Q: When we celebrate remembrance suppers together, we are told in The Urantia Book that the Master is really present and that He communes with our Thought Adjusters. So did this mean that His omniscience is so great that all the days following here on Urantia when we have remembrance suppers He is aware of this?

A: Yes.

Q: Some day, teacher, will we be able to share a Remembrance Supper with you?

A: Yes, you already have. (10/24/91)

* * *

Lesson I on Thought Adjusters/Mystery Monitors:

What, indeed, are these Pilot Lights, which indwell the children of time and space? In a sense they are for all practical purposes God, Himself. While it is true that the Universal FATHER resides physically on the Isle of Paradise, He is also present on the worlds of time of space in the beings of His fragments, FATHER fragments, which we call the Mystery Monitors or Thought Adjusters. This is, in actuality, Deity.

Their purpose is to downward reach to the children of time and space, to - indeed - the lowest creation of The FATHER, to guide them and lead them onward toward eventual attainment of the Universal FATHER, Himself. They indwell an imperfect, finite, and experiential being and lead them to infinite, absolute, and eternal state of being. The journey is long and full of spiritual adventure. The Thought Adjuster is directly and totally responsible for the impulse-drive of the children of time and space Godward.

When the Spirit of Truth was bestowed upon Urantia, all mortals of normal mind received the Mystery Monitor. The reception of this monitor is dependent upon the first true moral will-choice of the children of time, and on average occurs during early childhood - approximately five years of age, although it varies from individual to individual. When this decision is made, it is immediately recorded and an Adjuster is dispatched instantaneously from Divinington.

The Adjuster has already studied the personality, intellectual capacity, spiritual receptivity, and life projection plans before volunteering to indwell the mortal. These records are made manifest by the Seraphic Recorders and Reflectors. The Adjuster is chosen on the basis of the best ability to lead the child Godward.

What exactly are these fragments of The FATHER? They are classified, loosely, along these lines: Virgin Adjusters - whereupon it is their first assignment from the Universal FATHER to indwell a mortal being, for Virgin Adjusters are equal in terms of God-leading potential. Advanced Adjusters - indwell the mortals temporarily on worlds, but they will not fuse with these mortals, rather they will be eventually Spirit fused.

Supreme Adjusters - are adjusters who have indwelt mortals who have rejected the eternal ascent career. They are different from Virgin Adjusters in that they have experience and can act in more ways on the minds of the human they are currently indwelling.

Vanished Adjusters - are adjusters, which are detached from their mortals and are journeying through the Universe of Universes, and perhaps at the same time spending time on the Isle of Paradise in a period of rest.

Liberated Adjusters - have been relieved of their obligation to guide and indwell mortals, and we know not what their assignments are.

Fused Adjusters - have gloriously become entirely new beings, a combination of the Divine, Eternal, Absolute and the finite experiential child of time and space.

Personalized Adjusters - have served with the incarnated Paradise Sons or have previously indwelt mortals whereupon they have rendered extraordinary service while residing on a planet of time and space, but the mortal has rejected survival.

These are the thumbnail classifications of the Mystery Monitors. What are their properties? The FATHER fragments have mind. Not the type of mind that you define as your minds, but we know they have mindal capacities because they are capable of love, work, and planning. They make decisions based on the life circumstances of the mortal.

They are also spirit, pure spirit. They have a spiritual luminosity, which is discernable to orders of Seraphim and other celestial beings.

They also are energy, as they traverse the gravity circuits from the Isle of Paradise even into the outer space regions.

Do they have personality? No. They are pre-personal entity beings. Although they have volition in terms of the choice to volunteer to indwell, and the choice of the individual mortal which they indwell, and they are individualized fragments, they are pre-personal beings.

Consider that the will of the personality creature of time and space is the most respected, or last word, even to the fragment of the Universal FATHER. Therefore when indwelling a being who has received the gift of personality from The FATHER, The FATHER Himself - and His fragment - respect the will of the personality creature. The Adjuster only makes will decisions on the pre-personal level, and then tries by many means to influence, uplift, and lead the child Godward, but never interferes with a decision of the personality will creature.

Consider the frustration of the Divine fragment who is, in essence, imprisoned in the mortal mind, the loneliness of the Deity longing to perfect the creature of experience, the longing for perfection attainment and integration through fusion. The Adjusters truly are the most loyal and loving gift, which any child of time and space could ever receive.

The Adjusters also interact to different degrees with a mortal of different life stages. During the early years of indwelling they are Thought Changers. Middle of life they are Thought Adjusters. And once discretion and wisdom are attained by this creature, they are Thought Controllers. They are more prevalent in terms of the actions and decisions of the will creature.

The Adjusters remain a mystery to most of the celestial beings, however, we envy the creature of the indwelling, because it is your personal assurance that you will one day become finaliters. It is God's love, and promise to you of your eternal perfected natures reached through your ascension experiences. It is the ultimate love of the Creator for even the smallest creature. It is God's way of maintaining intimate contact with every creation in the universe. And it is God's way of obtaining personal experience of the ascension career of every creature.

What a beautiful plan! How divine and perfect a gift to the often-bereft creatures of the flesh. Since this topic is so deep, we will proceed slowly, and I will end the formal instruction at this point with an assignment for you, my brothers and sisters.

