R: It's so good to see all of you gathered here. This is a very special day. I want you all to know that on this day the power circuits for the transmission of universe messages to Urantia have received an extra power boost in the name of the present mission. This has been done after careful evaluation of responses to previous transmissions since the reopening of the universe circuits.

As you may be aware, once the circuits were reopened each and every mortal on Urantia was capable of connecting to some extent with the communication system. The extent to which this occurs in a particular person is dependent upon many factors including of course personal desire for such knowledge first and foremost, also inherent capacity for electrochemical transduction of the signal which is dependent upon one's particular physical properties. The degree of quietude in that part of the individual's brain which is most receptive to the signal is also an important determinant of your capacity to receive signals. There are other factors also, but I am not permitted to discuss them at this time, however be aware that the signals have been coming and since a favorable response has occurred and there has been demonstration of hunger for more signal it has been determined that the power of the signal will be increased and this has happened just today, my friends. This has been an occasion for joy and celebration. (See Lesson on FORGIVENESS)

Q: I have questions about the announcement that you made to begin with, the upstepping of the power. Is there any way that we can be affected by that in our everyday lives?

A: Yes, indeed. There most certainly is. By continuing to practice the principles that have been taught in these lessons and your Urantia book and in other religious teachings. You will find that your personal effectiveness will be enhanced, and this will be gratifying to you. You will see.

S: Thank you very much. I am extremely pleased to hear that.

Q: Does this opening, or empowering the circuits with greater power, mean that more people even with weaker chemical receptivity could then receive messages from the teachers?

A: Yes, among other things, that is true. Also the influence of those who are participants in the mission, such as yourselves, will be felt that much more strongly.

Q: You said a lot of our circuits are opening up to the universe's offerings, which is very encouraging, but that there are also those members who aren't as capable because of their physical state or emotional state. I was wondering if you could give an example of that? And also, tell us if their circuits are being worked on, too, and improved.

A: I can give you an example by analogy. There are those whose vision, those beings who can see as well as they need to see without glasses. There are others because of irregularities in eye structure require spectacles to function in your culture. There are those who can hear well enough to function without assistance, and there are those who require a hearing aid. The same applies to individual capacity to receive signal.

Q: But aren't all individuals capable?

A: Yes, but some hear or sense the signal less clearly when it is at the level that it has been prior to today. When the universe circuits were opened, the signal was intentionally set at a rather low level because with it having been off for such a long period of time, and because of the nature, the unique nature of the experience on Urantia, there was concern that a higher level signal might be overwhelming for the population of this planet. Therefore the decision was made to start with a low level and observe carefully to see whether those with the most inherently clear reception of signal would respond in an appropriate fashion, rather than follow some foul negative response patterns.

Since this has been demonstrated to be, it has been demonstrated to be the case that the signal has been received appropriately, the decision was taken to increase the amplitude of signal. You should also be aware that the increase in signal does not yet raise the signal to the level that it obtains on other planets. There will be yet other upsteppings of signal amplitude in the future. Does this answer? (S: Yes.)

Q: Exactly where does the signal come from, what part of our universe or creation? Does it come from Nebadon or does it come from Paradise or superuniverse, different places?

A: My understanding of universe communication is imperfect, but as I understand the main signal comes from Paradise with input as appropriate from all sectors of the universes. Of course, not every single incident that is of merit can possibly be included in every transmission, so there is necessarily editing that occurs.

Q: Can you explain how its encircuited?

A: No, I am not privy to that information, although it is a most intriguing area to contemplate.

Q: Rayson, I have a follow-up on that area. Now based on our ability to - let's say for instance we wanted to listen to a broadcast. We might determine we'd like to hear something on music or sports or this or that. Now, if we wanted to hear something in the area of love or caring, would we sort of pick up on that part of the transmission? Would it be kind of differentiated so that as you're open to certain areas, certain areas are coming into you? Does that make any sense?

A: I believe I understand what you are asking. You are asking if one can selectively receive signal according to topics desired. No, this is not true. You will either receive the entire signal or not. And in order to tune in, as you say, to signal the first requirement is your own earnest desire to receive. But you will not be disappointed by any of the topics that are discussed, for they are truly of universal interest.

Q. Is this something like a volume control or a dimmer switch on the lights that's been turned up a little bit rather than the sources changed?

A: Yes, you could make that comparison.

Q: I've a question about the power boost that's taken place today. Will that in any way affect the work of spiritual healers and the connection between those Urantians who are spiritual healers and the Life Carriers who work through them or are other entities that work through them?

A: That is a good question. I am not certain of the answer. I would surmise that any healing work that is undertaken would be enhanced by this recent development.

S: Yes, that seemed that way to me, too. I'm also curious, I don't understand how this works, but does the signal getting stronger in any way affect how we are perceived? In other words, does it work both ways? I mean, if the analogy is like a radio, it doesn't work both ways, but does the person on the receiving end send out a stronger signal? Do our requests and prayers get heard with any more clarity than they were before?

R: You mean by higher entities?

S: Right, by higher entities.

A: There has never really been an impediment to the reception of prayer from this planet. That was intentionally left in place. We would not abandon Urantia because of an unfortunate mistake.

S: That's comforting, but what about, for instance, an appeal for a contact with a teacher, that kind of thing? Is it just that the signal, is that also an area that has always been just, or are at least since the adjudication, been as strong as it will be in terms of teachers hearing us appealing to have that?

A: What is most likely to change is that as more and more beings on Urantia receive stronger signal, there will be more appeals for teachers. There will be more spiritual growth of more individuals, and there will be a greater awareness of each person's spiritual light on the part of all individuals dwelling on Urantia. (09/25/93)


S: Rayson, with respect to the teaching mission at large, are planets that were isolated and have evolutionary life on them, are they all recipients of missions similar to this?

R: Yes, although the missions are at various stages of development, not coincident with this mission necessarily.

S: But just in the history of that planet, if it was at one point isolated at some point is it bolstered and fostered by a teaching mission similar to this?

R: Yes, of course. Father does not abandon His children in distress. Yes, whatever is required to restore an appropriate setting for eventual light and life is done. Yes, that is true.

S: I also have a spontaneous question, one that I didn't plan. As you were speaking I remembered during the most recent remembrance supper there was an allusion to the fact that by next remembrance supper, the 2,000th mortal celebration of Joshua, that there would be some type of occurrence or some type of event. And that seemed to be a departure from what we've normally heard from the teaching staff, I mean it sounded like something visible and tangible. I was wondering if you care to comment on that.

R: Well, at least one such event has occurred already in the sense of the upstepping of the energy for the signal of the universe circuits to Urantia. That is a very significant event indeed. It was not expected to occur as soon as this, but it has already had profound effects on the social life of this planet.

S: As we've observed.

R: At a future time it will be almost as if a line was drawn in the history of this planet with a before and an after. It may not be quite so clear right now because you are living in it.

As far as visualizations and materializations and such, I am not aware that anything along this line is planned because of the still primitive condition of Urantia. There would be much misinterpretation of such an event, unfortunately.

S: So then it's safe to say those with eyes will see, and those with ears will hear, and those that don't, won't.

R: Well, that would be one way that you could state it, yes. All of you who are here today are more attuned in your perception of things spiritual, and that is why you have heeded the call. You are the sensitive ones, and you will note as the mission proceeds there may be others who are newcomers who are somewhat less sensitive. It is important that you be kind and gentle with them. (10/16/93)

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