Q: In God there is no duality, no evil or good, only God - is that correct?

A: That is correct, well, much good - no evil.

Q: Just only good?

A: Yes.

Q: If all the circuits are open and the bad guys are gone, Satan, Lucifer - I don't know all of them - then where does evil come from? Does God create it?

A: God has created that which is imperfect, so that beings such as you may have a choice to either turn toward God and become a co-creator during a long passage and career toward Paradise and beyond, or alternatively, may choose to live as an animal and turn away from the ascension path. This latter choice is evil, sin, and sometimes inequity depending upon the manner in which it is undertaken.

Q: If we have choice, do we choose the way we die and when we die?

A: You mean, the death of the body, or of the Spirit?

Q: I only understand the death of the body. The Spirit doesn't die, does it?

A: The Thought Adjuster will leave you if you earnestly and sincerely request that it do so. This will cause instant Spiritual death.

S: I was speaking of physical death.

R: There are material aspects of your body that predetermine the potential that your body has for existence, in terms of time-span. However, you well know that you can easily choose to behave in ways that will shorten your life span. For example, reckless behavior, self-inflicted injuries, violence, unhealthy activities, and so on.

Q: Do we choose the material aspects of our bodies?

A: No. That is your inherited legacy from your forebearers. Indeed there are some who undergo a full life-span for their body and a death of old age as young as eight or nine years by your reckoning.

Q: If we have choice, is there really such a thing as an accident?

A: Yes. Yes there are mishaps that occur. You cannot control all of the factors in your environment, and this is understood. How could you possibly cause a boulder to roll off a mountain and crush you to death? This is certainly an accidental happening.

Q: Well, would not the TA give you a choice to be in that spot or not be in that spot?

A: No, that is not the role of the TA.

Q: Do people get AIDS as accidents, or do they choose it?

R: What do you think?

S: It seems to me that they choose it.

R: Why do you say that?

S: By behavior, by choosing certain behaviors.

R: It is not my place to comment on controversial cultural issues of your time, because to do so could seriously interfere with the goals of this teaching mission. But I encourage you, all of you, to think carefully about these areas that you have asked about, and arrive at your own conclusions.

Q: Are dreams an activity of the mind and do they need to be paid attention to? It has been my understanding that in the sleep state the Devil and his agents could get in there, because asleep we let our guard down.

A: It has not been possible for beings to access your inner self since the time that Christ Michael walked on Urantia. Part of his job here was to alter some of the possibilities and potentials for spirit interaction with the beings of this planet. Had this planet not been interfered with as it was, the possibility that you propose in your question might well exist. But harm would not come of such an interaction under appropriate circumstances. Because of disobedience much harm came of external interference with the inner mind workings of Urantia mortals prior to the time of Jesus. Presently your dreams do not consist of promptings or suggestions of beings outside of yourself. However, they may indeed include comments from your indwelling Mystery Monitor, as well as musings of your own deep subconscious mind. Should you pay so much attention to these? It is your choice entirely. (11/27/93)

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