One is, consciousness of the Adjuster is - in reality - consciousness of God The FATHER. Please try to increase your consciousness of your own Divine nature. Prayer and meditation, quiet reflection on the miracle of your dual nature, is helpful. Spend time in receptivity, asking The FATHER to make His guidance clearer. Do not tax your physical electro-chemical housing because it is harder for the Adjuster to guide you.

The goal of the Adjuster is to make clear to you The FATHER's will. Many of us do The FATHER's will albeit unconsciously. Your goal should be a more conscious awareness of the will of The FATHER who loves each of you, personally, enough to give the gift of the Divine to the imperfect. Prayer, receptivity, a healthy respect for your body, and a consciousness of your Divine potential are your goals this week, my brothers and sisters. Are there questions?

Q: Can you identify for us the individual classifications of our own Thought Adjusters?

A: I cannot.

Q: If you have a Thought Adjuster who has operated before, would he have operated on the same planet?

A: Not necessarily, but perhaps, perhaps. It is not impossible.

Q: Are Thought Adjusters confined to spiritual ministries or are they also concerned with the physical life of the mortal, which they indwell?

A: They are concerned with the physical well being of the mortal in that it impinges upon spiritual soul growth. For example, a mortal who clouds his or her mind, spiritual receptivity, with substances, or is in such illness that it impinges on soul growth, is of concern to the Divine fragment because it impedes the Mystery Monitor from leading the soul to ever increasing awareness of FATHER Godconsciousness. There are many things, which could be improved to cut the static between the Adjuster and the mortal mind. Health is an area, which sometimes enhances communications.

Q: Are human beings able to communicate with their Thought Adjusters and if so, what are some guidelines along these lines. What are the topics about which they can communicate, etc.?

A: The Adjuster is fully aware of your thought prayer life and soul growth. However for a human to make this a two-way communication requires soul growth, experiential wisdom, and growth in terms of spiritual fruits, and the time spent in silent listening.

Q: If the mortal is earnestly seeking to do God's will and to accept the guidance of the Thought Adjuster, would it be accurate to assume the past experience of the Adjuster would not interfere with his ability to assist? In other words, could any Adjuster, even a Virgin Adjuster, equally assist a person earnestly seeking The FATHER's will?

A: That is correct. The assignment of the Adjuster is made by the Universal FATHER and the - while on Divinington - the individual Adjuster is chosen for the assigned mortal. Why some mortals receive more experienced Adjusters we know not. However, there is no Divine difference in Adjusters, only different levels of previous experiential indwellings, but it makes no difference in terms of the soul growth of the mortal indwelt.

Q: Are their fruits more if they have an experienced adjuster?

A: The Adjuster one receives is tailored to the needs projected by the Seraphic Recorders and Reflectors of that individual mortal. You will not benefit more by having another class of Adjuster. The growth potential is purely up to the mortal receptivity. If the soil is rich the plants will grow.

Q: Do the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth work together, and is there any degree of communication that might - on some level - soothe our Adjuster's loneliness.

A: I do not really understand if Adjusters communicate or not with the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth insures that every normal-minded being will receive an Adjuster. Adjusters do communicate with each other, but this remains a mystery to what they communicate or why.

Q: Do Adjusters, sometimes in a dream send spiritual messages?

A: Sometimes. Adjusters do work on the mortal mind when asleep. But there is often a garble, and I would not recommend relying too heavily on such signs or omens. Use the slower tools of prayer and worship and silent listening to make steady progress in communication. There are sometimes enlightened revealed truths that are given to individual mortals, but these are not the norm.

Q: Because Virgin Adjusters have no personality, is every Virgin Adjuster identical?

A: Yes. Except that they are individuated to meet the needs of the mortal host. They are prepersonal, alike in Divinity, but not in the plan for their subject.

Q: Human literature, both religious and lay, as well as even scientific study, appears to show that when human beings go against what they know to be the truth in their lives, they punish themselves both by having guilt and by self-destructive behavior. Does this involve an action of the Thought Adjuster, or is that a purely human response?

A: It is not the Adjuster, although the Adjuster is the impetus for higher values and actions and for the path Godward. What you are referring to is the area of mind as you humans define it, which is the mediator between the Divine and the animal nature. It is what you would label conscience, and when there is a divergence or conflict, the human self often self-punishes. This is not what God would have you do. Rather, God would have you take more positive steps and learn and grow toward the light rather than remorseful destructive behavior.

Q: RAYSON, does the Thought Adjuster communicate with the Guardian Seraphim?

A: Yes, but I am not allowed to explain how.

Q: When we are seeking communication with the Thought Adjuster in silent receptivity, how can we - what do we focus on in order to quiet down, what do we try to be aware of?

A: First, I would recommend time spent in prayer which are not selfish petitions but prayer for more spiritual fruits, higher values, service and fellowship, thanksgiving, worship. Then merely relax and try to attain the peace, which surpasses all understanding. This is not an easy task. Many never achieve a clear enough state to consciously hear the guidance of The FATHER, however what is more likely is you will receive an impulse feeling to proceed in a certain direction and illumination of a good acts or action, and these proddings should be followed. Evaluate the spiritual content and you will have an arrow pointing to the Mystery Monitor.

