Visiting Student: Since our teacher HAM has gone, could you give us any directions for our group? His departure was so sudden we were dumfounded and wonder what our future mission assignments may or may not entail. Could you comment on that, please?

A: Yes, your mission at present is to maintain your faith and group identity. This is difficult, however, necessary.

Look at it from this perspective. It is much more impractical to have as a living inspiration a group of mortals who continue to believe in a teacher who is absent than to have a group of people who sit at the feet of one of our group. In a larger scope of the mission, this is necessary, not for yourselves personally, but on a larger scope. For it shows a true faith and demonstrates the reality of the teachers and the teachings. While personally disappointing, nevertheless it will serve to convert many non-believers to our cause.

Consider the Apostles after the death of Jesus. The devastation and loss and feelings of abandonment overtook them. Their faith was weakened. See how much nobler it is to accept without understanding, and continue to radiate joy, love, faith, and light without the blessings of a teacher. This shows the true integration of Ham's lessons and the upstepping of your character.

It also shows eloquently, and without defensive words, the reality - spiritual reality - and truth of the mission. For if a group can maintain higher values of identity, continued service, dedication to God and the will of God, and the internal reliance on Adjuster, angelic, higher mind, then we have succeeded in transmitting the individual into more morontial modes and actions.

This is quite an honor. Humans are unconsciously subverting spiritual gifts. Reliance on external guidance is acceptable to a point, but when that becomes dependency, you are no more than mere puppets. My suggestion is to use your free will to clearly choose the higher path instead of feeling abandoned. You were graced with many lessons, and now that the seed has been planted, a time of waiting precedes new growth. We know that eventually you will see the benevolence and blessings of this event.

Often the offstage character in a play exerts the strongest influence. What are you? Or what have you become without him? That is the true litmus test of the teachings. Are you now less than you were? Or more? These are questions your study group should be praying on and discussing. You are not alone.

You have many, many celestial helpers both involved in this mission and not.

How has Ham's commingling affected you? Has it left you directionless? Then he has failed. Your mission is to live without Ham for now. He will return within the year. But first you must mature. You must show that these teachings are a part of you, with or without the teachings. If the teaching of Jesus had died with Him, where would Urantia be?

You have much to work from. Have you actually applied the magnificent lessons of one of the greatest teachers on Urantia? Have you actively worked to change and upstep yourselves? Have you re-listened to the hundreds of transmissions and worked on transformation? I think not.

Emotions are human and forgivable. But now is the time to dedicate your group to this task. A teacher imparts concepts. The students must make them part of themselves. This is the period you are in. Hearing words is not growth. It is merely the first step. If you believe in your teacher, where is your part?

Everything needs time, and this time should be fruitful for you. This should be joy-filled - the application of the lessons, for no one - (S), and please tell my brothers and sisters - can do that growing for you. We can merely shine a beam on a possible path to God. You must put your feet on the path and trudge along. This is your time of trudging. And this should be viewed with great gratitude.

You are not abandoned. You are left to grow in the only way that true growth can be achieved by agondonter mortals in a world of uncertainty and faith. And that is my reply for now.

S: Thank you very much. That was beautiful. Ham's teachings have made us all grow. We recognize that. I really don't think we feel abandoned. Maybe some in the group do.

We are wondering, is this the start of our mission calling as apostles? Should we be our proselytizing? Or do we continue our Monday meetings as usual and study the book? We are listening to tapes. We've listened to the one of yours on forgiveness. We've listened to some from Daniel, and others from Ham. Our group has fallen from roughly around forty to about twenty. We hope we don't lose any more.

We are confused as to what our active role is right now. So during this period of digestion time that Ham spoke of will there be a falling away? We were told that the trunk that is our tree will be beaten upon, and that leaves would fall, and maybe even some branches. We are confused more than anything else.

R: Well, it is sad when fellows depart. They were there on the more superficial levels of receiving something rather than dedicating their lives. And that is - everyone is different and we do not judge. In terms of proselytizing, that is a free will decision. My personal feeling is that the time is not yet correct for that, because you must figure out what it is you want to communicate. Opportunities will present themselves for more public proclamation, but to view this in merely human concepts does not really grasp the full implication. This idea of defense against external criticism, or attack, is not the heart of the matter. One does not need an enemy to believe in a cause. That is a babyish, immature, means to solidify group mind.

Better to look at proselytization as the light which emanates from transformed lives. What greater proselytizing can do than to live with so much light which will act as a magnet to draw others. That is true proselytizing. To argue, to defend, to seek to convert, really does not serve much constructive need, for one cannot force another to see. And if you do, through the bribery of greater knowledge, enlightenment, etc., it is not very real, and is rooted in shallow soil.

So proselytize through your lives, Simply live! We don't need this drama that humans crave. If someone throws the rock of anger into the hornet's nest, your choice always is to not be a hornet. (01/21/93)


The nature of the teaching mission has shifted, not only in this geographical area, but worldwide. We cannot continue the lessons indefinitely week after week. As one goes from childhood to adolescence, so the mission grows and changes. And as we change, we are caught in awkward stages of not knowing where we are headed. But Prince Melchizedek has a grand plan and we must trust his judgment and in his close relationship with our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. (05/12/93)


S: Rayson, I believe sometimes teacher Ham or some other teacher said the tour of duty for teachers with groups was about two years, more or less. We started having our group lessons in December two years ago. I certainly hope that enough of us fail the course that you'll stay with us for a while.

R: Well, we do have a mixed class of newcomers and ones who have been present longer, so your wish will most likely be granted.

S: I have one more question. Would it be appropriate for us, as you draw to the end of these lessons, to start up new groups in other areas?

R: What do you think?

S: I think it would be great. Might as well spread all this wealth.

R: If you undertake such a step, you may very likely acquire a teacher.

S: Thank you. Say hi to Brother Ham, will you?

R: He is among us today. (12/18/93)

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