S: I have been curious for some time about how you are able to perceive of individuals in your class. I know you don't have eyes and I wonder how you sense the individuals that are around the room? If you don't care to tell me, it's all right.

R: Well, of course, I intertwine my presence with the mind of the transmitter/receiver, and so I have that cue. But, in addition, during these lessons there are others like myself who participate, and they post themselves among the human participants and signal to me with respect to their positions. This is very helpful to me and allows me to concentrate on the lesson, while still receiving feedback regarding its acceptance among each member of the group, or the members of the group. (10/23/93)


S: Rayson, now that we're getting up close and personal, we were discussing you the other day, very fondly, by the way, and we were wondering can you see us in a physical form? Can you see only our spiritual essence? How do you perceive us?

R: I cannot see you as you see one another, it is true. I do have a certain capacity to perceive your spirit light which is less than I will have in 20,000 years, but more than I had 20,000 years ago. I have a sense of your appearance based upon the time I spend with you personally and reflections that I receive from others who are about you when I am present. This probably gives me a far more comprehensive idea of who you are than I would get if I were another mortal being.

S: Rayson, we see each other by light reflected into our eyeballs being changed into electrical impulses going to our brain. I understand that you probably don't have any eyeballs; therefore you cannot see reflected light. You can only see reflections of our spiritual component, or the absence of it. Is that somewhat correct?

R: Yes. I cannot perceive that as well as a perfectly created being, however, and so I am somewhat guided by their promptings.

S: Also, I would assume that you don't have any ears, so you can only comprehend what we're thinking. If we misstate a few words in asking questions, I notice that many, many times you've answered the question we were trying to ask rather than the question we did ask. Is this because you have a greater ability in this area that we call hearing?

R: Well, because your verbal communication has spiritual content and my perceptual array is geared to spirit frequencies, I am able to hear you, so to speak. It is not hearing as you understand it to be, or as I experienced it when I myself was a material being. When you pray, you send a complete spirit message to Paradise that is heard by all along the way by those who have spirit perception. When you speak, what I hear is something that may be called a prayer fragment. Does that make sense to you? (S: Yes.) I hear the spirit content of your utterance. I cannot very well discern intellectual or emotional content unless they have heavy spirit tracings impressed upon them, which indeed does occur. But that may help you to understand some of the answers that you receive.

S: Are we using the circuits when we do this or when we speak with you are we using the universe circuits?

R: All lessons on Urantia are transmitted on the universe circuits. That is why there are so many spirit personalities in attendance, like your baseball games where some watch on the television, some listen on the radio and some go for a front row seat.

S: So we're in the front row right now, I guess.

R: No, you are in the field. (S: OK ... [laughter].) So just be sure you hit a home run.

S: Is it light where you are, as we perceive it, if you could reflect back to when you were a mortal in your material perceptions of light and dark? Is it light where you are right now?

R: Yes, very much so. There is much presence of Father. That is how we light our spirit existence.

S: I had this idea about it being dark and you'll look out in space and see the points of light, the stars. I think of the points of light, our fragments inside of us, as being points of light inside of us, and what else is around us is dark, and you can perceive those points of light like we look up into the stars and see them in that respect.

R: But the night sky that you refer to as seen by a perfect being is dazzling in light with pinpoints of darkness that reflect your stars.

S: Wow, that's neat.

Q: Rayson, when you're talking to us, do you receive the assistance of any celestial beings?

R: Yes, continuously, otherwise this would not be possible. S: Are Midwayers helping with this right now?

R: Yes. Do you not sense them?

S: I think so, yes.

R: They can sometimes be mischievous.

S: They're pretty cool, I think.

R: Your leprechauns of ancient lore bear a faint resemblance to midwayers.

S: Where are you right now, Rayson, in relation to this room?

R: I am here.

S: Are you left or right of (T/R)?

R: I surround her and go through her like a mist or a shroud.

S: Does that seem to be I am not in my Father, my Father is in me?

R: Yes, yes. She must permit me to invade her being for this to occur. (12/04/93)


[The discussion was about Jesus' cleansing of the Temple.]

S: Rayson were you at the time, were you present in that temple when those things took place?

R: Not on Urantia, but I have reviewed the records of this planet thoroughly and have beheld the details of which you speak.

S: Rayson, I was wondering, we have video tapes and so on. Do you have the ability to actually do a revisiting of it as though it were on video tape? Or actually - like in 3-D circumstances - actually re-live that moment and see it?

R: The Ancients of Days guard the records of the cosmos and may permit one to review historical features when it is deemed appropriate. It is far more than the visual record to which you allude. There are spirit qualities recorded as well.

S: How far would one have to advance through the mansion worlds before one would be capable of viewing these and receiving any benefit from them?

R: It all depends on need, actually. If you are needed, it can happen early. If not, it may never occur. Your unique and individual personality is known to those at high levels and if it can be useful to them, they will appeal to you for service. (12/18/93)

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