Q: Is there something specific we should focus on in order to quiet the chatter of the mind? To achieve the stillness?

A: There are many techniques, which you humans engage in. To do this each person is different. There are many paths to the same destination, and I am not able to know which might be best for you. Certainly, quiet time is a must. Many benefit from time spent on a routine basis in communion with the higher nature. Exercising a spiritual program muscle, whichever form it takes, will lead to eventual success and breakthrough. Try out different methods of relaxation and meditation. Reflect spiritual receptivity and decide which works best for you. There is no formula that I can give you. I regret that. But each person must work out their relationship with their indwelling Divinity on their own.

Q: You are so much further ascended than the rest of us - to Jerusem - is your experience with your Mystery Monitor intense and conscious at this point? Does it get more conscious as you ascend through the morontia spheres? And could you enlighten us a little and let us know what the differences might be? Between you and us?

A: Yes, it is more conscious, of course. The difference is that I guess much less than you (laughter) as to the will of The FATHER.

Q: Are you able to see your Thought Adjuster, RAYSON?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is that because he is back where you came from waiting for you?

A: I am not allowed to answer your astute question. (Laughter.)

Q: On your planet of origin, did you receive your Adjuster as we do on this planet?

A: Similar, but at a younger age.

Q: And when you received your Adjuster, on your planet, do the people or the beings know when that occurs?

A: On occasion, yes.

Q: Can you share with us any interesting aspects about that?

A: We were much more attuned to the spiritual growth of our children than you are on this planet. Every parent actively fostered spiritual awareness in their children as one of the main responsibilities and honors of caring for a young unformed being. Therefore the arrival of the Deity fragment was awaitedwith great anticipation and joy, and much preparation was spent in discussions around this momentous event. Because it was so highly paid attention to, and fostered, there often was an awareness of the moral decision-making capabilities of the child on the part of the parents, and sometimes an awareness of the upsteps of mind being when the Mystery Monitor arrives. It was a cause of much speculation and celebration. You are virtually unconscious of this momentous occasion on your planet here.

Q: Did your Mystery Monitor bring a blueprint for you to be a doctor of the type that you are?

A: I am not sure, but what we do know is that The FATHER fragment works with whatever decisions the free-will creature makes to the highest advantage of Deity. Certainly my intellectual genetic inherited capacities and my spiritual receptivity capacities were evaluated when the Mystery Monitor chose to indwell me. So perhaps the angels projected my possible career choices to Divinington and God selected the best FATHER fragment for me. This is speculation, but an educated guess on my part.

Q: Is the operation of the Mystery Monitor in a person influenced at all by the prayers of persons that know this one? And would you comment on what circumstances would lead to the Mystery Monitor leaving a mortal person? Can that be prevented by the prayers or other actions of other mortals?

A: First, if I understand correctly, you would like to know if prayers of others can influence the communication of an individual with their Thought Adjuster. (Yes.) No. That does not influence the communications.

Secondly, the Adjusters leave when the mind of the mortal is impaired to the degree that they are physically alive but spiritually dead, as certain forms of insanity or brain damage, etc. Too, an adjuster will leave when a mortal rejects survival, either by nefarious evil to the extent that survival is virtually unassured when they live in the body of the flesh, or after they are repersonalized and they reject survival on the Mansion Worlds.

Third, an Adjuster may leave for short periods of time to go on assignments, which we know nothing about in other parts of the universe or to rest and reside on the Isle of Paradise with the Universal FATHER. The adjuster will then return to the mortal of its indwelling after a certain period.

Q: When God bestows a Thought Adjuster or bestows a billion or a trillion Thought Adjusters, is he in any way diminished? Is His infinity in any way diminished by the bestowals either temporarily or in any way?

A: No. I know it is an impossible concept to grasp, but the Universal FATHER is never diminished by anything.

Q: You said that sometimes the Thought Adjuster may leave for a brief period of time to go on an assignment. Well now that I have become more aware of my Thought Adjuster that thought is - I don't like it, I don't want Him to go. How long would that period of time be, and I'm just hoping that that doesn't happen during one of the times when I finally am stilling my mind enough to get in touch.

A: This was not said to raise anxiety fear in you. Let me try to explain a three-dimensional concept to a two-dimensional world. (laughter) The Adjuster travels instantaneously. The Adjuster, being God the Absolute, can be in two places, three places, five places, in essence at once. I assure you that when an Adjuster is detached, each period of time varies, but it is never to the spiritual detriment of the human subject. Clearer than that I cannot be, as you are intellectually incapable of understanding - as I am to a certain degree - the mystery of this aspect of Deity.

How is it possible for God to be physically residing on the Paradise Isle and yet physically present, energy, spirit, mind, in each of you? We do not know how to explain, but it is so. When an Adjuster leaves, you will not feel a loss or absence. It is possible it would be a momentary leaving and would never hurt you, or your growth communication, in any way. (01/12/92)

* * *

Lesson II on Thought Adjusters/Mystery Monitors

Today we will continue our lessons and study of the Mystery Monitor, which indwells each of you.

