Lesson on Seeking the Truth:

Time is coming when action must rule the day, when all the truths that you have learned and experienced must show forth in your daily deeds. That moment is rapidly approaching as you begin to do what you have learned as you have seen today, ever progressing, a little bit each day. And the best way is to continue. I commend you all in your efforts. I wish you much success in living the meanings and values that you have learned not only from The Urantia Book and us, but from your daily life experiences.

Today's lesson is on seeking the truth. Truth can be intangible if you are not in line with The FATHER's will. The truth is actually the surest reality. How do you recognize truth? How do you know that we are here? How do you know that I am here? That this teaching mission is here? The truth that you learn is absorbed by your senses and passes through your mind and is perceived by the Spirit of Truth within you and all around you. And with the aid of the cosmic mind, you are able to discern truth and to use it every day in your daily activities.

How do you know that something is true? You can believe the fact, but it might not necessarily be truth. And the truth might not necessarily be the fact. As you all are intelligent teachers, you will naturally analyze most things to see what element of truth it contains. You will naturally accept some of those and reject others. The ones that you have experienced - the truths that you have experientially experienced - you will automatically recognize as the truth, and you will have no doubts because you have experienced that truth which you have been exposed to.

Sometimes a combination of facts may seem like the truth if it is logical and it makes sense to you, and so you believe it. But until you have truly used that truth in your daily life and have experienced that truth, you will not actually know that it is the truth.

I can talk endlessly about science. Some of it may be verifiable, some may not be, but it will not necessarily be a truth. The truth that I speak, you will recognize deep within yourselves. If you do not, then think about it. Mull it over in your minds and see if it will actually be a part of your experience. If it does not, then you cannot be sure of your decision, no matter what decision.

When one seeks the truth one is hungry for the truth, one desires true meanings, true values, of the reality of life and your relationship to others - and to God. Why are some people not hungry for the truth, why do they not desire the truth? And why do others thirst for that eternal wisdom that can come to them through their fragments of The FATHER. You see, children, some people are not hungry because they have not digested the truth that has been given to them. Let them live and experience what they have been given, and after they have been filled they will again be hungry and they will be desirous of more wisdom and more truth.

The ones who are thirsty, the ones who seek the truth, they have lived-to some extent-and have experienced the truth that they have been allowed to partake of, and then - after their realization has been lived in the full - they become thirsty again. And because they are thirsty, more knowledge, more wisdom, more truth, will be let into their consciousness.

Truth is given to you, and through your faith you will understand the truth and then you will live the truth, you will be one with the truth. When truth is given to you in any form-sometimes it may be shadowed by facts and misleading information, sometimes truth may come in the form of fiction - keep alert to the fact that truth may come in very many forms. Be open. Be willing to consider all aspects of the vehicle which truth may come in. Discard the elements, which conflict with your common sense, with your cosmic knowledge and attitudes. Take out the truth and put it into action. Give it the tests of life. Live it. And through that living of that truth you will obtain wisdom, true wisdom. And with wisdom you will be able more to discern the truth when it is surrounded by untruth or misleading facts and elements. And then, of course, you will once again thirst for more. And you will be given more.

That is how you progress, children, through the ascension career that lies before you.

But faith is so important to this. Have faith. Move forward. Take that step with certainty, knowing that you are doing so with faith in your Thought Adjuster as you progress in the will of God.

There is much satisfaction to this. The more you progress, the more satisfaction you will receive. At first - like a baby that has a difficult time digesting adult food - mortals who start to desire truth will find it hard to digest truths, which they have been given. It will be slow and tortuous for some of them. Others will digest it with no problem. It will always be slow, and after the initial part has been gotten over, the baby is ready for more solid food, for truth that is a little bit more tangible and must be digested to a further degree before it can be used to make the bones and muscles and tissues which make up your material self, and through which you actuate those truths into the loving service of your fellows.

So, seeking the truth is difficult and slow in the beginning, but as you move forward it becomes easier and more productive and filled with more satisfaction. But it is not necessarily easier. More tangible truths, more and more bigger truths will be placed before you, which you must conquer, much as you conquer your own bodies and your own soul.

This is related to my previous lesson of self-mastery. You must master yourself so that you can live the truth, which you have been given. Through this self-mastery you digest the truth, you live the truth, and you are given more truth. And sometimes you must master yourself even more before you can digest this next batch of truths.

It is much fun once you get the hang of it, even though there will often times be obstacles which are trying. But this is part of the experiential progression, which you are all undergoing.

Q: One of our members here once told me you can tell what's true because its so familiar, has a familiar feel. Could you comment on that? Because that seems very profound to me.

A: Yes. Those truths, which you can feel, are the truths, which you have already experientialized. You have lived those truths, and so they are familiar. Just because you do not feel familiar with a truth does not mean it is not the truth. There are truths you have not experientialized which, upon hearing, you may not automatically recognize or realize as being truths. Those are the truths, which you must put under the tests of actually living and seeing if they are the truth.

