[There is a consistent theme running throughout all the teachers that their students should seek “the stillness.” RAYSON is no exception. The following are some of the teachings about the stillness.]

Q: When we are seeking communication with the Thought Adjuster in silent receptivity, how can we - what do we focus on in order to quiet down, what do we try to be aware of?

A: First, I would recommend time spent in prayer which are not selfish petitions but prayer for more spiritual fruits, higher values, service and fellowship, thanksgiving, worship. Then merely relax and try to attain the peace, which surpasses all understanding. This is not an easy task, (student). Many never achieve a clear enough state to consciously hear the guidance of the Father, however what is more likely is you will receive an impulse feeling to proceed in a certain direction and illumination of good acts or action, and these proddings should be followed. Evaluate the spiritual content and you will have an arrow pointing to the Mystery Monitor. Is that clear?

Q: That's very helpful. Is there something specific we should focus on in order to quiet the chatter of the mind? To achieve the stillness?

A: (S), there are many techniques which you humans engage in. To do this each person is different. There are many paths to the same destination, and I am not able to know which might be best for you. Certainly, quiet time is a must. Many benefit from time spent on a routine basis in communion with the higher nature. Exercising a spiritual program muscle, whichever form it takes, will lead to eventual success and breakthrough. Try out different methods of relaxation and meditation. Reflect spiritual receptivity and decide which works best for you. There is no formula that I can give you. I regret that. But each person must work out their relationship with their indwelling Divinity on their own. (01/12/92)

* * *

Q: RAYSON, could you speak more about the workings of the stillness in our lives?

A: Yes. The electro-chemical process of the mind, of the human mind, is very difficult to control. The process requires energy on your part and it requires practice. As you seek the stillness seek to quiet your mind's activity, even if it’s for ten seconds, or less. What is necessary is a continual practice. Do not feel discouraged by your inability. If you are able to it only for short periods of time, very short, as you begin to practice you will definitely improve. Do not expect improvement overnight. It is like growth. It takes time. If you are diligent and you look back on it after a week or two, you will see that you are able to control your mind action better and better. Once you have gained some control over that ever present, incessant, clamoring of your mind to be heard, then you may truly listen and relax. This is not a process that you must try hard. It is actually the act of not trying. Practice is essential. Continue that daily if you can. And just listen; listen for your Thought Adjuster's voice speaking to you. Have faith that it will occur. He is there waiting, eager, to make direct contact and to give you his marvelous, wondrous, words of love and encouragement. (09/20/92)

* * *

Q: RAYSON, I have a question regarding what you said about how it was very important for us to practice. Is there a distinction between the times we spend being still and desiring communication with our Thought Adjuster and time we might spend being still to receive communications from a celestial teacher? Can those happen at one and the same time?

A: Communications you receive from the celestial teacher must be okayed by your Thought Adjuster. In other words, it is your Thought Adjuster who is the gatekeeper to your body and mind, and so any entity wishing to speak with you must have the permission of your Thought Adjuster as well as your own free will. And so you must practice being still so that when you give your okay to your Thought Adjuster that a celestial being may talk through you, the celestial being is contacted by their Thought Adjuster and so achieves intimate use of your mind. So, no, it is not two separate things, it is one and the same.

Q: O.K. Thank you. My concern was that perhaps in trying to effect a communication with a celestial teacher I might be pre-empting communication with my Thought Adjuster, sort of getting sidetracked. As wonderful and important as it is to the teaching mission, absolutely, but I just had this confusion over whether getting centered and being still to receive communication from a teacher would black out that possibility during that time of receiving communication from my Thought Adjuster. I wondered if I should - like - have two separate meditations every day; one for communication with my Thought Adjuster, and one for being open to a celestial teacher that was closer to my level.

A: One communication is sufficient. But be aware of - that depending on the form of communication - sometimes your Thought Adjuster will not be present when the celestial personality is talking to you. Although you must have the agreement of the Thought Adjuster to contact the celestial personality, if you wish to talk merely to your own Thought Adjuster you may do that freely as long as you are capable, for as you well know, the Thought Adjuster will become one with you.

Q: At this stage of the game in my spiritual progress, would you say that I am more likely to be able to receive communication from a celestial teacher than I would my own Thought Adjuster? In terms of consciously receiving it?

A: You are capable of many things. There is a vast potential within you. You must decide. The Thought Adjuster is, or will be a part of you. Maybe you should start to think of the Thought Adjuster as yourself.

Student: It's funny you should say that.

RAYSON: In the absoluteness and infinity of time it will be you. And relax. Being relaxed is very important. (09/27/92)

* * *

Q: Teacher RAYSON, our brother (S) has been writing from time to time, and I'm curious to know whether the source of his writing is his Thought Adjuster, or some teacher such as yourself. Would you care to comment on that?

A: It is a teacher through his Thought Adjuster. I have, and I continue to, talk to each and every one of you. Even though I make attempts at times, it is not successful. Although I am there, you are unable to reach me. With (student) it works well. He uses writing to express the communication.

Q: To those of us who believe that we are trying to reach the stillness, yet who are unable to contact,or be contacted by, yourself, do you have any suggestion as to how we might accomplish this other than to keep on trying?

A: It is important to be relaxed, without stress, and to be free from bodily needs: free from aches, pains, thirsts, hunger, and all things which your animal organism insists on pampering to. Seek happiness from The FATHER. Smile. And enjoy communion. Do not take yourself too seriously. Do not be afraid of failure. Voice your innermost thoughts. Be conscious of the outside but be more conscious of your spiritual world. Handle expectations.

Q: Teacher RAYSON, I gather from that, that it is possible to try too hard. Is that correct?

A: Yes. By saying, “try too hard” I mean to try too hard in the wrong direction. You must try, but do not put your energies where it will not be of value.

Q: RAYSON, will there be any physical changes within our bodies that will make it easier for us to be transmitter/receivers?

A: Be free of poisons that stimulate or drag down you physical organism, including the brain. Those poisons can be those that you ingest, also poisons produced in your brain by negative emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, distrust. Fill your mind with love. Clean your body with love. Control the things, which influence the functions of your body and mind, for that will influence how your mind contacts the spirit. (10/18/92)

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