To briefly review, Urantia is a fortunate planet in that since MICHAEL's incarnation in the flesh and His subsequent elevation, this planet has been given His mighty gift of the Spirit of Truth. This interfaces directly with the Indwelling Adjuster in that since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth every sound-minded mortal on this planet, upon reaching the age of choice between what is right or wrong spiritually, is given an indwelling Mystery Monitor. Other planets, which have not been privy to this gift, receive monitors in other ways, but all mystery Monitors are equal spiritually, if not experientially.

So this planet has been uplifted in a time of isolation by the gift of the Father on High.

The Mystery Monitors, to all purposes of reality, are God. Their mission is not really for this lifetime in the flesh but for the next lifetime in the morontial and spiritual. They are referred to as heavenly helpers, not earthly or material helpers.

How do they affect you here? Well, suffice it to say that if the Mystery Monitors were to vacate the mortals on this planet, your world would soon devolve to nothing more than mere savagery and instinctual tribal behavior. It cannot be portrayed to you how much they affect your behavior, but without them you would be animals.

The Mystery Monitors are organized and do communicate with each other, but not in ways that are familiar to me. The head of the corps on Urantia, and indeed in your universe, is the personal, wise, Monitor of JESUS of Nazareth who so skillfully guided the human JESUS through all the steps of his spiritual maturity.

The indwelling Adjuster is indeed responsible for leading you into your future as an eternal survivor. The Monitor is perfect, and therefore you have the assurance of the Father on high, that you, an imperfect being, indeed have the potential and the promise of perfection. The Monitor also assures you, an infinite time-bound child of God, of your future attainment of eternity.

The Monitor is the divine parent, the human parent of the developing morontia soul. The Thought Adjuster is much more concerned with its mission of your evolving soul than with your temporal emotions - which are responsive to your inner mind - though pairing or external physical circumstances. He is not swayed by the vicissitudes of life here, but rather the focus is on the future being which you and the Absolute will co-create, one day merging, fusing, into an entirely new entity of God and man, an eternal being never before seen.

The Father is infinite, absolute, perfect, existential and pre-personal. The only thing the Father lacks is knowledge of sin and evil and experiential creature knowledge. Through the bestowal of the Divine Adjuster man is able to know God and God is able to experience finite creature experience. It is a most interesting exchange.

The communication of adjusters to humans is done mostly unconsciously, through sleep or when awake. The reflections of the Adjuster are often not heard in the conscious mind. But rest assured, every prompting reality - spiritual impulse - is saved for the evolving human to partake of when they have reached that level. So, as a human moves from circle to circle or incarnation to incarnation, what the adjuster fails to teach will be taught at a higher level. Nothing of survival value is ever lost, but simply saved for future use.

Try to view the Adjuster as the spiritual voice imprint pattern of your soul personality in the future. Every material thought is duplicated with its spiritual essence in the higher mind of the Adjuster. It is an assurance of what you will some day be.

The Adjuster is a being of much patience, loyalty and yes, love. The mission is the morontial, to create the soul. At times Adjusters may consciously be reached by the human without the interference of symbols and human thought - interpretation - expectations. When this happens, as - incidentally - it does more often on an experimental isolated planet than it does on other more normal-course worlds, the Adjuster is in a mood of intense celebration and joy. It is the lonely mission of these pieces of Divinity to communicate with the mortal. Often Adjusters must wait until re-personalization to even begin this wonderful association. But no adjuster has ever failed in his task, and has never been examined for any inference of default.

An important point for you to reflect upon is that - while you go about your life thinking, reacting, feeling, praying, living, being - the Adjuster is patterning the spiritual truth to mirror and reflect every one of your thoughts, actions, emotions. Although you may not clearly discern what the Adjuster is saying, your status as agondonter is playing out in this arena. For, it is enough for you to know intellectually, emotionally, mindally that the Adjuster is urging you to be less selfish, less sinful, less negative, and to shift your focus to service, love, worship, prayer, thanksgiving - which, in essence, constitute the will of God.

You, more than other creatures, have direct access to the will of God, for the will of God resides in each of you. Do not be confused with the moral definition of right-wrong, religious rules, restrictions, etcetera, but try to focus on the will of God living within. On faith, as agondonters, know within you lies a piece of Divinity of which many other creatures in the universe of universes would wish to have assess to. You can break through barriers to this Divinity, but it takes work and commitment of your will to the will of the Father.

The Adjusters also have other missions of which I am are not aware or allowed to disclose to you. However, it is enough for you to take in the miracle of this gift: the most perfected Being, Creator of all, indwelling in loneliness and silence the least evolved of His creation, and benefiting through creature experience to become ever more compassionate, and to know and love each one of His children individually and personally.

What greater love can exist than the Divine Adjuster leaving the perfection of Paradise and Divinington to intimately associate in a mind often full of negative thoughts and imperfect behavior on a world so distressed? But God loves you personally so much, infinitely, that He is willing to go through the waters of adversity, negativity, sin, even evil, with you and guide you safely to a brighter shore. And His promise is to someday create a new creature, coparents - man and God equal parents - to the bright and beautiful entity, which will some day serve in the Corps of the Finaliters under the personalized adjuster of JESUS of Nazareth, Himself.