Q: RAYSON, it seems that by living and experiencing those truths and trying them in your life that you become “at one” with them. Is that part of the process indeed, to experience them in order to become at one with them?

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: RAYSON, my sense is that in becoming a seeker of truth a material being puts one's self at a certain degree of risk. There's a certain kind of person who will punish one for that. It’s my belief that that's true. Could you comment on that?

A: Yes. You are put at risk, but the risk is not of your soul. Your soul is not at risk. But your ego may be at risk, you self image, or the image that others have of you, your reputation, your job superficial things will be at risk. That is because what you see as the truth you have lived and know experientially. Others who have not lived that truth will notsee that truth. It may be that they cannot see the truth because of their own laziness, their own incapacity to seek the truth, or they may be envious of you. So they may try to denigrate your efforts in order that their ego is not damaged. When this happens, go bravely into the face of this, but also use discretion. Realize that this other individual cannot yet see this truth, and that possibly that person is struggling. Do not show off your abilities of discerning the truth - your accomplishments - in their face. Rather, help them step-by-step in their efforts to live that truth.

This is not easy, but it is a good effort to make.

[There is a long dialogue about a woman who objects to self-defense.]

RAYSON: This individual seems like a person who has memorized truths who has not lived - or does not truly understand them enough to experientially live them out. The individual is not in harmony with reality. Her concepts are verging on fantasy. She believes what she has been told without question, and questioning is very vital to seeking the truth. You must question everything. You must question authority. You must question myself. You must question each other. You cannot take things for granted as being the truth.

Of course you should not question merely for the sake of questioning. You should definitely desire to know the truth. Question The Urantia Book. Question these teaching missions. Question your study group leader, or ones who have an intellectual understanding of the concepts in The Urantia Book, which surpasses your own. Do not think that just because they are more intellectual than you are that whatever they say is the truth. This is not so. Reason it out on your own. Try to live what you have gained by your own working-outs of these questions.

When you discuss matters of Universal reality with people who do not question, who take things for granted, you would not be able to convince them of much because they have unquestionably taken some beliefs as the truth. They will doubt everything that goes against that which they have decided to believe as the truth. And this is a danger, for you may also do the same for the teachings of The Urantia Book. Realize that truth is often relative of where you are in your progression career. What may be true for you now may not be true when you have gone on to the morontia worlds.

Q: Sometimes I have a deep conversation with someone for hours and hours. I consider a heart to heart talk or just friends being together to be a beautiful thing. I tend to allow exactly how I feel or what my response is to being with someone to come up, and there is an interchange. Then later I find that bits and pieces come back to me of that structured conversation, things I said or things that were said to me, and its at that point where I feel through reflectivity or something that more truths come regarding that.

Now is that correct? Or is it a good way of discerning personal truth? Or should truth occur in the leading edge of a conversation? Or could you touch on that a little bit?

A: Yes. Sometimes when one knows a truth, before that truth is actually lived out experientially, one speaks that truth. It is a mid-point between actually living the truth out and to know the truth. It is good to be aware of the truth when you are living it out. It is good to be truth; or rather it is good to realize and to be aware that you are speaking the truth when you do so. But many times you are so intent on that moment that you are not aware, and so your Thought Adjuster will refresh your memory at a later time to let you know that, indeed, you have been speaking the truth or you have been acting out that truth.

Q: Does the Spirit of Truth inter-associate with that circuit or is it strictly your Thought Adjuster?

A: The Spirit of Truth does play a part in the total delivery and reception of truth. It is a causal feedback to the brain, together with the awareness input facilitation of your Thought Adjuster and liaison with your brain, or rather your mind.

Q: It almost seems - in living - that we are digesting, that image used of digesting, it seems we are digesting our own egos and in the process turning our natures into something very different. It feels that way to me. It’s a good thing. Not always real pleasant. But the outcomes, the results, are certainly blessings. I just wanted to share that observation and see if you had any comment.

A: Sometimes - this analogy can only be carried so far - but the taste buds can be the ego, the ego sometimes find some truth distasteful and will not swallow it.

Q: Like may people I have trouble from time to time with depression. And I've noticed that since starting to read The Urantia Book, and more particularly since interacting with you and the study group, and doing what work I can on my own, that depression seems to occur less frequently, and when it does happen it is not so bothersome, and I can think more clearly. Am I just kidding myself or is that the real thing, is that really happening? I feel happier about being alive.

A: Happiness and joy and living is real. You are not fooling yourself. Do not be depressed. When you are depressed you are taking yourself too seriously. Look unto the goals of destiny. This life is but a beginning. Depression must not interfere with your desire to be in touch with your Thought Adjuster. The more you attain the stillness, the less depressed you will be. Do not center attention upon yourself. Center your attention on infinite and eternal realities. There you will find the stillness. (11/01/92)

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