ready to feel the love from within, the God within, so that this love may flow through you fully, that it may pour forth out on those that you come in contact with, and that we may bring those people to you that you may share with them your personal religious experiences, and that you may be an instrument in helping them enter the kingdom of heaven.

This is a long process, this communication with the spirit fragment. It will - for most mortal ascenders - not happen quickly. It takes much hard work and patience. Do not become burdened with the thought that “I am doing what I can yet nothing happens.” You will inch your way into God-consciousness. You do not run. Always be mindful of who you are. Remember that spiritual growth is an unconscious process. In time you will look back and begin to see some of the decisions that you have made and where it has led you.

For now you are in the forest and you cannot yet even see the trees. This is as it should be, for now. Hopefully, with your whole-hearted dedication to doing the will of The FATHER, you will rise above the forest and look down and then begin to get a glimpse of where it is you have been. You will see all of the decisions that you have made and know more fully what direction to go. [After all of the questions:]

RAYSON: As I said to you before I answered questions, I am mightily moved by your willingness to stay with me, to stay in this mission and be a part of this great adventure. Do not, my friends, give up on what you have started. I know we have had this temporary setback. But good will come of this and you will see.

Be strong! Be faithful! The FATHER loves you deeply. He has not abandoned you - nor I. Your angels watch over you each day. There is more love around you than what you are aware of. Hold on tight to what you know to be real and true. Reach out to others. Learn from their experience. WILMEK and other teachers will freely share with you information. It will not be long.

Lastly, I want to encourage you all again to spend some time each day in communion with The FATHER. I know we have talked about this before, but I cannot tell you how important it is, especially now - in this time of isolation - to continue to do this.

I love you al I very much, and when we engage together I will have a special message for each one of you. This, I hope, gives you something to look forward to. I know how important this is. Go in peace. (11/18/92)

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