What greater love can be demonstrated to you? Have you actually grasped what this means, my brothers and sisters? Have you ever thanked the Father for this most precious gift? Have you ever been humbled by the goodness of God, his generosity and compassion - to reserve the right to know every creature personally, to withstand the vicissitudes of emotion and imperfection, and the often dark times that every human must silently go through to reach the heights of sublime peace and God knowingness? God goes through this gratefully, generously, lovingly, voluntarily for you, his sons and daughters of time. What lies ahead in this grand adventure we can only guess at. But you, brothers and sisters, are especially blessed and favored to exist on a world where the Creator Son, Himself, bestowed His Spirit, and where the Father Himself bestowed His gifts.

At this point I would like to end the discourse and participate with you in a group meditation of silent receptivity, which I will lead.

Dear Father, Creator of all, endless circle of love, goodness, and First Source and Center of everything, show your children the way to you; the journey inward and outward which is without end, replete in spiritual growth and sung of by angels. Let us be silent as each one of your children tries more consciously to feel your presence within and without. To feel your Divine unconditional and endless love mercy, goodness, and beauty. Let us listen to the silent voice of the eternal.

(Long silence)

If you feel peaceful, sublime, loved, loving, forgiving, forgiven, compassionate, connected to your brothers and sisters and the Father, that is your first inkling of Thought Adjuster downreach and outreach to the human mind and soul. Some day you will feel this way always, and more.

My children, and brothers and sisters, I bless you and open the floor to questions.

Q: RAYSON, on the planet that you came from, did everyone have Thought Adjusters like they do here, and did you, personally, have a Thought Adjuster?

A: On the planet I came from not everyone received Adjusters, although most did - in the later stages. Yes, I did receive an Adjuster, but am not with my Adjuster while I serve here on Urantia.

Q: RAYSON, I have a question on fear human beings on Urantia experience this. There are a number of places in The Urantia Book where we are admonished not to be fearful. And there is also a place where savages on this earth were discussed, and they were said to be quite fearful. Now even in the condition we're in right now, which has advanced somewhat beyond the savage human point, there still is a great deal of fear. How does the condition of fear in man interrelate with connectedness to the Thought Adjuster and general faith?

A: Fear is the biggest emotional barrier to Thought Adjuster communications: animal fear and anxiety. How to conquer this is a lifetime challenge and active job for the human. One is by remembering what true reality is. True reality is spiritual reality. If you would examine the source of your fears you would find that they are rooted in the physical, material realms. For example: Will I have a job? Will I get ill? Will this action hurt me? Will I lose this person's love? Will I look good to others? There is a difference between instinctual survival fears which are built into a species and easily surpassed as the race becomes more intellectually developed and fears that arises out of the unreality of ego and the material, physical plain. The absence of fear equals love. The two cannot coexist in the human psyche. The more one loves the less one fears. It is not an easy task to accomplish, and indeed many mortals never accomplish this to any significant degree in this lifetime. Some extraordinary human beings do manage to, for the most part, live without fear, but these are generally humans with self-acting Adjusters and lives dedicated to the spiritual realities.

Q: Since you don't have a Thought Adjuster here, in the quiet time when we were reaching for the Father within us, what do you do during those moments? How do you reach for Him if He is not within you now?

A: I pray. God is present externally as well as internally and I am capable of feeling His love.

Q: Can you see our Thought Adjusters?

A: I can only see a glow around the pre-frontal lobe.

Q: Is that akin on any level to people who claim to see auras?

A: I do not know. For not knowing these mortals, I do not know what they see. Theoretically, it is possible, I suppose.

Q: RAYSON, in our daily activities, when we meet another person and we interrelate with them, is there any way that we are aware of their Thought Adjuster? Is any communication between, for instance, my Thought Adjuster and the Thought Adjuster of the other person? A lot of times when I meet people I can look at them and think, I know they have a Thought Adjuster, and I know there is a fragment of God within this human being. Is there any other awareness that takes place?

A: There is communication amongst Adjusters, but what it is I do not know. There is also personality recognition amongst humans, also personality of bestowal of the Father. But I am unaware of what the communication might be. Adjusters sometimes communicate to each other as the mortals sleep, but again this remains an enigma to me.

Q: RAYSON, my question is about the concept of patterning that you talked about earlier. I wonder if you could explain that? I wasn't sure if I understood that there was a - that was direction, or if it was some sort of parallel or duplication process for the future.

A: It is both, (S). Always the Adjuster tries and does direct and adjust the thoughts of the subject. In addition, there is a mirror in higher mind for every incomplete imperfect thought-action that the human engages in. The adjuster reflects and keeps the spiritual-perfected truth of that thought action and saves it as the pattern for the emerging morontia soul. This is the projection of who you will become some day, as well as the Adjuster's influence in changing who you are today. Is that clear? (Yes).

Q: [Student recites a chance meeting with his sister] Was this Adjuster connected? I invited her to sit down, and I struggled with did she have something to tell me? Or do I have something to tell her? Would you counsel me on something like that? Could something like it be adjuster related? Or is that a coincidence? Or could it be either?

