S: This is the beginning of the two thousandth year since the birth of Christ, culminating with the celebration of his birthday on August 21, 1994. I'm excited about this. I personally have dedicated myself to think about this all year long and to act upon it in accordance with my own limited capacity. I feel that all of the study groups should emphasize that this is the beginning of a new millennium and that the teachings of the Urantia Book probably are more relevant now than they were at the time Jesus spoke them. Do you have any comments on this?

R: Yes. You are right in understanding that a new time has come in the history of this planet and the more perceptive on this planet - even those who are not yet consciously aware of the Urantia Book - are commenting to themselves and others that there has come the time for new spiritual leadership on this planet. There is a great hunger, a great thirsting, among the masses on Urantia, and you, my friends, are being trained so that you may help to fill those cups. It is no accident that this mission was timed as it was, and it is our earnest desire that soon we shall be very close to starting the first steps toward light and life on this planet.

Q: Yes. I see that the higher an individual gets, the less concept of time he has. For us who live here on this earth, we think that time is so short. I personally feel a great urgency to complete my task before too many years are gone. I wonder if you feel the same urgency, all in all, on the same basis that I do - if you feel the same urgency about time?

A: Time is a most interesting concept, truly worthy of a lesson or are two on its own. I will make an analogy that may be helpful to you. imagine yourself a very tiny fish in a tiny container placed on a beach, and some distance from you an ocean which is eternal breaks on the sand. With your material death you will awaken having made the transition from your tiny cup of water in terms of time, to an eternal sea. The pressing concerns of the limitations of time that one experiences during the brief but critical period in the flesh are for the most part left behind once you have awakened on the mansion world and have grasped a morontia concept of time.

My friend, you have accomplished much already, spiritually, during your stay on Urantia. Yes, of course, there is always more that you can do, just as in a building you can always add another coat of paint or are another ornament to the top. but your house is sound. You have worked hard to build it from its solid foundation, its first floor, all of its beams, walls, doors, windows, roof. Anything more that you do certainly will beautify what you have created and accomplished during your life on Urantia, but it is not as if you must now begin to build the house from the ground up. (01/02/94)

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