S: Does Prince Melchizedek still write the lessons, basic lessons?

R: Yes. We have certain guidelines established and goals to be met. We are given a certain amount of leeway in deciding how to proceed toward our goals. That is why you encounter much repetition and why there is variation from group to group. But you should be able to discern a thread of commonality that binds all. Is that so?

S: Yes, yes. I've been amazed at your consistency. Ordinarily when an individual or group of individuals speak about various subjects there are occasional, in fact I would say many, conflicts. And the views you give, the views other teachers give, although there are minor conflicts from time to time and place to place, there's tremendous consistency within each teaching.

R: Yes, it is interesting that you asked about patience, because it is an exercise in patience for the teacher to participate in this mission. It is delightful to be privileged to serve in this fashion, and I feel I have benefitted much in my own personal growth.

S: Thank you for telling us that.

S: Also, along those lines, Milcah has been tremendously patient with us, and particularly since she shows up and has only two of your students there. I know that the rest of them have what I consider to be legitimate excuses. They obviously consider them to be legitimate excuses. But I have a hard time putting myself in their positions and seeing how I would miss any of these sessions unless I were physically out of town. I enjoy them very much. (S2: Yes.)

R: You are most welcome. Even one member present merits continuation of the lessons.

S: Thank you, Rayson. That's very gracious

S: Yes, and very, very consoling, since I had thought perhaps that the other side might think that two people showing up might not be worth the energy for a lesson.

S: Oh, but people do benefit later as well with the transcripts and the tapes. The lesson doesn't end here.

R: Yes, you have both been most diligent and patient yourselves in spreading the word from these lessons, and I thank you both on my own behalf and on the behalf of those who also participate in this mission. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and much good has come of this already. Believe me, much good.

S: Do I sense the presence of Prince Melchizedek?

R: There are high officials who come to our lessons, but because of the, I do not wish to turn these lessons into a sensation seekers haven. I will defer in answering your question at this time.

S: I was not seeking sensations except to confirm my own feelings of celestial presence.

R: Certainly Melchizedek.

S: And you have answered that enough for my satisfaction.

R: Melchizedek is aware of all the proceedings of each lesson with each group and does drop in on occasion to observe.

S: Thank you. (10/23/93)

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