A: It may be Adjuster related, although that would be less likely than Angelic intervention. As far as counseling, I cannot. I can only tell you in general terms that each human has something individual and beautiful to contribute to his / her fellows and to the Supreme. You can mutually exchange love, personality, and service. We cannot see - judge a person's spiritual growth or status. Who has more to offer, the brother or the sister? We do not know. The truth is you both have much to give to many. Love her and give what you can, and I am sure she will do the same.

Q: In western culture now we have the capacity to keep many people alive into advanced age. This means that we see a fairly high percentage, compared to past ages, of persons who develop dementing diseases, particularly Altzheimers disease and (multi?? infarct dementia?). In these disorders there's generally disease of the frontal and prefrontal areas, and one sees clinically disintegration of the personality as well as loss of capacity for self-maintenance. Now there's a very great moral dilemma developing in western medicine presently about - is it right to keep such people alive? Because the expense of keeping them alive is very very high. There is much grief in the family as these people become further and further detached from family and friends and reality. And these people seem to have much fear, much pain, and much illness in general. Could you comment on this? Could you comment on how this would be handled on another world such as the one that you come from?

A: In the cases where the deterioration is in the prefrontal lobe it is my opinion that the Adjuster has left. What is alive is a physical body. As for the ethics of maintaining life, it is irrelevant spiritually one way or another.

In terms of my world we had in place a spiritualized and accepted ritual for graduation when the physical was an impediment to the spiritual soul growth - that is, of course, the only eternal reality. When the mechanism housing the soul-Adjuster no longer functioned, it was not of any consequence to terminate life. In fact, it was a cause of celebration, being the Father's will that the soul move on to the next growth level.

You down here have much more irrational and emotional reactions to this practice since-as a world-you do not truly understand what life is, and define it solely in terms of the physical. Now, some day on your planet things will even out. Your life capacity, ideally, is approximately five hundred earth years. This will not be attained until the early stages of Light and Life.

As you grow as a world spiritually, you will learn to temper life extension with actual life growth of the soul. And many diseases will be eliminated which interfere with the mind-soul connection. Until that time this topic will be reacted to irrationally and I can only pray for your enlightenment as a world culture since many mortals suffer needlessly, and suffer delays in their universe career because of the mere sentiment, which is attached to the material body.

Q: If a person is demented, and the Thought Adjuster has left them, where is their soul? If their body is still alive, is it still with them on this planet? Or has it already gone with the Thought Adjuster?

A: The soul is in the keeping of the Seraphic Guardians of Destiny. (01/26/92)

* * *

Lesson III on Thought Adjusters/Mystery Monitors

Now we begin our continued study of the Mystery Monitor. In every human on this planet of normal mind resides the Divine; not a physical part of your body, no, but a spiritual inhabitant of mind, higher mind, the Thought Adjuster. Each Adjuster - Divine, loyal, faultless, overflowing with love, and a commitment to the assignment to shepherd the human to the shores of the morontia, and all the way to the presence of the Universal FATHER on paradise. Each adjuster - equal in Divinity but not in experience. Each Adjuster - carrying your predestined life plan, affected only by the free-will determination of the human.

Each adjuster indwells the human with a plan, which was conceived and honed on Divinington, approved by the Personalized Adjuster on Divinington as well as the Personalized Adjuster of Urantia. This plan is for your spiritual ascension. Too often it cannot even be slightly realized on this planet. It is a plan for soul growth. It sometimes includes life choices in terms of career, family, fellowship associations, religious expression, decisions involving spiritual growth. All of these things have an ideal and perfect plan in God's mind.

But will is the most respected gift in the universe, and the valiant Adjuster - while trying to implement your perfection - must live in loneliness in your imperfection. This is the destiny of the Adjuster on this earth planet. But they are patient and know full well their ultimate destiny. Let me explain.

While here indwelling the mortal, the Adjuster is constantly communicating with the human mind. In the majority of cases this communication is not heard or, if glimpsed, garbled by the human thoughts, prejudices, emotions. Many religious fanatics or isms have been the result of misunderstood Adjuster communication.

There seems to be an imbalancing effect when an Adjuster communicates with a subject, not always, but often. The Adjuster is impeded by the primitive electro-chemical material housing in which you inhabit, This mechanism is as static to a radio signal. It is quite difficult to quiet the material body, mind, function, and emotion for clear communication to occur. However, it often does occur partially. Dreams sometimes reflect an impartial understanding. Also, the Adjuster beams universe broadcasts constantly of love and cosmic citizenship to the subject. It would seem like an impossible task to break through the barrier, but it has been done gradually.

As the human matures spiritually, the Adjuster has more freedom to reach the subject. As you know, the cosmic circles are an indication of spiritual progression. It is linked to Adjuster receptivity in the mortal. The Adjuster always communicates perfectly and constantly. The human gains receptivity as he or she proceeds from the seventh to first cosmic circle.

For the Adjuster there are certain landmarks. One is when the human achieves the third psychic circle of spiritual progression on this planet. As you know, the third circle is an important milestone. Personal seraphim are assigned, and although we are not sure of the relationship of the seraphim to the Mystery Monitor, we have observed that when personal seraphim are assigned, adjuster receptivity is greatly aided. When the mortal commits to doing the will of The FATHER and sublimating their own will to the Divine, another milestone has been reached. If one could keep this in constant consciousness you would progress more rapidly.

