Q: RAYSON, may those of us who don't know their spiritual names get them today?

A. Yes, but remember, this is not a test. We are not always in agreement. [Gave names.] That is what I feel their names are. Everyone else has been named.

Q: When you say you feel their names, is that a soul evaluation?

A: Yes, correct. It is hard to translate from the universe language to English. Their names will be different but the same when they leave this planet because they will be spoken to in the language of the universe. What these names signify is a characteristic of their individual souls or personalities, that is prominent, a good characteristic, and by calling upon this characteristic through a name it is strengthened and grows. This is not so important as you mortals think, but we have a hard time explaining to you because of some information, which I am not allowed now to reveal. Does that answer:

Q: Partially. ... Can we identify, by our names, for instance, characters in The Urantia Book are all named after people from Urantia history who have been made famous through religion - and I'm wondering if we should think that we, our souls, or the best parts of us, match some of their characteristics.

A: That is correct. It is our reference for you down here.

Q: Reading about these characters in The Urantia Book, might that be an indication of -

A: How we see you. It is the tangible way of how we see your soul. Read and learn and bring forth all the spiritual qualities that you learn from this Fifth Epochal Revelation. It will help you gain direction. (12/07/91)

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