The second celebratory milestone for your Adjuster is fusion. What exactly is fusion? It is simply this: ONE WILL; the human subserving to the Divine, the two wills moving together to become one will over a dual minded being - Divine Adjuster mind and human mind, one will. When this will is in such perfect atunement, fusion occurs. A new being is created.

You are indeed one with the Divine, the eternal - the finite, the Absolute - the imperfect, the time bound the forever. (I AM?) becomes one. This is the goal and journey of the Adjuster. The third and final milestone is when the new creation, the fused (being?), is in the presence of the Paradise FATHER, when the child of Paradise, the Adjuster, shepherds its mortal companion and this companion recognizes God.

After fusion, much of the Adjuster's work is concerned with the eternal path, teaching the mortal what God knows. The future is clear and assured. The present is known. The child of time and the eternal are wedded forever. But the child of time must learn all of the spiritual implications, ramifications, of the eternal path, and this is what the Adjuster imparts, eon upon eon, until the child can see God - past, present, future - as eternal.

This is a very complicated concept for you children of time. If you will think on it, you perhaps might begin to grasp the glimmer of what I am saying. We have an adventure ahead! But it is not a straight line. It is all encompassing of everything that ever was, is, and shall be. It is quite existential. God, of course, encompasses all. In order to see The FATHER you must understand all. As you traverse the circles, your outlook becomes more morontial. For the lucky few who achieve first circle, you are truly morontial in outlook. You are aware of the reality of soul growth and become less locked to the physical and material world.

There have been some instances of mortal translation on this planet but these are infrequent occurrences. This happens when the mortal and the Divine will become (constantly?) one. Human death is passed over and the soul, Adjuster, personality, are taken to the mansion worlds. No one from this planet has ever avoided mansion world experience, even those few who are translated here. For the majority human death is an inevitability. And I will pause - [Merlin, the dog, after scratching noisily at the door, makes a triumphal entry and is fused into the meeting. Although his words are impossible to transcribe, his sentiments are heard loudly on the tape.]

Death is greatly anticipated by the Adjuster for this reason: only when you reach Mansonia can the Adjuster more clearly communicate with you. After human death you will clearly hear the messages from your adjuster. Whether you obey is up to you, but there will be no more guesswork or confusion. Now, in the area of confusion, it is quite normal to not know what is an Adjuster prompting and what is a prompting of conscience, which is a wholly different mechanism. Conscience is a human morality mechanism which helps you to know, or prompts you to do, what is right versus what is wrong. The Adjuster tells you what is really right.

Do you see the difference, students? Morality vs. spirituality. Truth vs. fact. High values vs. societal rules. The Adjuster always knows what is truly right. But it is the human condition to not be sure, and it is better to use your spiritual tools of slow progress, prayer, worship, thanksgiving, meditation, consultation with fellows - group wisdom, et cetera, to discern what is the highest choice. Better to err on the side of caution than to believe all inner prompting to be the work of your Adjuster.

The Adjuster does not place thoughts in your mind, but rather influences upstep in your thoughts. Also, the Adjuster wishes you to make decisions as actions, which are in line with higher spiritual value. There are two parts to the equation; growth, thought, spirituality; action, service-in your life and in the world.

The soul does not grow from intentions. The soul grows through decision-action. Love acts. So the potential must be translated to the actual, here, today, in your lives, in this world - in each of your own way. Try to be a little more loving, tolerant, faith-filled to your fellows. Try to extend a kindness when originally you might want to sit back. Be active, not passive. This greatly aids spiritual attainment and Adjuster communication.

We will all reach the same goal, brothers and sisters, but better to do as much good as you can along the way. What a gift you can give your Adjuster! The gift of survival, fusion, and the highest most service minded experiences you can give to this piece of The FATHER - who only wants, in return, for your eternal survival and unconditional love, which he gives to you, only wants your experiential living in return. This is a gift to God The FATHER and God the Supreme.

Cosmic consciousness is a gift to the Supreme. And Cosmic consciousness is attained through experience and actions. Children, this is something that you can do for God. Please try this week to give your Adjuster and God the Supreme the gift of the highest experience you can. You will be amply rewarded for it.

In this group no one is contemplating non-survival. Therefore we will not address that issue. But let me bring today's lesson to a close with a small prayer for you, my fellows.

FATHER, balance your children in their lives. Let them be consciously aware of your Divine gift residing in their mind. Let them try to lead poised, loving, service-filled lives so that they may better attune their will to the will of the Divine. Bless them with spiritual growth and bestow the fruits of the spirit on them as they live day by day through these uncertain times. Thank you father for your blessing.

Q: When you were speaking of conscience vs. the province of the Thought Adjuster you remarked that it was better to err on the side of caution. Do you mean that in regard to personal curiosity as to whether or not one is having an experience with celestial entities.

A: There will always be human curiosity as concerns the origins of certain promptings. This is to be expected, and is actually a part of spiritual growth fellowship sharing. However, it is better for the balance of the human personality to not attribute promptings to Adjuster guidance. This leads to fanaticism, religious fanaticism, and then imbalance. It is better to say “well, I think this is a good thing.

It holds up to my examination of spiritual progression - truth, beauty, goodness, service – but it could be coming from my mind, the angels, etcetera, the Spirit of Truth, or just my own spiritual progression.” As one progresses spiritually, deeper meanings and resonances are gained from these very concepts. That is spiritual maturating. What we understand to be beautiful, true, and good at one level becomes so much more replete with many meanings as we grow. All I am warning against is the tendency of the human to hear the voice of the Divine and justify actions, which are purely human with this mechanism. Is that clearer to you?

Q: It sounds to me when you say that it's more important to the Thought Adjuster that we act, that we decide, than what we decide or what we do. Am I correct?

A: Both are correct. Your decision should be evaluated against your spiritual - or with your spiritual tools. But action is just as important as growth. No one will ever be faulted for acting in the best manner for their level of spiritual growth, although their actions would perhaps be improved upon if they were more advanced.

Q: RAYSON, two weeks ago I asked about the role of fear as an impediment to Adjuster action and communication with the mortal mind. And to flip that over and look at something that might positively affect Adjuster actions, I wonder if you could comment on the role of humor? And also perhaps of the sense of adventure, and any other qualities that might help us in this respect?

A: Humor, wonder, joy, optimistic anticipation of the ascension career, love, tolerance, a feeling of peacefulness with one's self, one's fellows, one's God, loving service - all of these qualities strengthen faith or are outworkings of faith. This great (liaison?) assists: the Adjuster providing the fertile soil for His ideas-concepts-communications. A cheerful outlook, a balanced view of life, a sure knowledge that you are God's child, and personally and perfectly loved by your creator, an assurance of your survival, and a belief in the reality of the spiritual promise of JESUS, can only aid a joyful and daily existence, filled with the love of God pouring into you and pouring out from you to others. This type of life will surely hear the Adjuster for you are eminently doing the will of God when you live this way. (02/09/92)

* * *

Lesson IV on Divine Indwelling Monitor & the Evolution of the Soul.

See Lesson I under SOUL. (02/17/92)

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Lesson V on Divine Mystery Monitors & the Evolution of the Soul.

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Q: When I try to imagine communication with my Thought Adjuster I've kind of imagined that he would be telling me that he loved me and to go for it, and you are fine, and things like that. What I'd really like to know, though, is - from you - is really what kind of words, what kind of impulses should we be looking for that are not just our imagination, that are actually from him?

A: Mmm. I cannot answer this specifically for the adjuster communicates in concepts, truth, not words. Certainly, truth that one knows, truth that one is more than a human is from the Divine Adjuster. Cosmic consciousness is from the Adjuster. The prayer-worship impulse is from the Adjuster. The urge to become better is from the Adjuster. But more specific I cannot be for the relationship of the Adjuster is a mystery, actually, to most beings. I apologize.

Q: I have another communications question. What kinds of things are put on the space broadcasts? We joked in our study group that it would take a long time to listen to the weather reports for all seven superuniverses - to get through that to the real stuff. Can you give me an example of what kind of stuff is put on the broadcasts? And then as a follow-up, is it possible through the visualization of a sea of glass maybe to better tune into its broadcasts? Using that as a focal point?

A: Anything which - you are talking a human tool to help focus attention from the self to the spiritual - so, if that is a good image for you, then by all means use it, for these techniques have been used by your human spiritual leaders for aeons to help clear the cobwebs of the electro-chemical impulses to clearly see the reality of God.

What are on broadcasts? Well, this is hard to explain to you since you are linear. Certainly your Adjuster receives broadcasts from other adjusters and from Divinington, constantly. They remain mysterious to us. News of spiritual progress, teachings on the morontial-spiritual level are common highlights, inspirational pageantry - that you have not the idea forms to understand. Try to imagine all actions dedicated to the glory of God and the revelation of God in partially perfect creatures. Try to imagine every voice lifted to this common purpose, with different tones, the colors dancing to higher and higher spiritual meanings, the beings enveloped and participating in an understanding of something which takes so many so long to grasp - The FATHER - all dedicated to enlightenment, worship, love, God attainment. These are on the broadcasts, and it is mota that each receives according to inherent capacity.

That is the best I can try to explain. (05/17/92)

* * *

Q: RAYSON, earlier you said that we could relate to the Thought Adjuster in others. Is there - with the help of our own Thought Adjuster - a way we can communicate to the Thought Adjuster in somebody for whom we have a great deal of concern, and communicate that concern, say, about the spiritual status of that person?

A: Yes. You do this all the time, and very well. For Thought Adjusters to communicate directly to other Thought Adjusters is not directly influential to you. It will not necessarily directly teach you. But for your Thought Adjuster, your fragment of God, to talk or to express through your physical organism to another physical organism, and then to that physical organism's fragment of God requires an alignment of mutual mind, body and spiritual systems. And when this happens, a great deal is accomplished. When values are communicated new to another, and when that other is touched by that value, then communication has been achieved between the Thought Adjusters.

Q: RAYSON, I would like to take that question a step further, in a way. Now that the circuits are open, is it possible for our Adjuster to communicate with an Adjuster on the mansion worlds, and then somehow communicate with us? Could you comment on that please?

A: There are special circumstances when that can be done, but it is rare, and it need not concern you. (11/15/92)

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